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5 Menswear Trends That Will Sell High This Upcoming Spring


The spring season is a good time for showing some skin and light clothes consumers can rock anywhere—without feeling uncomfortable.

Men can make trendy fashion statements with oversized silhouettes and shirtless suits while combining multiple styles to pack a bold fashion punch. With many essential items crowding the menswear market, fashion retailers need appropriate information to guide their investments.

Thankfully, this article will explore five top menswear trends gentlemen can flex this upcoming spring of 2023.

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How big is the menswear market?
Five amazing menswear spring fashion styles
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How big is the menswear market?

According to reports, the global menswear market garnered $533.3 billion in 2021. But marketing experts foresee the industry’s growth to $746.9 billion by 2027. Further, they expect it to register a CAGR of 5.92% over the forecast period.

Men’s fashion has evolved, leading to more fashion-conscious consumers. Personal appearance has more relevance than ever, making men demand more fashionable items. Interestingly, this increased menswear demand creates room for the market’s growth.

In addition, experts predict more men will channel their purchasing power toward clothing. For this reason, online markets will witness significant growth as they offer time-saving and convenient ways to shop (also numerous options).

Asia Pacific holds the largest potential in the regional market, with China and India heading the charge. The region’s rapid economic growth and the high number of young consumers create an unbeatable position for this region. Europe and North America also show promise as experts predict the new millennial generation will be their key drivers.

Five amazing menswear spring fashion styles

Baggie pants

Baggie pants are essential staples widespread for providing comfort and style. They feature various colors, sizes, and silhouettes. The denim and cargo styles are irresistible because of their versatile, sleek designs.

Fashion retailers can consider investing in this trendy item because consumers can pair them with almost anything. Round-neck and v-neck tees mixed with these baggie beauties will create the ultimate spring outfit. Men can also enjoy a sporty or athleisure look with baggie sweatpants.

A long-knitted tee with grey baggy sweats will make a perfect athleisure outfit. Consumers may also lean toward streetwear aesthetics with a simple crew neck T-shirt and denim baggie pants. But that’s not all. A fun casual ensemble can accommodate an all-oversized theme.

An oversized tee or long sleeve makes a great match with baggy pants. In truth, men can rock a more uniform look with denim-on-denim styles. Consumers who prefer utilitarian aesthetics will love pairing military-style baggy bottoms with other spring staples.

Denim matching set

Man in denim jacket and jeans sitting on wooden platform

Denim reigns supreme when it comes to casual dressing. The material doesn’t just look great with other staples but also makes perfect matches with other denim items. Jeans aren’t the only way consumers can incorporate humble denim into their spring wardrobe.

A denim jacket is an excellent item for many ensembles. This carefree garment is perfect for adding a simple and stylish finishing touch to various denim outfits. Interestingly, sellers can purchase these pieces in diverse shapes and silhouettes.

Although loose and oversized styles create the perfect relaxed look, cropped and fitted designs feel sharper. For instance, denim jackets finishing on the hips offer a classic cut that feels snug and not too tight. Men may swap the denim jacket for a jean shirt or shacket.

Man sitting on a slab wearing denim jacket and jeans

Blue denim matching sets involve pairing a jean jacket with bottoms in similar shades. In addition, dark blue makes an appropriate outfit for colder spring days. Black denim is another stylish option gents can rock. The attire suits relaxed and smart casual themes and can create eye-catching all-black ensembles.

Shirtless suit

Man striking a pose while wearing a shirtless suit

Different seasons always come with trends trying to update the classic suit. While fall revolved around nipped waists and bulging shoulders, spring designs encourage men to leave their shirts at home. The spring-ready shirtless suit reinvents menswear tailoring with an unconventional yet stylish twist.

While the shirtless suit may not be work-appropriate, the ensemble is perfect for streetwear and casual looks. Sellers can market this outfit with shorts instead of long pants. Adding shorts to the shirtless suit enhances the attire’s simple drip. Consumers can also rock this garment to semi-formal events and enjoy making a bold statement.

Man wearing a black shirtless suit

Shirtless suits can feature various colors that help heat up the look. Black is a popular choice making the ensemble look sleek and subtle. Red shirtless suits feel confident and can add a fiery aesthetic to any man’s wardrobe. Men can opt for contrasting colors, like pairing a blue tailored coat with yellow shorts.

Sports matching set

Man posing in sports matching set with a woman

The track jacket is an iconic piece providing a sporty feel with its subtle collars, minimalistic fit, and contemporary edge. Pairing this piece with track pants makes a classic and fashion-forward statement.

Another widespread sports-matching set is a hoodie and joggers combo. This ensemble is an ideal outfit for sporting activities during spring, and consumers can throw in a neutral-color tee for a finishing touch. Men who prefer a more modern look can opt for a sweatshirt and sweat pant attire.

Sweatshirts with slightly oversized silhouettes and paneled designs are great with slim-fit joggers or sweatpants. Consumers may draw inspiration from the baggy theme and rock an all-oversized attire to hit the streets.

Man wearing a white sports matching set

Gents who want a straightforward style with a single sporty set can opt for an athletic jumpsuit. The onesie offers a stylish and unique look and comes in short or long-sleeved variants. Moreover, the tank top versions provide a skinny fit for men willing to show some muscles.

Mesh-up top

Man wearing a mesh vest with hands in pocket

The mesh-up top is a casual men’s wardrobe staple that consumers can pair with jeans, cargo pants, or shorts. This piece has an off-duty appeal making it easy to style for a date night or a walk in the park. Mesh-up tops also make perfect bottom-layering pieces for colder spring days.

Interestingly, mesh-up tops also make fantastic office outfits. Men can match the piece with ligh cuffed denim for a classic work look. Throwing in some color by adding a bright lightweight jacket is another way to complete the look.

Man ready to dance in a mesh-up top

Tight-fitting mesh-up tops have an edgy and daring feel making them ideal for standing out on the streets. A dapper look is also possible with loose-fitting variants. All it requires is matching the top with dark pants and completing the outfit with a denim jacket. Men who want a more functional style can team mesh-up tops with cargo pants.

In conclusion

Fashion retailers can maintain an impressive amount of spring sales and profit by capitalizing on these trending styles. They can consider investing in baggie pants, denim matching sets, shirtless suits, sports matching sets, and mesh-up tops.

The increasing number of fashion-conscious men now prefer stocking up their wardrobes with trendy spring outfits to avoid the season rush. Therefore, sellers may kick off sales before the upcoming spring season and enjoy profit headstarts.

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