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Men’s Key Trends Spring/Summer 2023: 5 Picks to Stock Up


2023 is posed to showcase more pleasure-seeking and highly adventurous men’s key trends destined to change the regular conventional men’s fashion sense. These trends are, no doubt, going to take the front seat of men’s fashion styles in the coming year.

From trends like nautical, vibrant vacation, pajama dressing, and the like, the men’s fashion industry can be sure to attain certain untapped heights in the coming spring and summer seasons. 

Below, is a general overview of the men’s apparel market size—showing numbers and stats to further emphasize the big picture.

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What’s the market size of men’s apparel?
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What’s the market size of men’s apparel?

The global men’s apparel market arrived at a huge revenue of $499.80 billion in 2022, with the potential to experience a CAGR of 5.04% from 2022 to 2027.

According to the above report, the US market seems to be taking the front row with over $100.50 billion in revenue made so far in 2022. Therefore, every American man generated an average of $65.52 in revenue.

Clearly, there’s geometrical growth in the market, and sellers in the US market can easily maximize these numbers.


Man wearing glasses and nautical shirt

Nautical fashion made its debut in the 1830s but has evolved to become a contemporary fashion staple. This style graced the world when Prince Albert Edward rocked a sailor suit. Today, nautical themes are easy to pull off and add a fun twist to some wardrobe staples.

The classic sailor suit features white with royal blue stripes. However, sellers can advance this nautical palate by adding other hues like khaki, red, or light brown. Wearing stripes in these hues leans heavily into this trend.

Sellers can focus on essential pieces like striped shirts, seersucker pants, relaxed-fit jeans, and shorts to fill a consumer’s nautical wardrobe. In addition, consumers can pair striped shirts with jeans or white cotton pants or marry seersucker shorts with plain white T-shirts.

Consumers can add nautical twists to their wardrobes with items like jackets, blazers, or coats. Match a seersucker jacket with cotton shorts and neutral-colored shirts. Alternatively, wearers may dress up in nautical blazers with shorts and a collared shirt.

Man posing with white and black striped nautical shirt

A classic navy trench coat is another way to rock the nautical style. The piece looks particularly good with striped shirts. Consumers can wear the ensemble for weekend outings. Alternatively, sellers can offer dapper sailing jackets in bright colors like blue highlighted with brown or red.


Man wearing pajamas while writing on a book

The pandemic provided women with opportunities to rock PJs outside the bedroom. But this trend is not only for the female category. Interestingly, men can also jump on this trend for chic and relaxed looks. Wearing pajamas outside has several benefits, with the ultimate being comfort. Plus, they often showcase stylish and colorful prints or textiles.

Trading jackets for PJ shirts is a trendy way to rock PajamaDressing. Such styles appeal to men tired of wearing old coats and looking for something unique to wear. Consumers can swap denim jackets for button-down pajama shirts. All gents need is a classic T-shirt to make it eye-catching. Interestingly, PJs with simple patterns and solid colors can double down as light jackets.

Men can also transform their basic PJ shirts into aesthetic pieces. They can choose an oversized pajama shirt and tuck them into some wide-leg trousers. Alternatively, men can match these trendy pieces with high-waist jeans for a retro look.

Man wearing white and striped pajamas

In addition, mixing and matching tops, robes, and bottoms from different PJ sets will create an exciting look. They can select a pair of silky, wide-leg pants in neutral colors and match them with a colorful shirt. Belted robes can serve as jackets for sleek layering.


Man in a resort shirt standing next to a woman

Resort wear is the most popular niche clothing for VibrantVacation. Over the years, this style has moved into the wardrobes of consumers looking to vacation in style. This menswear trend comprises items like short-sleeve button-down shirts, shorts, and T-shirts in colorful hues and lightweight fabric.

Cruise resort wear is an amazing option for consumers booking trips at sea. This warm-weather wardrobe will keep wearers cozy for long days sailing the open waters. Interestingly, men enjoying a poolside vacation can’t go wrong with swim trunks and tank tops. Plus, they can tap into the nautical theme by rocking navy and white striped trunks, or opt for bolder patterns—like lobsters or anchors conversation prints.

Man wearing a black vacation print shirt

VibrantVacation wear is also ideal for an active lifestyle. Consumers can choose lightweight joggers or board shorts for activities like ziplining. Pairing feather-weight shorts and casual T-shirts is the perfect option for men exploring a town or embarking on an adventure.


Man looking elegant with a white dress shirt

It’s easy to notice a well-dressed man, but classy looks are not that easy to pull off. However, the ElementalElegance trend provides various options for men to rock elegant and clean looks for different occasions. Offering such pieces will allow consumers to walk out the door looking like a million bucks.

Rocking the same expensive suit for all events won’t make men feel luxurious. Instead, they can opt for classy pairs of denim jeans paired with light-colored, well-fitted shirts to feel elegant. It’s a decent combo that can make a difference in any man’s wardrobe.

Man wearing a classic blue button-up shirt

ElementalElegance plays around with specific colors and skin tones. However, there are limits to this style, and not all combinations will feel elegant. For instance, pairing a neon-colored crew-neck tee with pink bottoms won’t look attractive—regardless of skin tone. However, a lemon-colored dress shirt matched with white skinny pants will exude a gentlemanly aesthetic. 


Man jogging with an athleisure outfit

As more consumers dive into hectic lives, they demand practical and comfortable clothing. Thankfully, MainCharacterEnergy themes help combine functionality and fashion in stylish pieces. This trend draws heavy influence from athleisure as it transforms performance wear into everyday wear. It blurs the lines between clothes consumers would wear for lunch or to the gym.

Consumers can nail the athleisure-inspired look by pairing leather jackets with jeans. Alternatively, they can swap denim for sweatpants. Men will enjoy a well-balanced aesthetic by rocking this ensemble. Businesses must ensure they invest in items made from high-performance fabrics blended with trendy aesthetics.

Man in running position wearing orange shirt and shorts

Sweatshirts also make a scene in this trend. But consumers are sticking to fitted pieces and avoiding slouchy looks. Rocking sweatshirts in minimal blocked colors creates an effect that works particularly well in MainCharacterEnergy themes. Shorts are also great for this trend as they look like truncated sweatpants variants. Active shorts make excellent pairs with other athleisure tops for an energetic look.

Final words

Men’s key trends this season place functionality and style at the forefront. There’s an outfit for everyone, whether consumers are hitting the streets or heading for semi-formal events.

Nautical trends appeal to consumers loving seaside aesthetics and fancy rocking colorful stripes and hues. PajamaDressing brings comfort to the streets by allowing consumers to rock their PJs stylishly. In addition, VibrantVacation makes provisions for men looking for stylish ways to enjoy their vacation.

ElementalElegance adds a sense of luxury and elegance to regular menswear staples, while MainCharacterEnergy takes activewear to consumers’ wardrobes for an energetic spin. These are the top trends to capitalize on for sales and profit in S/S 23’s men’s fashion.

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