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5 Must-Know Motherboard Trends for 2023

Technician plugging a CPU to motherboard socket

When planning to build a dream PC, consumers may be wondering about which innovations are in store. This is because buyers want to ensure they acquire a system that supports the best tech to power their rig, and this is especially the case for computer motherboards

Luckily, we’ve got the inside scoop on cutting-edge computer trends for this year. So read on to find out all the details of what’s coming up for motherboards in 2023.

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Motherboard market overview in 2023
5 motherboard trends to look out for in 2023

Motherboard market overview in 2023

The motherboard market is evolving rapidly to keep up with technology changes and user needs. In 2023, the market has an estimated valuation of US$ 10.38 billion, and market experts project its growth to reach US$ 22.46 billion in 2028. They predict this growth to occur at an annual rate of 16.70% over the five-year forecast period.

A high global population, increased disposable income, and accelerated digitization are the main reasons for the vast market size. Another factor driving motherboard sales up is the rise of gaming motherboards. These motherboards encompass advanced features that are essential for any serious gamer.

5 motherboard trends to look out for in 2023

In the upcoming years, the motherboard market is expected to expand rapidly, with gaming motherboards, blockchain motherboards, and other popular motherboard categories among the top performers. By understanding these patterns, retailers can be well positioned to improve their sales strategy and meet the increasing demand in each product category.

Gaming motherboards

Inside the motherboard of a powerful gaming PC

Gaming motherboards are expected to keep topping the trends in 2023. According to Google Ads data, “gaming motherboards” are the most popular and are currently trending, commanding a total of 1900 monthly searches.

These motherboards are designed to handle the increased power demand of high graphics cards, powerful CPUs, and faster memory speeds. When building a gaming PC in 2023, there are a number of specs and features that buyers must consider.

One of these features is the CPU socket. A motherboard that supports the latest AMD and Intel chips should be on any gamer’s shopping list. These sockets include the AM5 and LGA 1700 sockets. A gaming motherboard that supports these sockets will work well with next-gen processors with more cores and higher clock speeds.

Stock photo of motherboard with multiple ports

Faster memory also influences the choice of a gaming motherboard. DDR5 is the new standard, offering twice the bandwidth of DDR4. For serious gaming 32GB, a motherboard supporting 32GB or more of the fastest DDR5 will provide a smooth gameplay.

Gaming motherboards encompassing multiple M2 slots are flooding the market. With gaming taking up more storage space than ever, the multiple M2 slots allow for fast NVMe SSDs so users can have separate drives for the operating systems, games, and other files.

Another feature to check is advanced audio support. High-end gaming motherboards often have upgraded audio like Dolby Atmos for an immersive surround sound experience. Some also offer additional amps and audio jacks for high impedance.  

Blockchain motherboards

Motherboard of a futuristic high tech computer

Blockchain technology is making its way into motherboards. Several companies are experimenting with blockchain-based motherboards that provide more security and transparency.

Instead of data being stored on the motherboard manufacturer’s servers, blockchain motherboards store data in a decentralized network. This means your data is spread across many nodes and encrypted so no single entity can access one’s information.

The motherboard would have a digital wallet to store cryptocurrency for upgrades, components, and services. Transactions are also transparent and secured on the blockchain.

Some potential benefits of blockchain motherboards include:

  • Increased security: Data is decentralized and encrypted, reducing any vulnerabilities.
  • Anonymity: One can use blockchain motherboards without providing personal details.
  • Transparency: Consumers can use a complete record of all transactions, component upgrades, and services.
  • Future upgrades:  It makes paying for and downloading the latest BIOS and firmware easier over the blockchain.

Of course, blockchain motherboards also come with risks and downsides, like price volatility, scams, and unproven technology. If the kinks get worked out, blockchain could be the next logical step for motherboards. But for now, it is still a work in progress and something to keep an eye on as the technology further develops in 2023 and beyond.

Office-use motherboards

Desktop PC motherboard

Office-use motherboards will likely trend toward more powerful yet efficient models in 2023. As more employees work remotely, at least part of the time, the demand for high-performance office PCs and workstations continues to grow.

To keep up with intensive business applications, office motherboards will pack more powerful processors, like newer generations of Intel Core or AMD Ryzen chips with 6 or more cores. More robust integrated graphics will also become standard, so basic tasks like running multiple displays or basic photo/video editing won’t require a separate graphics card.

ASUS motherboard in a white background

Energy efficiency is also a concern, especially for large organizations. As a result, motherboards designed for office use may tout power-saving features like support for low-power processor modes that activate during idle periods. They also allow for more granular control over which components can be powered down when not in use.

Office motherboards will also likely provide plentiful high-speed connectivity options, with many options now connecting to the corporate network. Expect built-in Wi-Fi 6, Ethernet, USB 3.2 Gen 2, and Thunderbolt 3 or 4 ports for connecting peripherals, storage, and display. Some motherboards may also integrate TPM security modules for added protection.

Budget motherboards

Budget motherboards are poised to be the next big breakthrough in 2023. If one is on a budget but still looking for a solid gaming or content creation experience, a good budget motherboard is a must-have.

The “B550 motherboard” is undoubtedly the most searched for budget motherboard. At the time of writing, it commanded an impressive 2900 monthly searches, and it peaked at 3600 in July.

Given the popularity of budget motherboards, here are some of the best options for 2023:

Gigabite B550 DS3H

Gigabite B550 Motherboard in a white background

This microATX board from Gigabite is a great budget motherboard for AMD’s Ryzen 5000 or 3000 series CPUs. It offers solid power delivery and cooling for the price, with 6 USB ports, PCIe 4.0 support, and four SATA ports. For around US$ 95, the motherboard is excellent for building a budget AMD system.


B450m-a Pro motherboard on a white background

For intel users, MSI’s B450M – A PRO is a good budget microATX board for 10th-generation Comet Lake CPUs. It provides the basics one needs at a US$ 80 price tag with four DDR4 DIMM slots, six USB ports, PCIe 3.0 support, and six SATA ports. When building an affordable Intel system and don’t need the latest connectivity, this board will work well for most users.

AS Rock B365M Phantom Gaming 4

b365M motherboard in a white background

Another solid budget motherboard option for Intel is AS Rock’s B365M Phantom Gaming 4, which supports 8th and 9th-generation Coffee Lake CPUs. It costs around US$ 75 and has a decent set of features.

It includes four DDR4 slots, six SATA ports, integrated graphics support, and 5X Protection III for hardware safeguards. While limited to PCIe 3.0, this microATX board will handle most daily tasks for basic gaming and productivity.

Server motherboards

Server motherboard in a white background

Server motherboards are built for business. For those looking to build a powerhouse system to handle intensive tasks like running a database, hosting a website, or supporting an office network, a server board is what they need.

These motherboards are designed to provide maximum stability and reliability for demanding 24/7 workloads. Server motherboards typically support much higher amounts of memory and storage. We’re talking 512GB of RAM and multiple high-capacity hard drives or solid-state drives, allowing servers to run complex programs, access huge databases, and store massive amounts of data.

Mission-critical systems can’t afford any downtime. In case one fails, server motherboards incorporate redundant components like BIOS chips, network interfaces, and power supplies. Some also have hot-swappable parts that can be replaced without shutting down the system.

Often, running a server means managing it remotely, and server motherboards provide advanced management features like Intel vPro, Dell Lifecycle Controller, or HP iLO. These inbuilt tools allow easy monitoring of the system’s health, updating software, setting configurations, and troubleshooting issues from anywhere. Others will even offer total control of the server as if one is sitting in front of it.

Servers frequently need additional connectivity and functionality. Server motherboards offer more PCIe expansion slots to accommodate extra network cards, storage controllers, graphics cards for visualization, and other add-on cards. More slots mean more room to scale and customize the server’s capabilities.

Server motherboard” has had an average of 2900 searches per month, increasing by 643% from 390 searches in 2022, indicating a sharp interest in these boards. 


In this article we’ve looked at the must-know motherboard trends for 2023, where this year’s motherboards look set to become the ultimate multitasking machines. From built-in security features to intelligent overclocking, they are getting more competent and capable with each new generation. To learn more about these motherboards, visit the Alibaba.com showroom and browse different makes and models today.

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