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5 of the Best Packaging for Hair Extensions and Wigs


At-home hair care is a growing trend that only looks to be increasing in popularity. And the packaging for hair extensions and wigs is very important for protecting the items while they’re being transported. Also, packaging is a key way for a company to advertise itself, with both the outer and inner packaging needing to be considered beforehand. Here’s a look at the top trends of packaging for hair extensions and wigs, from tags and labels to bags and boxes.

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Value of hair extensions and wigs packaging market
Top 5 types of packaging
Packaging tips for retailers
Packaging for hair extensions and wigs moving forward

Value of hair extensions and wigs packaging market

Hair extensions and wigs can get particularly pricey, depending on the material used, the quality of the hair, and its size. Therefore, it’s important that these hair pieces are transported as safely as possible and come in quality packaging that pairs well with the items purchased. This is especially true for human hair wigs, which need to be transported in certain conditions.
The current market value for wigs and hair extensions sits at over USD 7 billion, and by 2026 that number is expected to reach USD 13.28 billion. The global cosmetics packaging market, of which wigs and hair extensions play a big part, is set to increase at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 40.96 billion by 2028. A short decline in demand in the market in 2020 is now seeing a resurgence, and packaging is more in demand than ever with consumers looking to buy more with their disposable income and invest in themselves.

Woman holding a blonde hair extension against white wall

Top 5 types of packaging

There is an abundance of hair extensions and wigs out there in today’s market, ranging from budget-friendly to high-end pieces. What’ll catch the consumer’s attention right away though is the packaging. Drawstring bags, poly bags, customized tags and logo labels, as well as uniquely designed shipping envelopes, are 5 of the top types of hair extensions and wigs packaging being used today that are proving to be a big hit with consumers.

The drawstring bag

Drawstring bags are a common form of packaging for many types of clothing items, but they are now utilized for packaging wigs too. To give them a more luxurious feel, hair extensions and wigs are being packaged in a satin or silk drawstring bag. 

These bags help to protect the item inside and are a good way of showing a company logo in a memorable way. They also look nice when they’re being brought out of the shipping box, which is something to consider as a lot of people like to share unboxing videos online.

A black satin drawstring bag against a white backdrop

Customized postage shipping envelopes

Shipping envelopes are a very popular form of packaging that many companies use, especially when it comes to clothing and beauty products. These custom shipping envelopes are 100% compostable, so they are a big plus for environmentally friendly companies. They are also fully customizable—a company can put their logo or any design they want on them to make them more noticeable while in transit. 

The material used to make the shipping envelopes allows for the safe shipping of wigs and hair extensions as it’s waterproof and isn’t easily torn. Wigs for women as well as men’s wigs are commonly shipped using these envelopes to ensure they’re fully protected from any outside damage.

Pile of white shipping envelopes with logo and messages

Poly bags with logo

Hair extension prices have risen in recent years, as more expensive materials, and in some cases real human hair, are being used to create more realistic-looking hair. And as these hair pieces increase in price, consumers are increasingly expecting the packaging to improve in quality too.

That’s where poly bags come into the equation. Poly bags can easily hold hair pieces such as toupees, ponytail extensions, clip-in extensions, and full wigs in an airtight environment that’s crucial for keeping hair pieces in pristine condition. The poly bags are easily reusable afterward too, so having a logo printed on them is the perfect way to be remembered by the customer.

A clear shipping bag with logo on the front

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are one of the best ways to package a wig or hair extensions, as they help to keep the hair piece securely in place and lower the risk of it being damaged during transportation. For high-end products, a luxurious cardboard box is a popular option that has separate compartments for the different hair pieces and can be reused for easy storage at a later time. For consumers buying from online retailers, this cardboard box will make them feel like they’ve been on a shopping spree without leaving the house. 

An alternative to the luxurious cardboard box is the box with a clear PVC window. This box allows for the wig or hair extension to be fully on display for the buyer to easily see its color and quality without opening the box if they’re shopping in person. This type of packaging works particularly well for smaller hair extensions. 

Three cardboard boxes in the shape of shopping bags

Non-woven fabric wig bags

Bags that are specifically made with wigs in mind are a growing trend that needs to be watched. The non-woven fabric wig bag comes in various lengths, widths, and colors to better suit the item inside. It’s not the type of bag that is thrown away after taking the hair piece out of it though. This wig bag can easily be hung up in a closet or on a hook behind the door for easy storage, and the material helps to keep the wig dust-free as well. 

Various styles of non-woven bags for wigs and hair extensions

Custom tags and labels

Apart from the packaging that’s used to safely transport wigs and hair extensions from point to point, it’s also worth noting that the inner packaging is just as important. Something as simple as a custom tag can go a long way in making an item appear more high-end. This type of packaging is predominantly used for holding bundles together and to make sure pieces such as twist braids and high ponytail extensions don’t come apart. Logos can be stamped, printed, or embossed on the tags to leave a lasting impression. 

Personalized logo labels are also highly sought after in today’s market. These labels can be attached by a string or can be used as a sticker on the outside of the packaging, and generally have an eye-catching design or detailing on them. Designs on the labels that show images such as fringes, a person braiding hair, or the chignon hairstyle help to show consumers what kind of wig or hair extension is inside the packaging. 

Various colors of label tags for hair pieces

Packaging tips for retailers

There are specific ways to package wigs and hair extensions that enable them to be shipped or stored on a shelf without ruining the shape or causing the materials to wear down over time. Stuffing the wig cap with tissue paper, placing a hairnet over the wig, and placing the wig or hair extension in a plastic or silk bag are all ways that help keep the product at its best. It’s also important to keep a small amount of air inside the bag while closing it so that the product is less likely to get squished. These are the types of details that are worth considering when packaging hair pieces, and they’ll be highly appreciated by the consumer too.

Packaging for hair extensions and wigs moving forward

With so many different varieties of hair extensions and wigs for both men and women in today’s market, packaging has become more important than ever. Poly bags, satin drawstring bags, non-woven fabric wig bags, cardboard boxes, and memorable shipping envelopes are 5 types of packaging proving to be very popular. 

Hair extensions and wigs are becoming more expensive, as new designs, materials, and better quality hair pieces are being brought into the market. It’s important that the packaging lives up to the hype of the item inside, as consumers want to have the full buying experience and not have an expensive wig or hair extensions inside an otherwise ordinary piece of packaging. 

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