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Must-know Eyeshadow Packaging Trends


From minimalist to absolutely flashy by design, brands are competing for a share of their segment of the cosmetic industry. There is an assortment of packaging available, each offering different features that make a brand’s beauty product unique.

On top of this, there are different kinds of materials used for eyeshadow packaging, such as plastic, metal, and glass. While the shape, size, and design of the packaging are major factors in how to package (and perceive) individual products.

This guide will highlight the market for great packaging, and then give a rundown of this year’s key eyeshadow packaging trends. So read on for the essentials that will give your products the competitive edge.

Table of Contents
Market size, growth rate, and trends in eyeshadow packaging
The different types of designs for eyeshadow packaging
How to design cosmetics packaging
Popular packaging for eyeshadow

Market size, growth rate, and trends in eyeshadow packaging

The cosmetic packaging market is predicted to hit US$ 33.23 billion by 2025, with a major increase from the 2022 estimation of US$ 26.91 billion. This is a result of the continuous increase in the demand for cosmetic packaging in recent years. Moreover, the different specifications and package designs keep attracting more patronage.

But the factors that led to rising demand for cosmetic products are majorly due to growing consumer awareness, changes in lifestyles, and consumption patterns. And the ever-increasing demand for beauty products (with attractive packaging) is another common factor driving companies to develop innovative packaging solutions.

Attractive packaging helps enhance the appearance of a product, thereby boosting sales. With this, a cosmetic product doesn’t need as much advertising as it already appeals to consumers. Therefore, the market growth of cosmetic products largely depends on companies’ packaging creativity and innovations. Materials used for eyeshadow packaging range from paper, glass, and plastic to metal, presented in different shapes and sizes.

The different types of designs for eyeshadow packaging

When it comes to selling cosmetics like eyeshadow, having an exceptional design for the box can make a difference. It’ll attract customers’ attention, enabling the products to move off the shelf and into their shopping carts. Here are this years key trending cosmetic packaging design ideas:

Kjaer Weis: For sustainability and the artistic

Since its introduction to the cosmetic market in 2010, Kjaer Weis hasn’t relented in improving its product packaging. The luxury cosmetics brand has been at the forefront of sustainability with its refillable packaging. The compacts are designed to mirror the features for enhancement: large and square for the cheeks, slim and long for the lips, and small and round for the eyes.

Furthermore, their iconic refill packaging consists of metal with a high-quality, durable finish that enables them to be refilled with suitable products. Besides this, the stylish Kjaer Weis case was designed by the renowned French creative designer Marc Atlan. And its sculptural details are largely responsible for its artsy look.

NARS: For attraction and brand communication

Many recognize NARS for its tell-tale black packaging, but very few have an idea of the collaboration between the company and the signature style of creative fashion designer Christopher Kane. This has produced a treasure designed with detailed shades of gold, pink, black, and other colors to depict the quality of the contents. Now, these high-density hues have presented the product in the best possible light.

Christopher Kane and NARS were careful about every detail of the design. Virtually every line, curve, and section were created to pass a message. For example, the minimal NARS logo design and sleek black negative space on the packaging give users assurance, signifying the popular makeup brand and expertise behind it. On the other hand, the material used is both luxurious and sustainable.

Benefit: For uniqueness and attention

Benefit Cosmetic designers believe that packaging “doesn’t have to look too serious” to sell. Rather they believe that comic relief is best for cosmetic design. The concept is to make people laugh and, at the same time, get them curious. Inspired by this belief, they created designs featuring intricate drawings of playful, beautiful, and happy-go-lucky women from the 1920s.

The visual design features the theme of a country fair primarily because it brings people joy and represents a simpler time. Moreover, since the target audience is young female adults, the color choice is lively and bright, giving it a playful look. This gives it a unique yet attention-grabbing form of design that stands out in the industry.

Mor: For class and beauty

Mor’s packaging design adopts a more conventional approach, emphasizing elegance and class with its identity logo, artwork, and fancy color scheme. Besides this, its packaging features more intricate design elements to stand the test of time. And due to how stunning they look, they may not look like cosmetics at first sight.

image of Mor packaging design

The artwork decorating the box is set against a backdrop of gentle whites and soft pinks; and this design isn’t only limited to their eyeshadow products. Virtually all Mor merchandise proudly showcases the company’s emblem, a huge M, creatively written and cast in a regal gold tone.

How to design cosmetics packaging

Define your target customers

The first consideration in deciding the designs for cosmetic packaging is knowing your target customers. Defining this will help you to meet the demand or expectation of who you’re designing for. Is it for young teens who love sparkling and shiny stuff, or are they for a woman who’s majorly concerned about products that match their skin tone?

Knowing their nature and the way they perceive things will go a long way in helping you to create products based on their specifications. And in turn, it’ll help grab their attention. Target-audience research is important to successfully get this aspect right.

Define your brand identity

Brand identity is the features that make a company stand out from the crowd. It includes a unique logo, colors, and other elements used for packaging a product. Customers can easily identify a product based on these essential features, and therefore also tend to look out for them.

Use captivating visual elements

This is why knowing your target audience is important. It will help you to decide the best visual elements that will draw their attention to the product. Visual elements like logos, images, colors, and typography are essential aspects of cosmetic product design.

Consider eco-friendly packaging options

Nowadays, customers are conscious of their environment and hence like to purchase recyclable and sustainable products. Therefore, when choosing materials for a cosmetic, go for eco-friendly ones. However, ensure they are stylish, presentable, and durable.

Popular packaging for eyeshadow

Magnetic eyeshadow palettes

Magnetic Eyeshadow Palettes features five magnetic wells, an incredible mirror and a vegan, double-ended eyeshadow brush. Besides this, its transparent case makes it a more attractive packaging option.

magnetic eyeshadow palettes packaging design

Furthermore, its sleek, refillable compact makes it compatible with any Afterglow Infused Eco-eyeshadow refills as well as many other favorite natural cosmetic brands’ eyeshadows of the same eyeshadow pan size.

Paper eyeshadow pan envelope packaging

Paper Eyeshadow Pan Envelope houses a removable platform of 12-godets. It’s suitable for powder or creamy formulations like eyeshadow, blush and highlighters. More so, it is designed with a simple but effective approach.

Paper eyeshadow pan envelope packaging design

The impact of the design counts as a 2-in-1 for both secondary and primary packaging, and features a magnet-free closing system. It can be customized for any brand needs and is ideal for high-quality packaging.

Electroplate eyeshadow iron pan

This eyeshadow packaging design is quite unique in its own right. It is great for cosmetics eyeshadow pigment, resetting broken pressed powders, melting lipsticks, blush, highlighters powders, cream, and other cold process and hot pour cosmetics.

electroplate eyeshadow iron pan packaging design

Furthermore, Electroplate Eyeshadow Iron Pan is made of high quality electroplated tinplate metal – meaning it’ll not rust in water, and has no chemical reaction with paint. Similarly, it has a smooth surface with other  durable features to serve consumers for a long time.

Made of high quality electroplated tinplate metal, it will not rust in water, and has no chemical reaction with paint. With a smooth surface, being fairly sturdy, and its durable features mean it can serve you for a long time.


When it comes to selling cosmetics like eyeshadow, having a genuine design for the box can make a difference. So whether you’re running a traditional cosmetics company or an online retail company, attractive product packaging design is the first point of contact with customers.

There are tons of packaging design ideas in the beauty and cosmetics industry. However, it’s best to use unique but captivating designs to engage customers. And remember to keep upgrading to the latest packaging trends to remain relevant in the market!

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