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5 Outstanding Activewear Color Designs for Spring/Summer 2023


Spring/Summer 2023 comes with new opportunities for consumers to connect with new vibrant colors. The atmosphere left behind by previous years drives customers toward managing various emotional states, pushing them towards colors that reflect it perfectly.

Activewear color designs present innovative hues to connect users to optimistic feelings. The trend also provides balance and stability for consumers facing new challenges. In addition, organic color sources are leading the charge as the world heads into 2023, catering to customers seeking circular and low-impact hue manufacturing from food waste and plants.

This article will discuss five eye-catching activewear color trends flooding the Spring/Summer 2023 activewear market.

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Overview of the global activewear market
5 amazing activewear colors for 2023
The bottom line

Overview of the global activewear market

Reports state that the global activewear market registered an impressive US $351 million value in 2017. However, experts expect the industry to reach US $546 million by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5%. Consumers are demanding more activewear due to the rising disposable income and fitness consciousness.

Other factors driving this industry’s growth include an upsurge in physical activity participation and the rising number of innovations in the sportswear category. North America dominated the global market in 2017 by generating 42.3% of the total revenue.

Moving forward, experts foresee the region maintaining its dominant position over the forecast period. Such evaluations arise because of the increasing trend of rocking activewear for everyday and office activities. In addition, the European market will witness exponential growth due to the popularity of sports events.

Asia-Pacific will register the highest CAGR from 2018 to 2024. Experts made this prediction due to the increasing concerns about health and wellness and the rising youth participation in sports activities.

5 amazing activewear colors for 2023

Digital lavender

Woman wearing a purple tank top and joggers set

Digital lavender is one of the top colors for the year 2023. It showcases the serenity, stability, and digital escapism consumers seek after the pandemic era. The active hue feels complementary with tones like turquoise sea, apple mint, and wild rose. Combining these colors create effervescent sheens and ombre effects that inspire otherworldly journeys and movement.

The midi looks appealing in digital lavender and is an incredibly trendy style. Midi skirts rest between the knee and the ankle, accentuating the slimmest section of the leg. This design makes this piece flattering to all feminine shapes and body types.  

A digital lavender pleated mini skirt is an on-trend way to rock this style. Females can rock this statement style for fun evening events or weekend activities.

Lady wearing a purple long-sleeve hoodie and sweatpant combo

Athleisure is one theme consumers can tap into with digital lavender. Consider light blue biker shorts worn with a digital lavender blazer. This style blends sportswear and tailoring for a refreshing twist. Although the striking and chic look is not work-appropriate, ladies can wear it for Sunday brunch or regular street walks.

Luscious red

Woman wearing a red long-sleeve sweatshirt and black leggings

Luscious red satisfies the refreshed appetite for digitized and stimulating brights. The energizing hue works as a single color for full impact or creates a youthful edginess when paired with papaya smoothie, apple mint, and turquoise sea tones.

Daring fashionistas and extroverts will fancy wearing luscious red from head to toe. While this look may be bold, going red all over is incredibly stylish. Interestingly, consumers can wear this look in multiple ways, but one that stands out is a red pant, top, and blazer combo.

Ladies not giddy about rocking all red can focus on their legs instead. They can opt for luscious red pants or maxi skirts to create statement styles without going extreme. However, keeping this style balanced requires making the bottoms the focus of the outfit. Basic colors and classic designs will complete the look without stealing the ensemble’s attention.

Man checking a watch while wearing a red activewear top

Luscious red coats and jackets are perfect ways to rock this color during colder spring months. Adding a blazer, leather jacket, or trench coat can instantly elevate and make any ensemble impressive. A chic example of this style will be pairing black pants and muted turtlenecks with any luscious red coat or jacket.

Desert-inspired tones

Woman in a sports bra top and matching high-waist pants

Consumers are shifting their attention toward nature and the outdoors in 2023. Interestingly, the natural hues of desert-inspired tones will resonate with this evolved focus. Innovators are looking toward natural dyes sourced from plants, minerals, and food waste. Red and pink also help create palettes inspired by the golden hours of dusk or dawn.

Woman holding a candle wearing a sports bra and leggings

Utilitarian designs are a significant part of womenswear and look breathtaking in desert-inspired tones. One style that stands out from this collection is the boiler suits. Although this piece’s original design was for manual labor protection, boiler suits now offer functionality and style. Consumers can pick desert-inspired tones that fit them and rock these jumpsuits in various eye-catching styles.

Vibrant blue

Woman running in a blue tank top and black leggings

Blues remain a fashionable color trend, and sellers can harness the color’s universal appeal with energetic mid-tones and darker hues. Combining vibrant blue with deeper tones will create effective color-blocking styles while adding a flash of white will accentuate the pigment’s oceanic qualities.

The fascinating thing about a color like blue is that it can transform any garment into a statement piece. As such, vibrant blue is a perfect hue for tops and can instantly elevate any simple style. Consumers are sure to look stylish when rocking a pair of jeans with blue tees or velvet pants with blue ruffle tops.

Woman doing yoga in a blue sports bra and leggings

Vibrant blue with denim is another way to spice up a classic weekend denim look. Adding a blue item to an outfit can level up a casual ensemble without stress. While jumpers, dresses, and coats can rock the cool hue, consumers can consider opting for gingham shirts in vibrant blue.

Organic green

Woman lying on a field in a green cropped tank

Add a natural quality to your collection by stocking up on the organic green. Hues like verdigris initiate invigorating and calming qualities, especially when combined with blues. Consumers shifting toward holistic training, grounded wellness, and the outdoors will love experimenting with the wide range of organic green hues.

Organic green can perfectly match classic leather. Combining this nature-inspired hue with tough fabric creates an intense and edgy feel. Dark-toned green with leather is an excellent option for consumers looking to show off an attitude. 

Although this combo looks fantastic during the day, it works better for evening occasions. Ladies may opt for a chic green dress or jumpsuit and layer under a black leather jacket.

The bottom line 

Spring/Summer 2023 comes with a reasonable approach to choosing colors by balancing newness and longevity. Items soaked in hues that connect with consumer emotions are must-haves this season. More wearers seek tones that reflect their attitudes and behavior, making the active color market more promising.

Brights will hold a significant position as consumers feel more optimistic and energized with such hues. However, grounding and restful tones will retain relevance as fashion colors evolve. Consider investing in unique pieces that stand out even on-screen to drive consumer purchase.

Fashion retailers must stock up on items in digital lavender, luscious red, desert-inspired tones, vibrant blue, and organic green for a steady flow of sales and profit when Spring/Summer 2023 sales kick-off.

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