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5 Slimming Machine Trends To Know in 2024

Esthetician using slimming machine on a woman

Although many people want to lose weight fast, some don’t have the willpower to undergo weight loss surgery. This may be due to the expensive nature of the process or the fear of going under the needle. However, surgery is not the only way consumers can eliminate unwanted fat; they get similar results from slimming machines.

The best part is these machines are usually safe, making them attractive to many consumers. Even better, businesses can offer them to spas or for at-home experiences. Keep reading to discover five amazing slimming machine trends to stock up on in 2024.

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An overview of the global slimming machine market
5 slimming machines trends to know in 2024
Rounding up

An overview of the global slimming machine market

Slimming machines have become a great alternative to procedures like liposuction. Hence, forecasts suggest the global slimming machine market will grow at a 6.06% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2028, reaching a value of US$ 4.235 billion. The global slimming machine market owes its growth to the surging obese population and the prevalence of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and orthopedic issues caused by said obesity.

Other factors contributing to the market’s growth include a rise in health consciousness among people and improved digitization, which ensures easy access to information. Regionally, North America leads the slimming machine market due to its high population of overweight and obese people. Experts say Asia Pacific will witness the highest growth over the forecast period (2021 to 2028). 

5 slimming machines trends to know in 2024

Radiofrequency (RF) machines

A radiofrequency slimming machine on a white background

Dieting and exercising can help reduce body fat. However, some consumers may have unwanted fat pockets that remain stubborn despite their weight reduction activities. Such consumers can use this non-invasive slimming treatment to get that dream body.

RF slimming machines help target unwanted fat by safely generating heat. This safe heat enters deep into the skin, forcing fat cells to break down and release liquid fat. The results? The shrinking and contracting of these fat cells. For this reason, radiofrequency machines are a great way to achieve slimmer and more contoured figures. 

In addition to melting fat pockets, RF machines are also popular for skin tightening, as the therapy pushes the skin to produce more elastin and collagen. Radiofrequency’s safe and noninvasive design is the sole reason for its popularity. Consumers only feel a gentle vibration during treatment—with no pain or discomfort. Radiofrequency machines raked in 6,600 searches in January 2024.

Ultrasound cavitation machines

An ultrasound cavitation slimming machine

If radiofrequency is not one’s cup of tea, they can turn to ultrasound cavitation machines. These aesthetic devices use ultrasound technology to destroy fat cells under the skin. If cellulite and localized fat are the major concerns, ultrasound cavitation machines may be the best solution.

But how does ultrasound technology work? Instead of generating heat, ultrasound cavitation machines use vibrations to pressurize fat cells. This intense pressure forcefully breaks down the targeted fat cells, liquifying them for the body to dispose of. These broken-down fat cells travel from the body to the liver before the body excretes them through urine.

But there’s more. Consumers can easily customize their slimming session according to their needs. However, the duration for each treatment may be longer for some than for others. More importantly, consumers can expect to see results from these bad boys in 6 to 12 weeks. Ultrasound cavitation machines are also popular, drawing 12,100 searches in January 2024.

Cryolipolysis machines

A cryolipolysis machine on a white background

Have some consumers tried RF and ultrasound therapies but still complain about stubborn fat pockets? Then, it’s time to look at cryolipolysis machines. These machines work in an entirely different way. Instead of vibrations or frequencies, cryolipolysis machines inject special liquid (usually nitrogen) into fat cells, destroying them fast. These slimming machines can help consumers get that toned body in at least two months!

The amount of damage these machines can do to fat cells depends on how much weight the person has and how often they exercise. In addition, two cryolipolysis machine types currently exist on the market. The first one is portable cryolipolysis machines. They are the best options for at-home use (though some spas still use them) and can handle various weight ranges from very heavy to easy, light exercises.

The second type is commercial models with table tops and LCD screens. These cryolipolysis machines are more convenient for offices or gyms, as consumers have enough space to relax while the machine does its thing. Here’s one more fact: the cooling sensation from this aesthetic treatment can also help soothe tired muscles burdened by all that excess fat. Cryolipolysis machines will also help improve skin appearance. These slimming machines got 49500 searches in January 2024.

Note: These machines allow the dead fat cells to leave the body through the lymphatic system.

Laser lipolysis machines

A high-tech laser lipolysis machine on a white background

If consumers don’t like the cooling feeling of cryolipolysis machines but still want an effective solution, laser lipolysis variants may be their best option. Instead of killing cells like their cryo cousins, laser lipo machines bore holes into fat cells for the fatty liquid to leak, allowing the body to flush them through the lymphatic system naturally.

So, the cells won’t die here but shrink to the point they are indistinguishable from healthy lean cells. The shrunken fat cells will trigger a chain reaction, prompting other fat cells to release their contents and adopt a healthy, lean lifestyle. Laser lipo machines will easily train fat cells to behave differently without excessive cooling, vibrations, and heat.

The best part is consumers can start seeing improvements after the first session. The results from laser lipo will last as long as consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle (like their fat cells). Laser lipolysis machines are even more popular than cryolipolysis machines. They garnered 135,000 searches in January 2024.

Vacuum therapy machines

A vacuum therapy machine on a white background

Remember those suction cups used to enlarge lips? Imagine that, but for dealing with excess fat—that is the perfect description for vacuum therapy machines. These pieces of equipment use suction to drain adipose tissues, moving the fat toward the lymphatic system for excretion. In addition to handling unwanted fat, vacuum therapy machines offer exfoliating effects, making the skin more elastic and relaxing muscles.

If consumers also want skincare benefits, sellers can find models merged with radiofrequency and LED light energy. It’ll help target fat faster while improving skin appearance. Generally, consumers will need 12 to 15 sessions with this machine, but results will start showing on the seventh one. Vacuum therapy machines attracted 14,800 searches in January 2024.

Rounding up

With the obese and overweight population steadily rising, many people are searching for more effective, faster, and safer ways to lose all their unwanted fat. While nothing tops cutting down calories and exercising, some machines can help speed up the process and can help consumers to get their dream body. Businesses can sell these slimming machines to spas, beauty salons, and gyms or target at-home users with portable versions. Regardless of what retailers choose, these are the five slimming machine trends worth purchasing in 2024.

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