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5 Stunning Men’s Festival Styles That Will Trend in Spring/Summer 2023


Festivals are a time for consumers to release their creativity with unique styles. With the return of global festivals, more youths have a renewed sense of optimism that drives them toward bold outfits.

2021 to 2022 was an era of seclusion. Now, these trends bring happy colors and bold patterns that exude a festival mood.

Inspired by fashion from the 2000s, explore the world of form-fitting shapes and oversized silhouettes that reflect gender-inclusive styles for S/S 2023. But first, check out the market size for men’s festival designs.

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Men’s festival designs: how huge is the market?
5 sensational men’s festival designs consumers love the most
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Men’s festival designs: how huge is the market?

The men’s festival designs segment is a part of the global decorated apparel market. Experts estimate the market will reach $68.17 billion by 2030. They also expect it to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2022 to 2030.

Factors influencing this market’s growth include the increasing demand for digital and screen printing on apparel and the spreading trend of customized tops and T-shirts.

As the need for self-expression increases, businesses can expect several comfortable and colorful festival apparel to trend in S/S 23.

5 sensational men’s festival designs consumers love the most

The parachute pants

man holding a bag with green parachute pants

Parachute pants are classic throwbacks with the latest iterations nodding towards an off-duty athleisure look. Similar to the variants featured in the 80s, parachute pants have elastic waists and a roomy fit tapering in at the ankle.

These lightweight, baggy pants are similar to cargo pants. But unlike the utility-influenced and pocketed apparel, parachute pants are loose with drawstring fits added to their elastic waistline and ankle.

Though original versions used nylon fabric with decked-out, gaudy zipper features, the more recent parachute pants use quality materials, feature sleek designs, and reflect the best summer/spring colors.

Parachute pants don’t just make a statement. They’re now worthy of becoming wardrobe staples for festivals and other activities. Modern parachute pants are not as intimidating as their 80s counterparts.

Man posing with grey parachute pants

They’re easier to style and can make effortless festival outfits. Men can enjoy a subtle vintage look thanks to their billowy shape and parachute-like material. They can pair a vintage jacket with the piece and complete the look with a monochrome crew-neck tee.

Men can also rock a simple fit for weekend festivals. This Sunday casual pairs some white parachute pants with tropical teal graphic T-shirts for an added pop of color.

Youth can opt for a too-cool-for-school look with some brown parachute pants. They can mix in a pleated shirt to complete the ensemble.

Plaid summer shorts

Man with sunglasses rocking plaid shorts

Shorts have always been a staple in the fashion industry. But what happens when consumers add a little flair to their favorite pieces? The plaid summer shorts, that’s what. 

The glam piece rides on the success of the #GentleRetro theme that’s sweeping the market. This trend upgrades the classic Bermuda shorts with a sartorial flair.

Plaid summer shorts come in soft materials and checks with unexpected color schemes. These styles create the perfect festival ensemble for wearers looking to stand out. Think combining pink and blue to enhance traditional gingham and tartan patterns.

Anonymous man posing with blue and white plaid shorts

Consumers can also rock these shorts as matching sets. Colorful two-piece sets are crucial for festival styling. Men can opt for shorts with matching coordinated shirts or lightweight jackets. Matching sets can give the plaid short’s classic-looking patterns and silhouettes a performance vibe.

Consider pairing a glam navy tee with grey and white plaid shorts. This ensemble will give wearers a self-confident look for casual festivals. Consumers can opt for a deep red graphic tee to tone down the look.

A psychedelic print sweatshirt and plaid shorts can make a magical festival outfit. The combo would make wearers stand out from the crowd and look good while doing it.

Psychedelic knit

Man giving a thumbs down in psychedelic knit

Tie-dye is the perfect way to make a statement at any summer festival. Psychedelic knits allow consumers to harness tie-dye power in a stylish and glam way.

Hippie roots are here again to help wearers properly express themselves. Consumers looking to embrace a peaceful and calm aesthetic can find various ways to style this season’s psychedelic prints.

Men looking for a subtle way to ease themselves into the psychedelic knit trend can start with the pastel swirl. These prints combine several color pieces splashed with abstract splotches and whirls. Knitwear with these prints will make great pairs with parachute pants or summer shorts.

The more daring consumers can opt for the hippie trippy psychedelic knit. Although these bold graphics exude a playful vibe, they’re trippy enough to keep people looking. Consumers can go wild with pairing this piece with some baggy ripped jeans or sweatpants.

Man rocking trippy psychedelic prints

If the hippie trippy wasn’t enough, consumers can opt for more graphic psychedelic prints on their knitwear. Such graphics reflect a magic eye pattern that’s incredibly mind-bending. But beyond all that extra graphic is an eclectic hidden message. Consumers can rock this ensemble as a matching set or pair it with neutral pants to offset the colorful patterns.

Open lace shirt

Man posing with open lace shirt

Open lace shirts prove lace outfits are not women-specific. With gender-neutral fashion taking the center stage, men can now rock such outfits with added glam and style.

Lace shirts are not new to men’s fashion. Though they held a major position in women’s fashion, these pieces existed as far back as colonial times and were for the royals.

Man posing with long sleeve lace shirt

This trend comes packed with various styles for different festivals, like the nightlife lacy shirt. The funky apparel exudes a casual yet stylish look for night festivals. Consumers can opt for a see-through or opaque lace button-down shirt. Don’t forget to pair it with some simply faded denim bottoms.

Shades like gray, royal blue, and black work really well with this outfit. They’ll make the ensemble look charming and classy.

Consumers can rock celebrity-like outfits with fitted open lace shirts. These pieces will accent the masculine physique while making men look super stylish. Pairing the apparel with matching lace shorts would add a glamorous aesthetic to the outfit.

Open lace shirts make funky get-ups that men can slay for various festivals. Consider opting for some sheer lacey tops combined with casual denim jeans. Alternatively, men can rock open lace shirts with added embroidery for a chicer look.

Second-skin top

Man wearing black second-skin top with hands in pockets

Here’s another slinky sheer trend that makes a strong comeback from the 90s. Second-skin styles use ultra-thin materials that hug the body so tight that they look like a second skin. Although they sound uncomfortable, second-skin tops are so thin that wearers may not feel them on a hot summer day.

The second-skin top is the ultimate transitional piece that men can dress up or down. Consumers can also layer these bay boys under a jacket or wear them alone for warmer temperatures.

They also offer various eye-catching designs from psychedelic to florals and everything in between. Men can also go plain if they fancy vibrant colors and patterns.

Man posing with tight long sleeve tee

Men willing to show some skin with party-ready outfits can rock cut-out second-skin tops. These skin-revealing details include asymmetrical cutouts or cutout sleeves. Consumers can rock the pieces with bright-colored shorts or simple black pants.

Male consumers with a thing for sporty looks can opt for second-skin tops with contouring overlock and thumb holes. These pieces offer a unique sporty aesthetic that men can rock with baggy pants or shorts.

Some second-skin tops offer button fastenings. These extra details add chic aesthetics to the party-ready outfit.

In conclusion

Contemporary fashion continues to shift toward gender-inclusive designs as various comfort-driven basics receive updates with statement styles. Festivals are returning with inspiration from the 2000s clubbing trends.

Social media platforms also inspire more men to opt for a more eccentric and expressive approach to festival styles.

Businesses can leverage the parachute pants, plaid summer shorts, psychedelic knit, open lace shirts, and second-skin top trends to offer festivalgoers one-of-a-kind designs and individuality in summer/spring 2023.

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