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Ani-Mania Clothing Trend for Kids & Teens to Watch in 2022


Children and teen fashion trends are unpredictable. Influenced by kids that rule social media, particularly TikTok, a single scroll through the feed will bring you more fashion inspiration than you can handle. Besides bright neons to funky tie-dye and attention-grabbing accessories, kids and teens are increasingly interested in anime and manga-inspired outfits these days.

A style of Japanese film and TV animation, anime continues to gain widespread fame due to its creative storytelling and one-of-a-kind visual identity. From Dragon Ball to Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Studio Ghibli, the medium is popular among children, teens, and adults.

According to Parrot Analytics, the global demand for anime content grew 118% over the past two years. High-end collabs such as Loewe x Spirited Away and Gucci x Doraemon show the evolution of this genre into new demographics. With demand for this genre expanding into new regions, the desire for IP content and products is following.

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Why do kids and teens love anime and manga?
What are the top Ani-Mania trends for kids and teens in 2022?

Why do kids and teens love anime and manga?

Relatable characters

Anime characters are often outcasts, individuals who struggle to find friends, are shy, and want to fit in, something which American TV shows and cartoons do not entirely address. When such anime, including Dragon Ball Z and Toonami, are introduced to children or teens, they teach them certain values and offer them something to look forward to at the end of a long day.

Gritty themes

Anime and manga began discussing mental health and sexuality way before American TV shows and movies did. Anime is considered a form of art that is not afraid to portray same-sex relationships and non-white characters in lead roles.

Complex plots

Unlike other cartoons and TV shows with many standalone episodes, Japanese anime have complex storylines. For this reason, it is popular among children and teens as they get to know the characters more deeply.


Anime brings people together. People interested in anime can indulge in online forums and in-person events centered on things they love, creating fan art, discussing episodes, and connecting with Japanese culture.


A girl dressed up in traditional Japanese attire

Anime raises racial and cultural awareness. According to a study conducted in 2014, Korean adults who watched anime were more amiable to their Japanese co-workers. This is important as Gen Z values inclusivity. Anime appeals to them as it gives them a broader view of the world and an understanding of different cultures with different values and norms.

What are the top Ani-Mania trends for kids and teens in 2022?

Anime characters classic printed T-shirts

Interesting graphics

Blue hoodie paired with checkerboard dungaree to create playful look

Who does not love patterned outfits? Even if your attire is as simple as jeans and a hoodie, incorporating attractive graphics can make it fashionable. Consider trending designs like checkerboard, stripes, and houndstooth patterns. T-shirts with characters, unique words, slogans, and phrases from your favorite anime and manga can be a great option too.

One thing to keep in mind when wearing patterns is to pair them with solids to give visual interest. Perhaps, throw on some layers. If you wish to mix patterns, some ideal choices include pairing stripes with polka dots, plaid with graphics, and gingham with floral.

Comic book colors

Girl wearing bright orange polka dot, Hello Kitty T-shirt

A pop of color is essential in life. Choose outfits in colors similar to those of your favorite anime characters’ attire to tap into more ani-mania dress-up opportunities. Older teens should go for more subtle colors, consider playing with color-blocking, and contrast trims to add an edge to their appearance. For instance, pick a few happy colors and use some neutral details to tame them. 

Adaptable features

Whether you realize it or not, clothing with adaptable features is a must-have in life, particularly for children and teens. For an age group with dynamic preferences and likes, adaptable features like zip-off sections, reversible details, and interchangeable badges can be a game-changer. It helps them achieve any style by simply detaching or attaching a section to create a new look. Not only do adaptable features ensure children and teens can wear an anime-inspired outfit longer, but it also drives more sustainability by tapping into designing for longevity. 

Pin badges

Pin badges featuring various designs and slogans

Removable pin badges are an easy and quick way to add a touch of anime or manga to your outfits with the freedom to change and swap to different characters. So, stock up on a handful of pin badges with words, mottos, or characters you or your children love and rock them whenever you feel like it. Some brands also offer pin badges as an add-on or collector’s item to loyal customers. 

Zip pullers

Much like pin badges, interchangeable zip pullers offer an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to your favorite anime and manga characters. Add a chain that doubles up as a necklace pendant for all genders. Additionally, zip pullers act as collectible items too. So, if you want to introduce a new fun hobby to your children, anime zip pullers are worth considering. 


With anime continuing to gain popularity worldwide, anime-inspired merchandise and clothing are setting a new trend in the kids and teen apparel industry. The trends mentioned above are game-changers that will up your kids’ and teens’ fashion games. If you are a clothing brand, now is an ideal time to tap into the anime and manga market. After all, it is easy to get started.Start by buying wholesale anime and manga-inspired clothing for kids and teens, or design your own and get it printed and delivered to your doorstep from Alibaba.com. Next, find anime influencers to collaborate with and market your anime-related products. With these simple steps, your business will be all set to cater to anime and manga fans across the globe.

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