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5 Stunning Types of Washi Tape in Demand Right Now


Unlike regular masking tape or duct tape, washi tape is bright, colorful, and often covered in unique patterns. Washi tape is attractive to a specific type of consumer and is used in a wide variety of scenarios such as notebook and diary decoration, lipstick decoration for girls, and scrapbooking. But it’s also heavily used in DIY projects and for packaging. Since its introduction to the market, washi tape has continued to be a great success.

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How much is washi tape worth?
Most popular types of washi tape
Washi tape in the next few years

How much is washi tape worth?

Washi tape is a popular form of masking tape that’s made of sustainable materials and is attractive thanks to its colors and patterns. It’s not only used for crafting and scrapbooking activities but continues to be popular within the painting industry too. Furthermore, washi tape is increasingly being used for postage stamps and as a secure form of packing tape for businesses. 

With more people and businesses looking for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to everyday items, washi tape is proving to be a big hit in many industries. In 2020, the global adhesive tapes industry was valued at USD 59.4 billion. The value is expected to increase by 2027 to a value of USD 80.3 billion, with a CAGR of 5.1%. This explosion of growth is expected to continue beyond 2027 as changing patterns of consumerism will require more sustainable tape to be produced, and washi tape is set to play a large role in that. 

Row of different colors of washi tape against dark backdrop

Using washi tape is the perfect way to brighten up an art project, decorate a diary or scrapbook, or even bring a table to life. The uses of washi tape really are endless, which is why it’s so popular with different types of consumers. Washi tape can come in different designs such as with added bronzing or with unique patterns and prints. Here’s a selection of the most popular types of washi tape on the market today. 

Custom print washi tape

Washi tape is being used for numerous reasons in today’s market, and this type of paper tape can easily have images printed on it to suit the consumer’s needs. This style of tape is perfect for decorating anything from journals to eyeshadow boxes to the keys on a computer. Similar to washi paper, washi tape is very easy to tear making it a good option for children to use while making crafts in school or at home. 

Three rolls of washi tape with different patterns on them

Washi tape with bronzing

This type of adhesive tape is most often used by consumers for art projects or for decorating journals and scrapbooks. The 3D effect on the tape comes from a bronzing process that allows for a unique visual effect that normal sticky tape doesn’t have. It also uses a UV process to put a layer of varnish over the tape so the 3D printing stays firmly in place and doesn’t wear over time. 

Shiny washi tape with different patterns and colors

Washi tape for decorating

The strong adhesion that comes with this type of paper masking tape enables it to be used for decorating or home renovations. It’s most popular with painting as it leaves no residue and stays in shape without warping or falling off. This is one type of washi tape that continues to be in high demand and is very on trend for DIY projects, but it’s also popular with people decorating their journals and other crafts. 

Woman holding blue washi tape for painting assistance

Washi tape used for packaging

Washi tape has a number of unique uses, and that doesn’t stop with home DIY or crafting activities. Washi tape is regularly used for packing parcels, with its strong adhesion, customizable prints for brands to put their logos on, and durability. It’s also recyclable so won’t be harmful to the environment once it’s disposed of. There are many types of packaging for people to choose from, and washi tape is one of the most heavily used when it comes to decorating the exterior of a parcel or letter. It allows for a more distinctive type of visual appeal for the consumer and is a unique way to promote a business.

Tape with colorful pattern being used for shipping box

Stamp-style washi tape

Unlike painter’s tape or packing tape, the stamp-style washi tape comes in easily removable shapes that are ideal for both children and adults who enjoy scrapbooking. Apart from scrapbooking, this type of tape can be used to decorate other items around the house or within the classroom and is the perfect material for postal stamps, which is why it’s a consistently trending style of washi tape. It’s a unique form of washi tape that has multiple uses, and with so many patterns available it can appeal to different types of consumers. 

Book open with different stamps through the pages

Washi tape in the next few years

Washi tape is popularly used as a stationary tape, painter’s tape, or used for packaging, but there are endless other ways the various styles of this sticky tape can be used. Unlike other types of tape, its sustainability helps to attract consumers who are looking to purchase materials that won’t harm the planet. 

Styles such as custom print, tape with bronzing, decorating tape, packing tape, and stamp-style washi tape are the types of washi tape that are popular with consumers in today’s market. Overall, washi tape is expected to grow in demand, with new uses for it being found all the time, as paper packaging starts to make a strong comeback in the market.

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