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5 Trendy Hiking Accessories Consumers Need in 2024

Woman with complete gear hiking in the woods

There’s something about explorers that makes them giddy when they find the perfect hiking trail. From coastal paths to mountain trails, consumers may want to explore what they can for different reasons—hiking is also a great way to take a break after a busy week! Regardless of what drives consumers, they’ll need the right hiking accessories to make the experience enjoyable without being a burden.

This article will highlight five essentials businesses can offer hikers to keep their pack light. But first, here’s a look at the hiking accessories market in 2024.

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Is the hiking accessories market profitable in 2024?
Hiking accessories: 5 trends hikers are looking for in 2024
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Is the hiking accessories market profitable in 2024?

The 2020s saw a renewed interest in many outdoor activities as many consumers now crave healthy and adventurous lifestyles, and the hiking market benefited greatly from this trend. According to experts, the global hiking accessories market readjusted to US $6.4 billion in 2022. They say the market will reach US $9.1 billion by 2028 at a 6.0% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period.

In addition, the men’s segment contributed the highest revenue to the global hiking accessories market, with reports suggesting it will grow at a 4.1% CAGR over the forecast period. The women’s segment is also expanding fast, with more women participating in outdoor activities. Regionally, North America emerged as the highest contributor, and experts predict it will maintain this lead at a 4.3% CAGR. Europe comes in second, with predictions showing it will grow at a 3.9% CAGR.

Hiking accessories: 5 trends hikers are looking for in 2024

1. Hiking poles

Woman using two black hiking poles

Hiking poles are trusty little buddies that assist consumers when traversing tricky terrain. If consumers are hiking with a heavier backpack, they’ll need these poles for the right balance to remain stable (especially on steep inclines and declines). Hiking poles are also great for stream crossing, winter hiking, fending off dangerous animals, and clearing hazardous plants from the path.

Nevertheless, one top trend for hiking poles is variants made from lighter and stronger materials. Manufacturers increasingly use these materials to make the poles easier to carry but less likely to break. The top picks here are carbon fiber and aluminum alloys. Hiking poles also come with adjustable lengths, allowing consumers to find the perfect fit for their height and terrain.

Comfortable grips are also big this year. Consumers are rushing for hiking poles with comfortable grips to prevent hand fatigue and blisters. So, opting for grips made from soft, breathable materials will give consumers the perfect accessory that conforms to their hand shape. Even better, many hiking poles now have anti-shock technology, helping to absorb the impact of each step. This feature helps reduce stress on the hiker’s joints, making the activity more enjoyable.

There’s more! Collapsible poles are emerging as great options for consumers short on space. They can easily fold them up and store them in their backpacks. And what if consumers don’t want generic poles? They can choose hiking poles for specific activities, like backpacking, ultra-hiking, and snowshoeing. Hiking poles are very popular this year! They drew in 110,000 searches in January 2024.

2. Headlamps

Woman wearing a black hiking helmet

If hikers plan on camping out in the wild during their adventures, they’ll eventually encounter the scary dark. But it doesn’t have to be a bad experience at night—they can use headlamps as their main defense against the dreadful dark! In addition to being bright, headlamps are also convenient, as consumers can do other things with their hands instead of holding a torch. The best part is that their popularity is not all talk—Google data proves these accessories are performing excellently. Headlamps grew from 165,000 in 2023 to 201,000 in January 2024.

Hikers are ditching the bulky headlamps of the past. Today’s models are incredibly lightweight and compact, minimizing weight and bulk on consumers’ heads and backpacks—many variants even collapse or fold for easy storage. Who doesn’t want brighter headlamps? Manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of lumen output while still ensuring decent battery life. Most consumers will need headlamps with 300 to 500 lumens for their hiking needs, but more technical hikers or off-trail adventures will need something brighter.

Replaceable batteries have also gone down the drain. Most modern headlamps are rechargeable via USB! Although that means consumers have to pack a power brick, rechargeable is still more eco-friendly and convenient. More importantly, no one likes headlamps that bounce around or dig into the forehead. Hence, headlamps with comfortable, adjustable straps have become a huge headlight trend.

3. Hiking footwear

Woman showing off hiking shoes

It’s a no-brainer that hikers need some foot protection when traversing various trails. But hiking footwear is not a one-type-for-all accessory. Sellers can offer up to four different types of hiking footwear. However, regardless of the type, hiking footwear protects the feet from cuts or damage, offers comfortable fits, and comes with energy-saving lightweight designs. How they do these things makes them different.

Hiking shoes are the first on the list for many people. They take the best qualities from other types while also offering lighter and more comfortable designs. Manufacturers design them to last up to 800 miles of hiking, meaning everything (weight, durability, and protection) is perfectly balanced. Hiking shoes attracted 201,000 searches in January 2024.

Trail runners are the next best option. Although they have lower durability than hiking shoes (about 500 miles), trail runners appeal to consumers who don’t mind getting new footwear every 6 to 12 months. These shoes are lighter and more springy than hiking shoes, offering more breathable uppers for even more comfortable experiences. Here’s the catch: they offer less protection than other types. Regardless, trail runners raked in 74,000 searches in January 2024.

Hiking in winter requires different foot protection. That’s why most consumers turn to water-resistant hybrids. These bad boys keep consumers’ feet warm in the snow, offering amazing protection. While their durability is closer to that of trail runners, water-resistant hybrids often last longer, as most hikers don’t trek as much in winter. This hiking footwear garnered 27100 inquiries.

Lastly, hiking boots are the most durable option. These tough cookies can last for thousands of miles while offering maximum protection. However, they trade off lightweight designs, meaning hiking boots are heavier and need more energy. However, they are beefy enough to handle various conditions, including off-trail and winter. Hiking boots are the most popular option, with over 246,000 people searching for them in January 2024.

4. Compasses

Woman holding a compass and a map

It’s easy to get lost when navigating different trails. That’s why consumers need compasses to help maintain their desired course during outdoor adventures. Even with GPS devices readily available, compasses offer a reliable backup navigation tool! And they are a top trend, with Google data showing that compasses generated 2.74 million searches in January 2024.

Aesthetics is one of the major trends for compasses this year. Nostalgic vibes are in, and manufacturers are taking note. Consumers now demand vintage-inspired designs with modern materials like stainless steel, brass, and wood accents. Such compasses offer timeless aesthetics without sacrificing durability and functionality.

Beyond their visual appeal, modern compasses also come packed with additional features, making them more versatile tools for outdoor adventures. Hikers prefer compasses with built-in features like rulers, inclinometers, signal mirrors, whistles, and thermometers. While traditional compasses remain the top trend, some manufacturers are experimenting with tech integration. Some compasses now come with features like smartphone connectivity (for calibration) or GPS backup, offering a blend of classic reliability with modern convenience.

5. Sleeping bags

Person setting up a blue sleeping bag

Hikers will need rest when exploring longer trails, especially when it gets dark. Since such adventures see tents as extravagant and bulky, these consumers will need sleeping bags to remain comfortable while resting in the wild. They may also use their sleeping bags with bivy sacks for a better experience! According to Google data, sleeping bags got 550,000 searches in January 2024, showing they are a popular accessory for outdoor activities.

Every ounce counts on the trail, and manufacturers are developing new sleeping bags that take lightweight to a new level. Hikers gravitate towards these bags with advanced fabrics, down alternatives, and minimalist designs that shed weight without sacrificing warmth. Temperature-regulating features are also making waves in the sleeping bag world. Breathable fabrics, zoned insulation, and ventilation systems remain at the top, offering consumers comfortable sleep regardless of the environment.

In conclusion

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in today’s world. Other than backpacks and hiking clothes, consumers need other essentials to make their adventure worth it. Hiking poles provide the necessary balance for different terrains, while headlamps improve vision at night.

Sellers will have to choose the right hiking footwear for foot protection, and compasses are necessary tools for navigation. Lastly, sleeping bags are the go-to for resting on long hikes. These are the top (and most popular) hiking accessory trends in 2024.

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