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5 Amazing Sports Shoe Types Consumers Crave in 2024

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It’s well-known that regular shoes aren’t ideal for sports. However, sports shoes are becoming increasingly popular, and accepted, as a daily wearer.. Hence, sports shoes make for a great sales proposition in 2024, appealing to the regular shopper as well as those looking fory protection and support during sporting activities.

From sleek running shoes to bulkier hiking options, here we’ll look at five popular varieties of sports shoes in 2024.

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Why now is a great time to invest in the sports shoe market
Sports shoes: 5 popular styles in 2024

Why now is a great time to invest in the sports shoe market

The sports shoe market is one of the biggest worldwide, and continues to grow. Based on research, the market is estimated to be worth USD 116.82 billion in 2024, with forecasts projecting it will grow at a 4.63% CAGR to hit USD 140 billion by 2029.

But what’s fueling this market’s growth? For starters, more people are realizing the importance of staying fit, encouraging them to invest in suitable footwear. For example, in 2021 alone, 58.7 million people in the United States hiked. Increased disposable incomes are also helping to boost the sports shoe market’s growth, with South America forecast to be the fastest-growing market in this sector.

Sports shoes: 5 popular styles in 2024

Road shoes

Person tying the laces of a black running shoe

Jogging shoes are popular because they offer a comfortable fit straight out of the box, providing all the support and cushioning you need for an enjoyable run, walk, or just daily use. However, the perfect running shoe will depend on a consumer’s running style, preferred running distance, and personal preference.

Consumers whose feet roll inward or outward on impact may want to opt for stability or motion-control shoes. These road-running shoes feature supportive posts that snap the feet back into alignment, increasing running stride comfort and reducing knee pain. Meanwhile, runners with a neutral gait are likely to prefer neutral running shoes with little or no motion control.

Consumers who love to feel the road beneath their feet may want to look into minimalist running shoes. These sports shoes tend to suit runners with a natural gait, offering minimal cushioning. On the other hand, cushioned road-running shoes come with thicker midsoles for added plushness, shock reduction, and underfoot comfort.

The running shoe market is massive, and continues to grow, receiving 823,000 searches in February compared to 673,000 at the end of last year – a nearly 20% increase.

Hiking shoes

Two people showing off hiking boots

Out of most outdoor activities, hiking requires heightened foot protection. When tackling rough and varied terrain, it’s essential that the wearer’s foot is protected against the outside and the elements.. That’s why hiking shoes lock in the wearer’s heels, protecting their feet and providing that extra grip for unsteady trails. Because of their sturdier break them in with short hikes for the most comfortable hiking experience.

Hiking boots come in two main varieties: low-cut, which are similar to regular sneakers but have upgraded threads and stiffer designs, making them great for moderate and lightweight hikes, and higher-cut hiking boots, with heavier and sturdier designs for improved ankle support and protection. There are also hiking sandals for sunnier climes and when not as much protection is needed.

Hiking shoes, like running shoes, registered a 20% increase in interest in recent months, going from 246,000 in January to 301,000 in February 2024.

Walking shoes

Lady adjusting her pair of walking shoes

Walking shoes are also a big hit, making walking long distances a more comfortable experience thanks to their improved cushioning and flexible soles.

Like running shoes, a foot type will determine what kind of shoe is best for individual customers. For instance, those with flat feet will want walking shoes with arch support, while those with high arches may better suit less flexible shoes (i.e., walking shoes with rigid shanks). Overpronators, on the other hand, will want a pair with less arch support and cushioning.

Walking shoes attracted 135,000 searches in February, a 20% jump from January’s 110,000 searches.

Weightlifting shoes

Person preparing to lift weights while wearing weightlifting shoes

Weightlifting shoes offer added protection to keep the wearer safe from injury when lifting. Weightlifting shoes tend to feature a slightly raised heel, allowing wearers to carry out deep squats and activate the necessary leg muscles. While they lack the cushioning that some of the other shoes on this list, it’s a worthwhile trade-off for stability, keeping the joints and ankles well protected. In contrast, dedicated CrossFit shoes are designed to handle activities like weightlifting and beyond, giving consumers enough flexibility for cardio workouts without sacrificing lift stability. Weightlifting shoes attracted around 90,500 searches in February 2024.

Court shoes

A pair of white basketball shoes next to a basketball

Court shoes make up a broader category of sports trainer. They encompass everything from basketball to tennis shoes and their various requirements. For example, tennis shoes (201,000 searches in February 2024) tend to be heavier than running shoes but offer better lateral support, providing better support on the court. Meanwhile, basketball shoes (1.5 million searches in February 2024) have designs tailored to forward motion and jumping, and volleyball shoes (165,000 searches) have improved lateral stability.


Sports shoes are constantly evolving, and almost every sport has its own style of footwear. Depending on how dedicated a consumer is to one particular discipline, they may want to opt for cross-training shoes or sports-specific shoes. For example, weightlifting shoes provide specific support to the wearer’s legs, while running shoes help to absorb the shock that comes from repeatedly striking the ground. To take advantage of these trends, make sure to research which shoes your target audience is most likely to buy.

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