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5 Types of Fishing Lures Popular Today

Selection of fishing lures laid out on piece of wood

Fishing is a popular recreational pastime globally, and aspiring fishermen are always on the lookout for something new to help them secure their next catch. Fishing lures come in various shapes and forms, and the right lure could be exactly what your shoppers are looking for, whether it’s to add to their own bag of fishing goodies, or to gift a friend or family who enjoys fishing in their time off.

If you’re considering stocking fishing lures, read on for an overview of the market, and for five essential lure types that you can stock today!

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Fishing lures’ global market value
5 types of fishing lures
The bottom line

Fishing lures’ global market value

The value of a single fishing lure will vary depending on how it’s made, what features it includes, and its overall size. Oftentimes consumers will purchase a box or a set of fishing lures that are better money for value. The ideal type of fishing lure to use will depend on a number of factors such as water type, the fish being targeted, and the skill level of the fisherman. Due to the wide variety of fishing lures in the market today, the overall market value of this important fishing accessory has only risen in recent years.

In 2022 the fishing lures global market value reached over USD 3 billion. The market is now expecting that number to grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 5.3% between 2022 and 2028, which will bring the total value to approximately USD 4.41 billion. This rise in value is down to a number of factors, but the two most important are the latest fishing lure trends and a steady increase in the number of consumers taking up fishing as both a recreational and competitive sport.

Five types of fishing lures hanging from a fishing reel

5 types of fishing lures

Fishing lures come in all shapes and sizes. The type needed by a specific fisherman will vary based on what type of fish they’re fishing and the time of the year due to the temperature of the water. The wobbler top water trolling fishing lure, the heavy sinking minnow, the silicone soft bait worm, the metal spoon spinning bait, and the artificial crankbait are five types of fishing lures that are currently in high demand and are used for different circumstances.

Wobbler top water trolling fish lure

Fishing lures have become more realistic over the past decade, and the wobbler top water trolling fish lure is one of the best options for fishermen who are catching fish such as bass in the early and late spring as well as the early fall when the fish are spawning. They are very easy to use as they’re designed to mimic the meal of a fish, so the lure does all of the work while the fisherman reaps the rewards.

This fishing lure has a lifelike appearance and is built in eight segments which makes the swimming actions very realistic to the fish. The addition of the 3D eyes makes it look alive while the extra strength triple hook and the metal ball installed inside of the lure work together to make it easier than ever to catch fish. The wobbler top water trolling fish lure is available in different models so it’s very easy to find one that’s suitable for any individual.

Fishing lure with segmented parts along the body

Heavy sinking minnow

The heavy sinking minnow is designed for long casting and, as the name suggests, is meant to sink to the bottom of the water rather than float along the top. They are also designed for a fast retrieve so are very evenly balanced for more stability. The heavy sinking minnow mimics a fleeing baitfish meaning that the chances of getting a bite on the lure is quite high.

This type of fishing lure in particular includes 3D nature eyes that are meant to make the lure look more realistic to the fish. The laser coating also helps to attract the fish being targeted and the sharps hooks are built with durability and sturdiness in mind. This lure can come in various colors and weight sizes.

Three different colored heavy sinking minnows laid on wood

Silicone soft bait worm

One of the most versatile and popular types of fishing lures in the market today is the silicone soft bait worm. This fishing lure can generally be used all year round and is the easier kind of lure to use when starting off with bass fishing. In warmer temperatures bass can be found in areas of higher vegetation so using a colorful soft bait worm will help to attract their attention, especially in seasons when they are hungrier.

The silicone soft bait worm comes in many different versions, with the size, color, and shape changing depending on the needs of the consumer. The most commonly used size of soft bait worms range between 5 and 12 inches and many consumers will have multiple styles in their tackle box. The glitter worm with a flat paddle tail is an unusual type of lure but is proving to be a popular one among even the most seasoned fishermen.

Plastic box filled with different types of silicone worms

Metal spoon spinnerbait

Sometimes regular fishing lures won’t cut it, which is where the spinnerbait comes in. The metal spoon spinnerbait is highly used in murky waters but is also commonly used in clear water too proving that it’s a very useful lure to have on hand.

The spinnerbait is designed to be used in rapid situations where the metal blades will flash across the water to make the reel more noticeable to nearby fish. They are also useful in areas that may have obstacles in the water as they tend to bounce off of the object rather than get stuck.

A red and gold metal spoon spinnerbait fishing lure

Artificial crankbait

One of the most essential types of fishing lures for anglers is the artificial crankbait. This type of lure is made of hard plastic and is designed to be cast out and retrieved, often at a rapid rate in order to trigger fish to attack. There are various versions of the crankbait available, depending on the needs of the fishermen. These include the topwater lure, the thin minnow lure, the diving lure, and the swim bait.

The artificial crankbait is designed to mimic the appearance of a real fish. The 3D eyes make the lure seem very lifelike when paired with the attractive skin that is painted on the body. The top quality hook is meant to hold a specific weight and is anti-corrosive, meaning it can be used time and time again without needing to be replaced.

Teal colored artificial crankbait with realistic 3D eyes

The bottom line

Selecting the correct fishing lure is very important when it comes to the success of a fishing trip. There are many types of lures available in today’s market, but not all are suitable for every type of fish and water. The wobbler top water trolling fish lure, the heavy sinking minnow, the silicone soft bait worm, the metal spoon spinnerbait, and the artificial crankbait are five types of lures that can be used in different circumstances and to great effect.

In the coming years the fishing industry is expecting more modern types of fishing lures to hit the market, in line with new styles of fishing clothing. Some lures today have already begun to incorporate modern pieces of technology into them such as GPS tracking, light activation, and sound options. Visit Alibaba.com to stay up to date with the latest product trends.

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