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5 Women’s Jackets and Outerwear Trends Spring/Summer 2023


Spring and summer may bring with them warmer temperatures, but people are still in need of a good jacket to keep them warm on cooler evenings. The trending outerwear for spring and summer 2023 ranges from casual to dressed up to business attire, and they’re trends that consumers will be on the hunt for when it comes to springtime shopping. 

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Women’s jackets and outerwear in today’s global market
Trends of women’s jackets and outerwear to watch
Summary of the spring and summer 2023 trends

Women’s jackets and outerwear in today’s global market

An increase in the number of women working as well as women having a larger disposable income to use on themselves has marked a significant increase in the value of women’s jackets and outerwear in today’s global market. Manufacturers are also targeting consumers in different ways, such as through e-commerce platforms that allow consumers to purchase goods when it’s convenient for them.

In 2021, the women’s jacket and outerwear market reached USD 75.03 billion, and between 2022 and 2028 it’s expected to experience a CAGR of 4.5%. Now more than ever, women are being given a wide variety of options when it comes to outerwear, and online retailers are actively promoting discounts and offers for women’s clothing to spark more interest from potential consumers. 

Woman sitting next to lake in active outerwear jacket

The spring and summer fashion lines are always highly anticipated by consumers, and 2023 will be no different. Women can expect to see crafted dusters, textured outdoor layers, cropped shackets, classy bomber jackets, and fashionable blazers making big waves in the spring and summer seasons of 2023.

Elegant crafted duster

Women’s jackets and outerwear for spring and summer 2023 are seeing a focus on multi-occasion wearability that brings freshness to contemporary looks. A big theme to look out for is rustic elegance, which sees the reemergence of the crafted duster jacket. These jackets will have a touch of craftiness to them, focusing more on details such as stitching and patchwork rather than a single women’s color style

Designs such as the crochet look, fringe techniques, fabrics that give a more crunchy and textured look, and an overall rustic vibe are ones to look out for. The women’s outerwear market is also expecting an increase in demand for duster jackets with digital printing that rely on a more responsible and eco-friendly approach to fashion.

Woman sitting next to lake in active outerwear jacket

Textured outdoor layers

The vintage look is back in full force, with the spring and summer 2023 women’s fashion lines bringing out textured outdoor layers that play on the rise in popularity of outdoor activities. There is expected to be a burst of color in these jackets, and the textures will vary from sheen to semi-opaque. 

For more outdoor inspiration, the jackets will include details such as toggles and tapes, with waistbands focusing on the silhouette of the wearer. This style of women’s jacket is set to be one of the most popular of the spring and summer 2023 seasons, as they can be paired with a casual look or bring a pop of color to occasion-oriented outfits that need something a little extra added to them. 

Blonde woman wearing a multi-color vintage windbreaker with sunglasses

Design-wise blazer

Blazers are one item of women’s clothing that never goes out of style. But that doesn’t mean that the fashion industry can’t mix it up from time to time. This women’s jackets and outerwear trend will see the emergence of the design-wise blazer, which will be adaptable to different situations rather than only having a one-occasion use. 

The idea behind this style of blazer is for daywear rather than for use at the office or a business dinner. By using contemporary designs and details, these blazers can be either dressed up or dressed down without much thought through the use of removable button fastening panels, a lightweight finish, and collarless silhouettes. The design-wise blazer will be the perfect addition to a cooler spring or summer day.

Woman going for walk in cream blazer with matching trousers

Bomber jacket with business sense

Changing working habits over the past couple of years has seen a rise in designs that incorporate both business and casual wear, with a focus on more relaxed fits and simpler detailing. 

Bomber jackets are traditionally oversized and not form-fitting, and tend to be worn casually or to finish off a going-out look. By changing the type of material used to create the bomber jackets, they’re now being given a business look overhaul. Semi-elasticated hems and different silhouette structures are helping to create a hybrid bomber jacket that leans more into the business world. To smarten the look up a bit more, consumers can expect these new styles of bomber jackets to have prints reminiscent of suits such as stripes or checked patterns, but for a bolded look, floral and mixed patterns will be incorporated into the jacket. 

Woman wearing floral and black bomber jacket with jeans

Cropped shacket

The unique blend of shirt and jacket, known as a shacket in the fashion industry, is the perfect addition to the spring and summer 2023 season. These shackets are bringing some 90s nostalgia back to women’s fashion, with retro themes that suit mini skirts perfectly and give a youthful appearance. 

There are various patterns to play with when it comes to shackets, with some of the most popular for the 2023 season being tableware stripes and ginghams that give a rustic appearance to the shacket. By using natural dyes in the pattern-making process, many types of shackets can be added to the sustainable women’s fashion lines that are growing in popularity with consumers. But don’t forget that plain-colored shackets will also be in demand.

Woman in jeans and brown corduroy jacket in parking garage

The women’s jackets and outerwear spring and summer 2023 trends bring with them a bold blend of rustic patterns and vibrant colors that will appeal to women of all ages. The market is expecting to see new demands for pieces such as the shacket, business bomber jacket, design-oriented blazer, jacket with textured layers, and crafted duster. 
Spring is the perfect time of the year to invest in a new jacket or piece of outdoor clothing, so retailers can expect a surge in demand following the winter season. These styles of jackets are expected to retain their popularity in the coming years, as they’re functional yet stylish and can be dressed up or down depending on the circumstances.

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