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7 Home Garden Watering and Irrigation Options to Stock in 2023

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In home gardening, it is crucial to ensure that plants receive the right amount of water. However, with varying climatic conditions and a range of plant needs, there are a wide variety of watering and irrigation options on the market today. 

As a seller, you should understand the diverse watering and irrigation needs of home gardeners. This can help you enhance your product offerings to cater to a broader clientele. Whether it’s the budding hobbyist or the seasoned gardener, offering a variety of home garden watering and irrigation options can make all the difference in winning over customers and driving sales.

This blog will explore seven essential home garden watering and irrigation options that every seller should stock.

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Home garden watering and irrigation market overview
7 home garden watering and irrigation options to stock

Home garden watering and irrigation market overview

The global home garden watering and irrigation market has been experiencing substantial growth over the years. It is a segment of the larger lawn and garden watering equipment market, which was valued at US$ 24.7 million in 2022, according to Allied Market Research. The market is projected to grow even further to reach an impressive US$ 40.9 million by 2032, showcasing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% from 2023 to 2032.

A growing global emphasis on water conservation and an increasing interest in gardening, especially in urban spaces, is fueling the demand for innovative products like smart sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. In addition, technological advancements are leading to the emergence of smart watering systems, while the shift towards online retail offers consumers diverse choices at competitive prices. Furthermore, as sustainability becomes a priority for many, there is a rise in eco-friendly garden products.

With the contribution of multiple factors, the market is brimming with opportunities for sellers. The growing demand and the consumers’ willingness to invest in innovative and sustainable solutions promises a lucrative opportunity.

7 home garden watering and irrigation options to stock 

  1. Drip irrigation systems
An automated drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation systems are a revolutionary method that ensures direct water delivery to plant roots, optimizing water usage. Consequently, they reduce water wastage and ensure deeper water penetration. These systems are not only beneficial for plant health but also for the soil, preventing soil erosion and nutrient runoff. 

According to Google Ads, drip irrigation systems have seen an average monthly search of 6600 in the US in the past year, reflecting their escalating demand. Stocking these can position a business as forward-thinking and environmentally responsible, attracting a more eco-conscious clientele and boosting sales.

  1. Traditional hose and sprinkler systems
A traditional hose and sprinkler irrigation system

Traditional hose and sprinkler systems are time-tested watering tools that remain popular for their simplicity and efficiency. They offer an even water spread over larger garden areas, ensuring every plant gets its required hydration. Their widespread usage, especially in the US, is validated by Google Ads, which show an average monthly search of 880 and a 38.89% increase over the last 12 months.

For businesses, these systems represent reliability. Stocking them assures customers they can find trusted and familiar solutions at your store, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

  1. Soaker hoses
A soaker hose irrigation system

Soaker hoses are an ideal solution for targeted watering. Made with porous materials, they allow water to seep out gradually, ensuring water reaches plant roots directly. This slow release ensures deeper watering, promoting healthier root systems. 

Their popularity cannot be overlooked, with Google Ads indicating an average monthly search of 4400 in the US in the past year. By offering soaker hoses, businesses can cater to gardeners who seek efficient and deep-root watering solutions, widening their customer base.

  1. Rain barrels and collection systems
A couple of rain barrel collection systems

Rain barrels and collection systems mean sustainability. These systems allow gardeners to harness rainwater, reducing dependency on conventional water sources and promoting eco-friendly practices. Apart from being an environmentally conscious choice, they also help homeowners save on water bills. 

Google Ads data shows an average monthly search of 1600 for these systems in the US in the last 12 months. Stocking these helps sellers appeal to the eco-friendly segment of gardeners and position themselves as sustainable solution providers.

  1. Automated smart irrigation systems
An automated smart irrigation system

Automated smart irrigation systems represent the fusion of technology with gardening. They use sensors to determine soil moisture levels and dispense water accordingly, ensuring plants receive water only when needed. This level of precision ensures water conservation and optimal plant health. 

The rising trend of smart homes makes these systems increasingly popular, with Google Ads reporting an average monthly search of 800-2000 for related keywords in the US over the past year. Businesses that stock these modern systems can attract a tech-savvy customer base, ensuring they stay relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

  1. Sprayer nozzles and wands
A sprayer nozzle and wands watering system

Sprayer nozzles and wands offer gardeners flexibility in water dispensation. With adjustable patterns and pressure settings, they can cater to various plants, from delicate flowers to robust shrubs. 

According to Google Ads, these versatile tools have an average monthly search of 1600 in the US in the last 12 months, emphasizing their enduring demand. Businesses can benefit from stocking these tools by catering to both amateur and experienced gardeners, ensuring a wide customer appeal.

  1. Self-watering planters and systems
A self-watering planter with some plants

Self-watering planters and systems are a lifesaver for individuals with busy lifestyles. They utilize a reservoir system to provide plants with a steady water supply, reducing the frequency of manual watering. These systems are especially beneficial for indoor plants and small patios. 

Their increasing popularity in the US is supported by Google Ads’ data, which shows an average monthly search of 700-1000 over the past 12 months. By offering these in stock, businesses can cater to urban dwellers and those with space constraints, tapping into a growing market segment.


The modern gardening landscape has evolved considerably, blending traditional techniques with innovative solutions. The spotlight on the seven watering and irrigation options above underlines the diverse arsenal available to today’s gardeners. 

For sellers, it’s essential to recognize this dynamic shift and understand the different needs of home gardeners. Each gardener’s requirement is as unique as their garden. Stocking a comprehensive range of products, sellers can cater to not only the practical needs of gardeners but also champion a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to gardening while driving sales.

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