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7 Stunning Hand, Nail, and Foot Care Trends


Today’s consumer is taking more of an interest in their overall well-being and skincare, with more and more people choosing to focus on self-care and personal hygiene than ever before. Consumers are now looking for products that are multi-purpose and can easily be used within the comfort of their own homes without much hassle. 

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Global market value of hand care products
Top 7 hand, nail, and foot care trends
The growth of hand and foot care products

Global market value of hand care products

With such a high demand for hand and foot care products, it comes as no surprise that the market value has also risen in the past couple of years. Consumers are now looking for hand care products that combine moisturizing and sanitizing properties, and that contain ingredients that aren’t harmful to the skin. Nail and foot care products have also risen in popularity as more people start to follow beauty and self-care trends at home.

In 2018, the global hand care market size was valued at approximately USD 12.4 billion, and that number is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% until 2025. This industry covers products such as soap, sanitizers, and moisturizers. In terms of foot care, the global market size had a value of USD 2.92 billion in 2019, and by 2027 this is expected to reach USD 4.59 billion as consumers become more aware of the importance of keeping their feet healthy.

Woman putting lotion on foot on top of bathroom towel

Top 7 hand, nail, and foot care trends

When it comes to hand, nail, and foot care, there are new products coming out all of the time that incorporate new ingredients in an effort to appeal to a large majority of consumers. However, there are certain beauty and wellness trends that are becoming more popular by the day. Self-care rituals, hydration-boosting formulas, skincare-focused formulas, innovative hand and nail hygiene, at-home spa tools, nail-specific products, and sustainability are set to make big waves in the next few years. 

Self-care rituals 

Products that have multi-sensorial and enhanced skincare benefits are on the rise. Consumers are increasingly looking for hand and foot care products that not only tap into how the skin feels but also release a special scent when being worn. Creams and oils that are night-focused, with scents such as camomile and lavender, have been popular for a while, so the market is expecting an even larger amount of products to contain these ingredients. Consumers are now looking for a fully immersive experience with the self-care rituals trend.

Small jar of lavender cream next to empty oil vial

Hydration-boosting formulas

Hand washing has become an essential part of people’s lives in recent years, but with such excessive washing comes the dreaded dry skin. That’s why there’s expected to be a huge surge in demand for intensive at-home moisturizing treatments that also help to soothe the hands. But not just any hand cream will do. Unique hand care products such as hand masks and collagen-infused gloves with removable fingertips are set to overtake conventional hand creams. And foot masks are on the rise too as a popular alternative to foot cream for consumers who have no extra time for self-care.

White package with hand masks inside in coconut scent

Skincare-focused formulas

A big trend when it comes to hand and foot care are science-backed formulas that treat the hands and feet like the rest of the skin. These products need to be high-performing and include popular active ingredients such as Vitamin C and antioxidants. There’s also a demand for overnight creams that include retinol, and many luxury brands are beginning to seek further advice from skincare professionals and scientists to produce the best formulas. These skincare-focused formulas have only grown in popularity with consumers in recent years, and are one type of hand, nail, and foot care trend to watch.

Woman sitting at desk putting cream on left hand

Innovative hand and nail hygiene

Hand soaps and sanitizers have continued to grow in popularity, with new formulas being implemented that help to hydrate the hands as well as sanitize them. Consumers have started to use hand cream that doubles as a sanitizer over sanitizing gel that can cause dry skin, and soap dispensers that are touch-free have also been in high demand to avoid cross contamination. In terms of nail care trends, it’s expected that shorter nails will be trending more than nail extensions, so nail cleaning tools will be popular products to have at home.

White hand sanitizer gun spraying mist onto hands

At-home spa tools

Consumers are now taking more of an interest in at-home wellness and hygiene, and with this change in lifestyle comes a demand for spa tools that can be used at home as well. The most popular of these products will be ones that mimic the spa experience, so tools such as the foot spa and massage rollers are expected to grow in demand. For hands and nails, skincare sets that include various therapeutic products will be highly sought after and will also be popular for gift-giving. 

A lavender skincare set with creams and masks inside

Nail care products

As professional manicures and pedicures become more expensive, consumers will be turning to at-home treatments that are both convenient and easy to use. At-home nail kits have increased in popularity over the past couple of years, with more brands opting to provide consumers with online courses so they can do their nails from the comfort of their homes. Although fake nails are starting to lose their appeal to mainstream consumers, nail polish has never been more popular, with fun applications such as spray-on polish and nail pens keeping people interested. 

Small nail care kit inside pouch in black and white

Sustainable wellness

With sustainability at the forefront of many people’s minds, even the wellness industry is seeing new hand, nail, and foot care trends emerge that incorporate eco-friendly materials and reusable packaging. One of the biggest trends right now is using a refillable hand sanitizer or hand soap. These refillable products often come in the form of pouches that are both easy to use and store. For consumers who do a lot of traveling, powders and paper soaps are go-to products and are starting to replace small plastic bottles, which are taking a back seat to the more sustainable approach.

Colorful hand soap foaming tablets in small paper bags

The growth of hand and foot care products

There are many new hand, nail, and foot care trends on the market today for consumers to choose from, but some are proving to have more longevity than others. Trends such as self-care rituals, hydration-boosting formulas, skincare-focused products, new hand and nail hygiene, at-home spa tools, nail care specific products, and sustainable wellness are all taking the industry by storm and consumers can’t get enough.

Safety concerns for hygiene are still very much on the rise and are being incorporated into various beauty products. With more consumers getting involved in at-home wellness activities, the trends listed above are expected to remain popular in the near future. But, it’s expected that products for both men and children will start to gain traction too, with nail polishes and manicure and pedicure sets being targeted towards them as well. 

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