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8 Best Outdoor Car Covers for Safety to Stock in 2024

Reflective car cover and garage tent cover

In 2021, the global car market size was valued at 2738.388 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.1% to reach 357.711 billion in 2031.

This data shows that cars are high-demand products. But as people buy cars, they want to protect them from elements like the sun, dirt, bird droppings, pollution, and scratches. This is especially true of car enthusiasts without a garage.

However, cars range in value and type from luxurious cruisers to compact commuters. So, how can you stock outdoor car covers that address your customers’ needs and contribute to high revenue?

Discover eight top-rated car covers suitable for most cars, as well as their market value.

An overview of the car cover market in 2024

The global market size for car covers

The global market value of car covers is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.10%, rising from USD 912.7 million in 2022 to USD 1.072 billion in 2030. 

Some reasons for this projected growth include:

  • Rising global GDP per capita, contributing to increased vehicle fleets
  • Car owners are increasingly aware of the detrimental effect that the elements have on their cars
  • Growing customization and specific materials to meet customer preferences
  • Limited parking spaces and shade in urban areas
  • Advanced technology like eco-friendly car covers and remote-controlled car covers

Key features of the ideal outdoor car cover

Features customers look for before buying car covers

Knowing which features customers prefer before investing in car covers is essential. Most customers will want a car cover that offers optimal protection, durability, and convenience for outdoor use.

Weather resistance

Car owners mainly invest in outdoor car covers to safeguard their vehicles from adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, and hail, and UV rays. Therefore, it makes sense to stock waterproof and UV-resistant car covers.


Besides protecting the car from harsh external elements, a suitable cover for outdoor use allows air circulation to prevent moisture buildup. Moisture can create mold, rust, and mildew, adversely affecting the vehicle’s paint and interior. So, breathability is a must for any car cover.

Custom-fit and secure fastening

Different vehicles feature different shapes and sizes, and car owners will want a cover that fits the contours of their car perfectly. Custom-fit covers with secure fastening mechanisms like elastic hems, straps, or tie-downs keep the cover in place during high winds and prevent debris from getting underneath.

Durability and tear resistance

Harsh outdoor conditions can affect a low-quality car cover, causing tears or wear. Stock high-quality car covers with weather-resistant fabrics to enhance longevity and help build your brand.

Easy installation and storage

Car covers should also be lightweight, foldable, and compact, making them easy to install and store. Some also have storage bags for neat and compact storage when not in use.

9 of the best outdoor car covers in 2024

1. Waterproof automatic car cover

Automatic waterproof car cover

This heavy-duty six-layer waterproof automatic car covers are ideal for rainproofing and snowproofing. Their highly reflective aluminum texture is sunproof and anti-UV to keep the vehicle cool in the summer.

Besides preventing water from eroding the car’s body, their thicker and softer inner cotton lining also protects the paint. The design is practical and easy to install and remove. They have windproof straps at the front and rear to ensure heavy winds don’t blow the cover away and damage the car.

Moreover, their reflective strips make the vehicle visible, thus helping to avoid accidents in dark environments. These outdoor car jackets suit all weather types, protecting vehicles from sun, dirt, rain, and snow, as well as bird droppings.

2. Automatic anti-hail SUV car cover

Automatic anti-hail SUV car cover

Hail is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon due to global warming. Car enthusiasts in hail-prone areas will therefore most likely seek hail-proof car covers to protect their automobiles from the ruthless blows of hail stones.

These car jackets are made of thick EVA material to shield the car from snow and hail. Its high water-resistant materials cover every part of the vehicle, thus keeping the car dry in wet weather conditions.

Additionally, they have a convenient storage bag, making it easy to store after use. Their sleek color designs enhance the car’s aesthetics, even when covered.

3. 3-layer breathable car cover

3 layer breathable and moderate climate car cover

The breathable, dust-proof car cover is another attractive product for car owners. Its universal fit of 200L X 61W X 50.5 H inches means it will cover most automobile types.

This breathable, dust-proof car cover is made with superior materials, protecting the car from mildew and mold, while its soft inner lining protects it from scratches and dents.

It has a windproof strap and buckle, as well as elastic hem, to keep it affixed even in heavy winds.

4. Remote control umbrella car shade

The process of opening a car ten umbrella cover

While car tent umbrellas do not cover a car 100%, they serve a similar purpose, opening and closing in 8 seconds with a simple press of the remote control, making it particularly convenient.

Additional straps that attach to the car’s door handles ensure the umbrella remains intact in windy conditions (however, it’s advisable not to use it during very high winds, storms, and hail). It also has anti-theft belts to prevent theft. Its PU silver-coated material protects the car from the extreme summer heat, maintaining the interior temperature at 35 degrees Celsius.

Some umbrella tents also feature an automatic snow-shaking system at the top, thus eliminating the need to clean snow off during the winter months. Moreover, it is foldable and can fit snugly in the car boot, and once charged, is operational for up to 45 days.

5. Oxford cloth car cover

Breathable silver Oxford cloth car cover

Customers who value durability, breathability, and protection against the elements will also find Oxford cloth car covers particularly useful. Their robust, durable materials of blended synthetic fibers make this car jacket wear and tear-resistant and outstanding for outdoor use.

It’s also waterproof and breathable, protecting against rain and moisture buildup that could otherwise damage the car paint. It is also UV-resistant, shielding interior materials from fading and deteriorating.

Many Oxford cloth car covers are custom-fit for specific vehicle models. This universal fit ensures that the cover snugly conforms to the car’s contours for optimal coverage and protection. And like most covers we’ve discussed so far, its inner soft lining prevents abrasions on the car paint.

Additionally, some Oxford cloth car covers feature a multi-layer construction, combining different materials for enhanced protection, including additional insulation, impact resistance, and durability. Finally, they are foldable and lightweight for easy storage.

6. Heavy-duty car covers

18 Layer heavy duty outdoor car cover

As the name suggests, heavy-duty car covers are made from thick, durable materials such as multiple layers of polypropylene, polyester blends, or specialized fabrics.

Their high-density fabrics and waterproof coatings ensure exceptional protection against moisture penetration while also making them UV-resistant, which could fade paint and interior surfaces. Some are padded in critical areas to safeguard the vehicle from the potential impacts of falling objects, thus minimizing the risk of dents.

They also feature robust elastic hems, tie-down straps, buckles, and zippers for a secure fit around the vehicle and are custom-fit to accommodate different vehicle models.

7. Reflective car covers

Silver reflective stripe universal SUV car covers

Reflective car covers are designed to reduce heat absorption, reflecting UV rays to maintain lower internal temperatures within the vehicle. This also helps to prevent paint fading, interior discoloration, and deterioration. They also help to make the vehicle visible to other cars at night.

A snug fit ensures maximum coverage, minimizing gaps where heat or sunlight could penetrate.

Meanwhile, their breathability allows for adequate airflow to prevent moisture buildup and mold, mildew, or corrosion risk.

8. Canopy garage tents

Car enthusiasts like these covers for the fact that they don’t need to be removed once installed. With a heavy-duty Oxford cloth, these tents are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Versatility is another favorable feature of canopy garage tents. One can use them for outdoor settings like the backyard or campground. They also have a high-quality elastic cord that enlarges to accommodate different car sizes.

These tents are stable, with grommet holes for tying and ball bungees to fasten the canopy to the frame. These portable carports are ideal for customers who may not otherwise have a garage in which to store their vehicles.

Affordable, well-made, simple to set up, and dust-resistant, these garages are 10 x 20 feet long and feature thick, waterproof polyethylene tear-resistant covers. These qualities provide maximum protection against harmful UV light, rain, dirt, snow, and scratches.


Building or buying a traditional garage can be expensive, but car covers can achieve the same levels of protection if chosen wisely, which is why an increasing number of consumers are seeking covers that protect their valued possessions against harsh weather elements.

Stocking a variety of car covers, from automatic models to sturdy tent-like designs, makes it easier to meet customer needs and preferences. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it among the thousands of options on Alibaba.com.

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