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Motorcycle Storage Boxes: An In-depth Purchasing Guide


Motorcycle storage boxes are a great way of safely and securely carrying luggage on motorbikes. By comparing the best-selling products, businesses will feel confident to buy the right models for their customers.

Table of Contents
The key of motorcycle tail boxes and storage bags
Considerations when choosing motorcycle storage boxes
Good options for adding storage to a motorcycle
There is a storage box for every motorcycle

The key of motorcycle tail boxes and storage bags

Having a motorcycle storage box or bag is a great way to carry the gear in a safe, organized, and economical manner. The best motorcycle storage boxes will give the rider enough space to store all the items needed for the ride.

There are many different types of motorcycle storage boxes available on the market today from hard plastic ones to soft bags. Some of them even come with compartments, which can be useful for motorbikers who are transporting many items.

Motorcycle storage box owners enjoy a lot of benefits and features like portability and ease of installation, among others. In this comprehensive guide, businesses will learn everything they need to know when considering the purchase of motorcycle storage boxes.

Considerations when choosing motorcycle storage boxes

There are many different types of storage boxes available for motorcycles, each with its advantages. To choose the right type of box, businesses and sellers should consider the following key factors:

Storage capacity: this is an important factor to consider when choosing a storage box. Some boxes are large enough to hold full-face helmets while others are only big enough for a small hydration pack or tool kit.

Design compatibility: there are several different ways that storage boxes can be mounted onto motorcycles. Some are designed specifically for certain models, while others will fit nearly any bike thanks to their universal fit mounting points.

Material: the material used to make a storage box can have an impact on its durability and weather resistance. Plastic boxes may be less durable than metal ones but they’re also lighter and cheaper.

Lockability and security: some storage boxes have features such as locking mechanisms or security cables that help keep contents safe from thieves or other unwanted access.

Good options for adding storage to a motorcycle

Motorcycle top cases

Aluminum top box

The aluminum motorcycle top case is made of aluminum alloy, with excellent features like exquisite workmanship, high capacity, and firm structure. It can be mounted directly on the motorcycle’s carrier racks, which is more cost-effective, convenient, and practical.

Aluminum motorcycle top box in yellow color

Motorcycle rear box

The rear box is suitable to use for motorbikes and scooters and can hold up to a maximum of 365 kg. The materials used to make this box are ABS plastic, nylon, and stainless steel. This box also has built-in reflectors. It’s a great addition to any motorcycle as it allows bikers to carry heavy loads without burdening their ride.

Black motorcycle rear box

Motorcycle side cases

Motorcycle side box

A side case box is a great addition for any motorcycle/scooter owner. It’s made of highly durable aluminum alloy and is perfect for storing personal belongings such as a wallet, phone, or keys. It can also come in handy for storing extra water bottles or tools for on-the-go repairs.

ycle sidebox

Universal luggage case

The universal luggage case is the perfect aluminum side box for most motorcycle brands. It’s easy to install, lightweight, durable, and doesn’t cause damage to motorbikes. The design of this side case has enough space to fit helmets, tools, gloves, and other accessories that riders may need on the road. In addition, the lid of this box is made from a soft rubber strip which will protect items from collision and damage.

 motorcycle side cases

Motorcycle tank bags

Magnetic tank bag

The magnetic tank bag has a hard shell that protects all of the rider’s belongings while out on the road. The base of this tank bag is made from high-quality rubber that makes and includes double magnetic attachment points on the underside for additional security. With hooks and straps, bikers can either strap this motorcycle tank bag to the gas tank or have it as a duffel bag and take it with them off the bike.

Reflective tank bag

The reflective tank bag is a stylish storage solution for any motorcycle. It’s made of high-quality reflective material for added safety and durability, and is perfect for carrying small accessories like phone chargers, medication, documents, and more! The interior is waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and the straps fit securely around most tanks.

Black reflective tank bag

Motorcycle panniers

Tarpaulin pannier bag

The tarpaulin pannier bag is made from a tough and hard-wearing PVC material that is durable and ideal for both on and off-road use. It has lockable easy roll-top closures and an inner pocket. Designed to carry a full-face crash helmet, this bag can be mounted using either the quick-release buckle system or the adjustable shoulder strap with extra padding.

Green tarpaulin motorcycle pannier

Waterproof pannier

The waterproof motorcycle pannier is made of high-quality PU leather and polyester fabric, giving it a stylish and tough look. This pannier is weather-resistant and its large capacity allows for more storage than typical motorcycle bags. Aside from being used as a pannier, this motorcycle storage box can also be used as a backpack or handbag.

Green waterproof pannier bag for motorcycles

Motorcycle saddlebags

Motocentric saddlebag

The motocentric saddlebag is a large capacity waterproof motorcycle storage bag made of high-quality PVC. It comes in three different colors including gray, orange, and black. The universal fit of this motorcycle bag makes it compatible with luggage racks, sissy bars, and passenger seats. In addition, this motorcycle saddlebag features a protective non-scratch base, robust studs, and high-quality straps that are easy to fix on motorcycles.

Big motorbike equipped with a large capacity saddlebag

Hardshell saddlebag

The hardshell motorcycle saddlebag is made to accommodate multiple purposes of carrying stuff while on a motorcycle. It can be used as a saddlebag, camera pouch, or tool bag. This motorcycle saddlebag is made to protect bikers’ stuff from the rain, dust, and mud. It has adjustable shoulder straps and mounting straps, which enable bikers to attach it to any type of motorcycle in seconds. 

Black hardshell saddlebag with 2 storage bags

Motorcycle backrest bags

Leather backrest

The motorcycle leather backrest pad gives a unique look to motorcycles and also provides motorbike riders with more comfort during driving. The backrest pad is crafted from high-quality lambskin leather, offering comfort and style to the user. The backrest pad also comes equipped with a light that gives the motorcycle a truly unique appearance.

Black motorcycle bag with an adjustable backrest

Silver backrest box

The silver backrest box is made of aluminum alloy and features a reinforced backrest that is comfortable and solid. It features a 55-liter capacity, offering plenty of room for maps, tools, first-aid kits, and other motorcycle essentials. The trunk’s interior features dividers to keep contents organized. In addition, this trunk box is waterproof and weather resistant so the rider’s items stay dry in all conditions.

Silver motorcycle storage box with a backrest

Motorcycle tail bags

NMAX tail bag

The NMAX plastic motorcycle tail bag is one of the best motorcycle tail bags. It’s a handy and simple solution for carrying road essentials. With its compact design and top box, it won’t take up too much space or affect the driving performance. It has a total volume of 45 L and can fit small-sized helmets or other large items with ease.

Black tail box for motorcycles

PP/PC tail bag

The PP/PC tail box is a medium-sized motorcycle tail bag made of polypropylene and/or polycarbonate with a 45 L capacity. This tail bag has the advantages of small volume, large capacity, and waterproof and dustproof properties. This motorcycle tail bag is made of high-quality plastic material. The surface is protected by a special manufacturing process, so it’s hard to deform, damage, and fade.

Black PP/PC tail box for motorcycles

There is a storage box for every motorcycle

There are a lot of choices when it comes to motorcycle storage boxes. Businesses and sellers of motorcycle accessories can find various motorbike cameras such as motorcycle tail bags, as well as top boxes, side boxes, and so on. To help make the purchase process easier for wholesalers, Alibaba.com has compiled a comprehensive collection of storage boxes from leading suppliers for every motorbike!

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