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Soltec’s SFOne Is a Terrain Adaptable Tracker That Is Based on 1P Platform While SF8 Is a Optimized Tracker for Bifacial Modules

  • SFOne tracker from Soltec is based on multi row configuration and is adaptable to terrains and various environments 
  • SFOne tracker has three additional features – withstands to high wind loads facilitated by Dy-WIND system, well suited for low light conditions and reduces installation time by 75% 
  • SF8, a tracker solutions of the company for bifacial PV is designed to use 5.16 less parts and well adapted for bad weather conditions 

Soltec’s SFOne and SF8 come with latest technology in photovoltaic solar tracking system., the SFOne tracker, which represents the company’s 1P multi-row technology. The SF8 tracker, the Spanish company’s most sophisticated bifacial tracker from Soltec 

Soltec has presented its new commitment to 1P multi-row configuration trackers in conjunction with its SFOne. This tracker is noteworthy for being one of the most adaptable to terrains and environments.Furthermore, the product is integrated with sophisticated technology for wind-resistant structure design: the Dy-WIND system. It also features the Diffuse Booster system, which is ideal for low light conditions. Another important characteristic of this innovative product is its lower operational cost due to its ease of installation, which reduces installation time by 75%. 

Soltec has already adopted 1P technology with the debut of the SA Series tracker back in 2009. The company has now returned to this technology in order to respond to market trends, displaying its dedication to its consumers and addressing all of their requests by increasing its range, says the Company. 

The SF8, which was released in 2020, represents the next generation of Soltec trackers. And for its unique configuration of at least 2 x 60 and between 4 and 6 strings, a multidrive transmission system within the tracker structure, and improved geometry, this tracker distinguishes out as being well adapted for bad weather conditions. The configuration also has a better design: it has 5.16 % less parts, and its design that is optimized for bifacial enhances power output, producing 8.6% more than competitor’s products, according to Soltec. The company also claims it is the one of the largest trackers in the market. 

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