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The Amazing Evolution of the Small Beanie Hat Trend


Although many hats have flooded the headwear market, there’s none like the beanie. This simple and stylish hat is a must-have winter item that pairs perfectly with any outfit. Fashionable and versatile, a beanie can keep the head warm, cover messy hairdos, and introduce a casual & chill touch to any attire.

In addition, beanies have many styles, so investing in one may be tricky. While every beanie type provides excellent profit opportunities, one that stands out is the small beanie hat.

This article will explore five small beanie hats trends fashion retailers can’t afford to miss in 2023. Keep scrolling to find the market size of the beanie industry.

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An overview of the beanie headgear market
Five small beanie trends that will emerge top in 2023
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An overview of the beanie headgear market

Globally, the winter hat market generated $25.7 billion in 2021. Further, experts predict the industry will register a CAGR of 4.0% from 2022 to 2030. Naturally, beanies share this market’s potential and account for a significant portion. Interestingly, this segment generated approximately 40% of the total revenue in 2021.

Beanies are versatile top picks for most consumers styling casual wear as they feel perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. Because of their multifunctionality and style, beanies are essential in regions with chilly climates.

Interestingly, experts predict the beanies segment will continue its dominance over the forecast period. The increased demand for these trendy items will fuel this market’s value and help generate more revenue.

Five small beanie trends that will emerge top in 2023

Ribbed wool beanie

Smiling woman wearing a brown wool beanie

Beanies are fantastic casual items, so it’s only natural that matching them with everyday outfits is the most effortless way to rock them. Consumers only need an easy streetwear look dipped in comfy fabrics and styles to pull off a look with a ribbed wool beanie. However, overly casual dressings can make the piece appear sloppy instead of appealing.

Ribbed wool beanies can look great with short hairdos. They make the head feel balanced and won’t overwhelm the face. Marrying a bomber jacket and a pair of jeans with this item will produce a trendy urban outfit. Alternatively, crew-neck jumpers can push this accessory toward an athleisure aesthetic.

Woman styling a white beanie to one side

One style perfect for ribbed wool beanies is wearing them “all the way down.” However, this only works with shorter variants so consumers can pull them down to hug the head—without obstructing their vision. Wearers may also opt for styles exposing their ears or those covering them for more cold protection.

Pom-pom top wool beanie hat

Woman looking up whale wearing a red pom-pom beanie

Pom-pom beanies are perfect for rocking an effortlessly chill look. This laid-back accessory won’t grab all the attention away from the rest of the outfit but will easily complement the wearer’s style. When choosing a pom-pom top wool beanie, opt for medium knit and thin types as they’re multifunctional.

Anything thicker than the above recommendation may look awkward and slip from the wearer’s head—because of the extra pom-pom weight. These items create a relaxed look when consumers wear them past the hairline. They may also make any outfit edgy when styled down-low. In addition, pom-pom top wool beanies look perfect with casual staples like jumpers and jeans.

Pom-pom top wool beanies also look irresistible when consumers wear them “sticking straight up.” This style works best with thicker and structured pom-pom beanies, so they stay upright instead of falling backward—like slouchy variants. Moreover, it’s easy to pull off since consumers won’t need to fiddle for the perfect angle.

Woman posing in a white pom-pom beanie

Curly and thick hairdos seem to look perfect with looser beanie styles, making pom-pom beanies an ideal choice. These hairstyles can look bulky under tighter beanies, hence consumers prefer sticking to thicker and roomier styles. Allowing some hair strands to fall on the sides and at the back will create a particularly flattering appearance.

Short beanie skull hat

Woman posing with a man while wearing a skull beanie

Short beanie skull hats take outfits for a casual and unique spin. These close-fitting variants have thick rolls consumers can wear high on the forehead. Interestingly, the skull beanies’ cuffs shorten their length, making them tighter and ensuring they won’t fall off the wearer’s head.

Although short beanie skull hats don’t offer the best warmth and will leave the ears freezing in the cold, they compensate by promising stylish & hipster looks. Additionally, skull beanies can effortlessly pair with outfits like cropped trousers, tucked-in shirts, and a belt. This headwear will add an individualistic aesthetic, helping to make unique and stylish attire.

Woman rocking a yellow skull beanie

Consumers with bangs or those who prefer leaving some hair out can wear this beanie in a pushed-back style. For this style, the skull beanies’ opening will rest slightly above the hairline but not far back to avoid loose fits. Pulling the piece over the ears will help secure it to the wearer’s head.

Cashmere beanie

Woman in the snow wearing a brown wool beanie

Beanies may exude the ultimate casual styles, but they don’t fail in the formal category. In truth, cashmere beanies can fit various smart outfits. The secret to making this accessory more formal-appropriate is choosing the right style and pairing them with the perfect items.

Cashmere beanies create a more sophisticated and understated aesthetic when rocked in neutral block colors. Pairing them with smart casual staples in similar color themes will make the headwear ready for formal events. Wool trousers and turtleneck sweaters combined with this item will make a particularly trendy outfit.

Adding a stylish coat will complete the business and semi-formal look of a cashmere beanie. Additionally, the cuff around the edge of this accessory will provide double protection to the wearer’s forehead and ears. 

Pretty woman wearing a green beanie and brown jacket

Consumers with longer hairdos prefer tighter-fitting beanie styles for a clean and traditional feel. In addition, wearers with curly hair may consider a high-top or slouchy style for a more contemporary and casual look.

Logo-patch ribbed-wool beanie hat

Lady posing in a black logo-patch beanie

The logo-patch beanie has gained traction over recent years. This unusual style is now a trendy look for street aesthetics. While this item won’t keep the wearer’s head toasty, its extra room will make outfits look bold and fashion-forward.

Consumers with a thing for appearance instead of functionality will love logo-patch beanies. One prominent characteristic of this item is a bold graphic patch at the back or front. This feature adds some personalization, and businesses may also offer customization services with these beanies.

Lady with headphones wearing a red logo-patch beanie

Logo-patch ribbed-wool beanies look fantastic with slouchy trousers and T-shirts. Oversized coats can add an urban spin to the trendy ensemble. Consumers avoiding slouchy styles may also opt for thicker variants.

Closing words

Small beanies are evolving to provide warmth and protection while remaining stylish & appealing. Different themes like Athleisure and SmartCasual now accommodate the beauty and versatility of these items, making outfits look even more exciting.

Beanies show no sign of fizzling out as new styling options and innovations keep the market fresh. Although most consumers use beanies for everything casual, these accessories can easily transition from relaxed to workwear.

Investing in ribbed wool, pom-pom top wool, short beanie skull, cashmere, and logo-patch ribbed-wool beanies will allow fashion retailers to make irresistible offers while appealing to a younger consumer base.

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