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Beauty Trends Sellers Must Know From In-cosmetics Asia 2023


In-Cosmetics Asia is a leading event in Asia Pacific that unifies professionals in the field of personal care ingredients and creators. Each year, In-Cosmetics Asia exhibits new ingredient formulations from leading companies in the industry.

This blog introduces the impressive changes in ingredient technology as shared in the exhibition, and predicts the five upcoming trends of popular skincare product features in 2023.

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The overall trend of beauty shared by In-Cosmetics Asia
Trends in Asian cosmetics ingredients

The overall trend of beauty shared by In-Cosmetics Asia

This year’s In-Cosmetics Asia was held on November 3rd in Bangkok, Thailand and over 400 personal care professionals attended the event. Over 1000 latest cosmetic active ingredients for personal care products were displayed during the event. 40% of the exhibitors were from Europe, expressing their expectation to work with the Asian market. Additionally, the popular Innovation Zone in the event featured 70 new ingredients from 20 different countries.

The event showed that suppliers are sensitive to emerging consumer needs by actively creating new solutions to meet expectations. Further, analysis of the showcased ingredients and discussed trends revealed a reliable outline of the marketing transformation to attract potential customers.

In general, the ingredients of products are likely to be adaptive to changing climates, traceable, transparent, physically healthy, and sustainable.

Trends in Asian cosmetics ingredients

Humid weather adaptability

With the threat of severe climate changes, customers are looking for products that are effective for skin protection. Also, it influences consumers’ daily habits, and the crucial factors for choosing beauty cosmetics.

For example, the current weather in Southeast Asia is more humid compared to the past. As a result, the makeup industry switched things up by introducing a strict requirement for the waterproof feature. 

Also, it’s normal for consumers to demand for skin care products that enhance skin endurance. An excellent example is the repair moisture toner face care that balances facial water and oil.

Suppliers who attended In-Cosmetics Asia suggested some key ingredients during the event, like the biomimetic turmeric and biosynthesis of vitamin D3. These ingredients are useful for strengthening the skin’s defense system, boosting its adaptability to extreme weather conditions, and restoring elasticity & firmness.

An Asian girl looking into a mirror

Traceability and transparency

Traceability and transparency of ingredients is another trend that’s making rounds. Therefore, most consumers want products with clear information on the package. So, as a seller, it’s essential to be clear about including key details, like the ingredients, manufacture date, etc.

Vimea-Biotech, a Vietnam company, is an excellent example that provides precise information about who planted and harvested the related raw material on their products. That way, consumers can trace the product to a specific farmer.

Futher, this trend helps customers make a more informed decision by choosing the most suitable and safest products, like the variants made from natural materials. According to In-Cosmetics Asia, scientists are currently studying how to extract elements from grape vines, sesame, and soil in areas with the most diverse microorganisms and the purest air in the world.

Organic lemons on a white surface

Health to the skin

Health is a significant factor that affects customers’ orders as it helps them discover potentially harmful ingredients and possible allergens like alcohol. Additionally, launched ingredients pointed out that personal care merchandise manufactured from antibacterial, natural, and mild elements are gaining popularity in the cosmetics industry. This includes ingredients that are bacteria-balancing, plant-made, and gentle on sensitive skin without preservatives or pigments.

Furthermore, many consumers are seeking for ways to repair their skin barrier. Even though many consumers are eager to find an efficient way to repair acne-damaged skin, they still prioritize health.

A young lady with a face mask

Psychological benefits

Apart from physical health, customers also care about mental health. Among the fierce competition in the market catering to various customer demands, a new need has emerged. More people tend to use products that can cheer them up. In other words, consumers are ordering for unique products that can relieve stress.

Consequently, unique fragrances are developed to enhance users’ comfort. Also, some cosmetic ingredients focus on design to meet customers’ demands to express their individuality and personality.

Furthermore, the latest news shows that the market is expecting an overall solution that can be applied to the hair, face, and body. For example, as more buyers want to fight hair loss caused by stress, more purchases are being made for the scalp.

Turmeric clarifying face wash products


Another rising trend is the growing importance of sustainability, where more customers recognize the harm brought to the environment by beauty brands. Therefore, organic, sustainable, biodegradable ingredients are preferred nowadays for ingredient innovation.

Also, an international personal care ingredient community emphasized on the rise of the Halal Beauty trend. This trend is expected to stay in power, as the market is estimated to reach $52 billion by 2025. Not only can Halal products attract its targeted Muslim consumers, but it appeals to non-Muslim populations. Thus, it’s time for sellers to embark on cruelty-free, vegan, and organic product choices.

Packaging is another key portion of this trend. So, eco-friendly packaging are the way to go as they improve user experience and leave a positive impression. This helps increase the repurchase rate at a relatively low cost and investment.

Sustainable ingredients from flowers


In-Cosmetics Asia provides a collaborative platform for beauty companies to share the latest updates in the industry. By taking advantage of new ingredients, the ongoing transformation of current products is predictable. And with how the beauty industry is changing, sellers can refer to the above industry trends of products to seize the opportunity of becoming a leader in personal care

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