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Best Winter Holiday Tech Gift Ideas 2023

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Staying on top of tech trends can sometimes seem like an impossible task, and things get even trickier when you combine with the stress of holiday gift-giving. But don’t worry, we’re here to make it easier, rounding up all the best holiday tech gift ideas for every person on your holiday list. 

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Consumer spending during winter holidays
The best 2023 tech stocking stuffers
The best 2023 tech gifts for gamers
The best 2023 tech gifts for music lovers
The best 2023 tech gifts for adventurers
The best 2023 tech gifts for photographers

Consumer spending during winter holidays

Winter gift giving is big business, and people’s budgets for holiday presents only seems to increase. The NRF reports that US holiday season retail sales have increased year-over-year since 2008, with last year’s takings totaling approximately US $936.3 billion, more than double that of 2004.

Americans spend approximately US $1,000 on Christmas each year, and about 71% of their overall budget goes to gifts. Additionally, when it comes to holiday shopping, more than 60% of people are shopping online, while approximately 34% plan to use social media for holiday shopping. 

For this reason, it pays to jump on the gift-giving bandwagon, stocking the hottest gifts of the season. Below, we’ll outline the top tech products that consumers are hoping to receive this year.

The best 2023 tech stocking stuffers

Christmas stockings hug on the mantle

Despite people spending more on holiday gifts on average, the tech gifts they’re looking for don’t necessarily need to be big or expensive. Case in point: tech-based stocking stuffers. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, smaller items on people’s lists this year.

Battery banks

Silver battery bank on white background with blue charging cords

Battery banks are something that almost everyone can appreciate, and they’ve come a long way in recent years, getting smaller but packing more punch when it comes to power. When looking for the best battery bank, look for one with enough power to charge a smartphone more than once. Also, think about the types of ports or cables it has so it can charge multiple devices. Additionally, many battery banks can charge wirelessly, which can be a game changer for some tech users. 

Charging stands

On the topic of charging, another great related gift is charging stands. Most tech lovers have multiple devices they need to charge simultaneously – think of that person who has an iPhone, an Apple watch, and AirPods, for example. Different types of charging stands allow users to charge multiple devices quickly and simultaneously. 

Smart devices

More and more people are moving toward home automation, so smaller smart devices are becoming increasingly valued stocking stuffers. For example, smart plugs that plug into existing wall outlets are a great place to start when it comes to automation. Smart plugs can be used for many different devices, such as using them with lamps so that you can turn them on and off remotely. Smart light bulbs are also a fun and practical option. 

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Cellphone sanitizers

Most of us don’t think about sanitizing our phones, but given that it’s something we touch and put down most of the day, it probably should be. Cellphone sanitizers are therefore a practical gift that almost anyone will find a use for. 

Bluetooth sleep masks

Who doesn’t want to get some extra sleep over the holidays? A Bluetooth sleep mask is a great option to do just that, giving the user the choice of playing white noise, the sound of rain, or a bedtime story podcast. 

The best 2023 tech gifts for gamers

Gamers make up a big part of the tech world, and they often spend a significant amount of money on their gaming setup. Here are some of the top products for them this year.

LED lighting

Gamer room setup with strip lights

LED light strips can be the perfect addition to a gaming space, making it comfortable, fun, and giving it extra character for those long gaming sessions. 

Temperature-controlled smart mugs

Of course, temperature-controlled mugs aren’t necessarily just for gamers, but they come in extra handy for players who forget to drink their tea or coffee during long bouts. 

The best 2023 tech gifts for music lovers

There is tons of great tech for music lovers, but we’ve managed to whittle down the options to just a select few.

Bluetooth turntables

Close-up picture of a turntable

Listening to music on vinyl is having a revival, but not everyone has the money or the space to set up a professional deck and speakers. That’s where Bluetooth turntables, allowing hobbyists to dive right in at a fraction of the cost but with all the modern-day connection requirements. 

They’re also extremely popular, accumulating over 60,000 monthly searches according to Google Ads. 

Wireless headphones

Person holding wireless headphones, taking one earbud out of the case

Wireless headphones are trendy not just for listening to music but also for their noise-canceling abilities. In 2022, the global headphone market was worth US $58.3 billion, and is expected to reach US $126 billion by 2030 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.6%. 

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While headphones can be a more expensive option for a holiday gift, the US $50-100 segment dominates 39% of the market, so they don’t necessarily have to break the bank. 

Portable speakers

Portable speaker sitting on the floor in front of an iPhone

A portable speaker is a cheaper option for the music lover on your list. There are many variations to suit a person’s individual needs, so consider if they’d prefer something rugged for the outdoors, waterproof for the pool, or simply sleek for long days lounging on their outdoor patio. 

The best 2023 tech gifts for adventurers

Tech can be a great addition to adventures as well as a helpful companion for fitness lovers. Here are some great ideas that are likely to suit both.  

Rechargeable hand warmers

Staying warm during winter outings is essential if you want to enjoy them! Rechargeable hand warmers are great to help stay warm and are better for the environment than traditional disposable varieties. 

Smart water bottles

A pink water bottle on the desk

For those who are into fitness or regularly go on adventures, a smart water bottle is the perfect gift. You may want to consider getting a smart water bottle that reminds the user to drink water, or one that filters water for easy drinking on the go. 

Smart sunglasses

We love multifunctional devices like smart sunglasses, allowing adventures to look stylish as well as listen to music, take phone calls, and track fitness goals. 

The best 2023 tech gifts for photographers

The advent of social media means that everyone and their dog is now a budding photographer, but the gear they use still is still an important factor as to the end result. Here are some gift ideas that are guaranteed to excite the photographers on your gift list this season. 

Polaroid cameras and photo printers

Green polaroid camera printing a picture of flowers

Instant photography is a fun and unique way to enjoy photos, whether via Polaroid cameras that allow photo lovers to capture and share any moment instantaneously or printers that turn every moment into a tangible shot ready to be passed around or displayed. 

Digital photo frames

Digital photo frames are a great way to display photos as they allow the user to regularly update and rotate their favorite shots from recent adventures all the way back to their baby pics. In addition, some photo frames allow you to upload photos remotely, which can be a great way to share pictures with family. 


Person opening a box with a tripod, iPhone sitting on the table beside it

When taking photos, a tripod can make all the difference in quality. No matter what kind of photo lover is on your list this year, there is undoubtedly a tripod fit for them! For example, ring-light tripods are great for TikTokers, while bendable, rugged tripods are better suited for adventurers. 

From smartphone tech and gaming devices to audio gadgets and photography accessories designed to better capture memories, there’s a tech gift for everyone this holiday season. If you’re looking to source the best options available, check out Alibaba.com for hundreds of thousands of potential gifts just waiting to be discovered. 

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