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Beyond Luxury: Experience Raw Power in the New Vantage


Aston Martin has ripped the curtain off a predator reborn – the all-new Vantage. Yet again, they’ve meticulously crafted a motor designed to dominate the tarmac. It oozes power, precision, and untamed exhilaration. This is a car built for those who crave the raw, unadulterated thrill of pushing the boundaries of performance.

Aston Martin Vantage Front Left On the Road

A Legacy of Power, Reforged

The Vantage name has long been synonymous with exhilarating performance and breathtaking style. This latest iteration honours that legacy while taking it to a whole new level. It has a perfectly balanced, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive chassis – the ideal platform for unleashing untamed power. Now, equip it with a heavily reworked, hand-built 4.0-litre Twin-Turbo V8 engine, the most potent heart to ever beat within a Vantage. We’re talking a staggering 665PS and a colossal 800Nm of torque – a 30% surge in power and a 15% leap in torque compared to its esteemed predecessor. It’s an engine that sings with a ferocious growl and delivers a tidal wave of neck-snapping acceleration that will leave you breathless.

Aston Martin Vantage Front Left On the Road

Beyond Raw Power: Experience Engineering Excellence

Aston Martin engineers have meticulously honed every aspect of the car to create a driving experience unlike any other. A completely redesigned engine cooling system ensures optimal performance, even in the most demanding conditions. When pushing the car to its limits on a scorching desert track – the Vantage will respond with unwavering power, thanks to its advanced thermal management system.

But the magic lies not just in the engine. A state-of-the-art Active Vehicle Dynamics control system acts as the Vantage’s central nervous system, maximising agility and handling through every twist and turn. It easily allows you to carve through a winding mountain road with pinpoint precision. The new Vantage anticipates your every move, seamlessly adapting to your driving style and road conditions. Every corner becomes an exhilarating dance between car and driver.

Aston Martin Vantage Front Centre

Embrace the Challenge: A Car for the Discerning Driver

The new Vantage isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a car that rewards skilled drivers, offering an immersive experience that pushes the limits. It’s a car that demands your respect and rewards your skill. New features like Adjustable Traction Control allow you to tailor the car’s behaviour to your preferences, letting you explore its capabilities with confidence. Want a more playful rear end on the track? Dial in a touch less traction control. Feeling more adventurous? The Vantage lets you explore the edges of its performance envelope with confidence, fostering a connection between car and driver that’s becoming increasingly rare in today’s automotive landscape.

Aston Martin Vantage Left Rear On the Road

A Feast for the Eyes: A Design that Commands Attention

The exhilarating performance of the Vantage is matched by a stunning exterior design that turns heads wherever it goes. The Vantage boasts a muscular physique, accentuated by a redesigned front end that exudes an air of predatory aggression. The recontoured veined grille aperture is 38% larger, allowing for increased airflow and cooling. Further cooling intakes are set into the bumper either side of the grille, sharpening the front end’s features.

Aston Martin Vantage Right Side

But it’s not just about aggression; the design integrates seamlessly with aerodynamics for optimal performance and stability. The wider wheel arches accommodate standard-fit 21-inch forged alloy wheels. These fill out the car’s stance and exude power and poise in equal measure. Frameless door mirrors and presenting door handles are subtle yet impactful design elements that add a touch of modern elegance.

And the drama doesn’t end there. A wider rear bumper incorporates side vents and larger diameter quad exhaust tailpipes, ensuring the Vantage looks as dramatic from the rear as it does from the front. Vantage owners can further enhance the car’s sporting character by selecting from a range of core livery designs, adding a touch of personalised flair to this already head-turning machine.

Aston Martin Vantage Back Right Light On the Road

Luxury Meets Performance: A Driver’s Haven

Step inside the Vantage, and you’ll find a luxurious, driver-focused cockpit that perfectly complements the car’s ferocious spirit. Supple, hand-stitched Bridge of Weir hides create a cosseting, comfortable space that feels more like a tailored suit than a car interior. Every stitch, every detail, exudes a sense of impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Aston Martin Vantage Cabin

But don’t be fooled by the luxury – this is a driver’s haven. The driving position is perfect, offering exceptional visibility and putting all the car’s controls within easy reach. Super-supportive sports seats hold you firmly in place during even the most aggressive manoeuvres, ensuring you feel connected to the car and become one with the machine. A clean, unbroken line sweeps across the dashboard, housing slender air vents and a perfectly integrated infotainment screen. The designers have struck a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring every element is both beautiful and intuitive to use.

Aston Martin Vantage Cabin Tech Side View

A Connected Driving Experience

The Vantage is more than just raw power and exhilarating performance; it’s also about seamlessly blending these elements with cutting-edge technology. Aston Martin’s next-generation infotainment system takes centre stage. It features a stunning 10.25-inch Pure Black touchscreen with full capacitive single and multi-finger gesture control. Touchscreen commands are complemented by a selection of physical switches for key functions like gear selection, drive mode selection, and climate control. This ensures intuitive operation without taking your eyes off the road – a crucial element for any serious driver.

Beyond basic functionality, the infotainment system offers a fully integrated multi-screen experience with online connectivity. Navigating unfamiliar roads is like a walk in the park with the Vantage’s advanced navigation system featuring online connectivity for real-time traffic updates and dynamic routing. Looking for a great restaurant after a thrilling drive? Simply search within the system, read reviews, and set it as your destination – all without ever leaving the driver’s seat.

Aston Martin Vantage Steering Wheel Close Up

For the true audiophile, the Vantage offers an optional sound system developed in partnership with Bowers & Wilkins. This exceptional 15-speaker, double amplified 1,170W surround sound system utilises technologies and innovations found in their world-renowned loudspeakers. Picturing the scene of the music pulsing through the cabin, perfectly complementing the exhilarating driving experience, is enough to whet the appetite of any motorhead.

A Commitment to Personalisation: Q by Aston Martin

Like all Aston Martin models, the Vantage offers endless possibilities for personalisation through the Q by Aston Martin service. It allows you to craft a Vantage that’s truly your own. Q’s team of designers and craftspeople will work with you to create a bespoke masterpiece, from subtle details like unique stitching patterns to full-scale engineering and production of entirely bespoke components. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Aston Martin Vantage Left Rear Landscape

A Legacy Continues: The Vantage Awaits

The all-new Vantage is a statement, an unequivocal testament to Aston Martin’s dedication to pure driving exhilaration and a celebration of a legendary nameplate. It’s a car built for those who crave the unadulterated thrill of pushing the boundaries behind the wheel.

Production of the Vantage begins in Q1 of 2024, with first deliveries scheduled for Q2 2024. Are you a driver who craves a connection with your car? Do you yearn for the raw, unadulterated thrill of pushing a machine to its limits? Then the Vantage awaits. Let us know what most excites you about the Vantage in the comments below.

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