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BMW Shows Neue Klasse-Based SAV Concept; Future of X Models


A new BMW Vision Vehicle provides a first glimpse of the Neue Klasse as an SAV. The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X brings the aesthetics, technology, sustainability, and philosophy of the Neue Klasse to the Sports Activtity Vehicle sector. The first fully-electric SAV derivative on the new architecture will go into series production at Plant Debrecen, Hungary, in 2025.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

BMW presented a clear picture of the brand’s future as a sedan with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse at IAA 2023. (Earlier post.) The latest Vision Vehicle now illustrates how BMW sees the future of its X models.

Innovative drive and chassis control. A new type of drive and chassis control delivers a superior driving experience that is tailored to individual needs. It is based on a new software stack developed in-house by BMW that will help the vehicles of the Neue Klasse guarantee a smooth drive at all times. Two out of four new super-brains will take the driving experience in the Neue Klasse to a new dimension.

The BMW of the future will have four totally new super-brains: high-performance computers working smartly together on what, up until now, was processed separately. We developed the first super-brain completely in-house. It integrates the entire powertrain and driving dynamics with up to ten times more computing power. The second super-brain will enable the next quantum leap in automated driving. Going forward, we will combine four key control units in a single high-performance computer. The result will be more dynamic performance, more precision, more efficiency, and even more fun to drive.

—Frank Weber, member of the Board of Management of BMW responsible for Development

BMW eDrive technology: Sixth generation more efficient than ever. The Neue Klasse features the latest, sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology, bringing overall vehicle efficiency to a new level.

In addition to improved e-drive units, it also features new cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells, with a volumetric energy density more than 20% higher than that of the prismatic cells previously used. (Earlier post.) In combination with the transition to an 800-volt system, this will improve charging speed by up to 30%.

The sixth generation of BMW eDrive also delivers up to 30% more range. When it comes to aerodynamics, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X offers a reduction in drag of about 20% compared to current BMW X models. New tire designs and a special brake system for fully-electric vehicles help increase overall vehicle efficiency by up to 25%

The Neue Klasse also heralds a new chapter in production history. BMW Group Plant Debrecen in Hungary was planned and developed as an iFACTORY. When production of the Neue Klasse gets underway in 2025, it will become the first BMW Group manufacturing site in the world to run entirely on fossil-free energy.

Source from Green Car Congress

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