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Bow and Arrow Trends Consumers Will Love


Archery has been a popular leisure activity for centuries, and although the equipment has undergone many changes during this time period, the activity itself is still very much the same. The most recent bow and arrow trends mix modern consumer demands with traditional equipment and techniques that are really helping to give archery a boost in terms of appeal. 

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Global market value of archery
Top bow and arrow trends among consumers
What comes next for archery 

Global market value of archery

Archery isn’t just considered to be a leisure activity; it’s also an art and a very popular sport that features in the summer Olympics. In recent years, there have been more modern features added to bows and arrows, but the concept is still the same. As consumers become more aware of the need to participate in physical activities to maintain their health, archery has begun to be a more widely accessible activity, with consumers of all ages taking part. It’s also a great social sport that improves mental health. 

When talking numbers, the global market value of archery has seen a significant increase in the past few years, which is projected to continue far into the future. In 2021, the market value reached USD 3.45 billion, and by 2027 that number is expected to reach at least USD 5.22 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% during that period. These numbers cover all types of archery equipment, but bows and arrows make up a large portion of the overall sales. 

The popularity of archery isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon, and with so many people taking on this sport and leisure activity, there are a lot of new pieces of equipment to look out for. The top bow and arrow trends today include fiberglass arrows, combat tag arrows, combat archery sets, the recurve bow, and rubber slingshot bands.

Fiberglass arrows

Although traditional arrows are made of wood, the market is seeing a huge surge in demand for fiberglass arrows. This type of arrow is most commonly used for beginners because they travel slower and shorter distances than other materials. As more people pick up a bow and arrow for the first time, fiberglass arrows are becoming an essential arrow to have for training purposes. Due to the heavy weight of these arrows, they’re also frequently used by hunters or fishermen for short distances as well. 

Compared to other materials, fiberglass arrows are significantly more cost effective and durable. They can be used many times without splintering, and their reusability is another positive feature of this type of arrow, not only for the overall costs of replacing them but also from an eco-friendly perspective. This is one of the top bow and arrow trends today and is definitely one to keep watching.

Selection of colorful fiberglass arrows on white background

Combat tag arrows

For consumers who aren’t into hunting or shooting an arrow at a stationary target, combat tag is a fun version of the sport to take part in and it’s also the perfect alternative to paintball tag. The combat tag arrows that are trending right now, and are the safest option so people don’t get hurt, have foam padding on the tips. This means that the arrows can be shot at any range and not cause damage to the person on the receiving end.

Although these are designed to be used with other people, they can also be a great tool to teach younger children how to shoot an arrow without the added pressure of making sure the arrow sticks to a target. As archery becomes a more accessible sport to consumers, safety is more important than ever, and these combat tag arrows are a move in the right direction. 

Foam padded tips placed at the end of an arrow

Combat archery set

Another term for combat tag is combat archery. It’s a unique form of archery that combines dodgeball and paintball and uses arrows that have either foam or rubber tips on them. This is more of a group sport than an individual one, as games such as capture the flag can be set up to make the experience more entertaining. It’s important to have the right equipment for this sport, which is where the combat archery set comes in.

The most recent combat archery sets on the market include a variety of equipment that can be used for large groups of people. This means that bows and arrows are included in the set, but it also contains equipment such as inflatable obstacles, helmets for safety purposes, targets, and a vest to protect the chest area. This is the bare minimum needed to set up a combat archery field, and it’s a fantastic new trend to follow. 

Inflatable yellow bunkers and people playing archery tag

Recurve bow

There are a few varieties of bows on the market today that are used for different purposes. With archery becoming a key sport in the summer Olympics, it’s the recurve bow that’s starting to pull ahead of the competition in terms of demand. It’s the perfect bow for beginners as there’s less equipment and details to understand before shooting it, and the shape of the bow is beneficial for training purposes until the user gets the form correct. 

The recurve bow can be one solid piece, or it can be broken down into three pieces when the string is removed for easy transportation. The power of this bow comes from the curve of the limb tips, and the design itself can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. If it’s been used for that long then there’s something very right with it, and the modern adjustments have made it one of the top bow and arrow trends in today’s market. 

Woman using a recurve bow to point at target

Rubber slingshot bands

Before the invention of the bow and arrow, there was the slingshot. And although slingshots may not be as widely used today, they’re starting to rise in demand for activities such as hunting and target practice. The best way to use a slingshot is to have an effective rubber slingshot band attached to the frame. Having a band that’s thick enough to hold the tension and be pulled back manually by the user is important when it comes to generating enough speed and impact.

One of the newest trends of fishing is seeing these rubber slingshot bands being utilized as a catapult, even though the bands themselves are slightly thinner than a regular slingshot used for target practice. Slingshot fishing uses an arrow attached to a string to mimic a fishing rod, and at the same time pulls on traditional methods of fishing, which is a very unique bow and arrow trend that many people are starting to get more involved with.

Pile of yellow rubber bands used for slingshot shooting

What comes next for archery 

Although archery has been around for hundreds of years, modern features of the game have started to make it more accessible and attractive to today’s consumer. The top bow and arrow trends to look out for include fiberglass arrows, combat tag arrows, combat archery sets, the recurve bow, and rubber slingshot bands being used for targets and fishing. 

The popularity of archery is set to rise in the coming years, with events such as the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games giving the sport more of a platform and helping it to reach a wider number of people. It’s not a very physically demanding sport in terms of cardio, but it’s a great way to strengthen the arms and torso and work on hand-eye coordination too. The market is expecting to see more unique games similar to combat archery hitting the market to help archery appeal to the younger generation in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

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