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5 Amazing Stringed Instruments Trends 2023


People who play stringed instruments are often classified as classic or traditional, but today this couldn’t be further from the truth. The latest stringed instruments trends are seeing new versions of classical instruments hitting the market that appeal more to the modern consumer, as well as electronic stringed instruments. 

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Global market value of stringed instruments
Top stringed instruments trends to follow
The future of stringed instruments

Global market value of stringed instruments

Apart from being used for professional purposes, musical instruments are used for recreational as well as teaching purposes, with some of the biggest purchases of stringed instruments coming from schools for extracurricular activities and performances. An increase in the popularity of live performances that are being streamed online has also peaked interest in stringed instruments among consumers.

In 2023, the global market value of stringed instruments reached USD 5.17 billion, and it’s expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.97% between 2023 and 2027. As more modern versions of stringed instruments are released, the popularity of musical instruments, especially stringed ones, is projected to continue its growth beyond the estimated period.

Woman sitting on couch playing an acoustic guitar

Top stringed instruments trends to follow

One of the most popular types of musical instruments is the stringed instrument. There are many different types for consumers to choose from, and plenty of modern accessories to go with them. The top stringed instruments trends to follow today include colorful ukuleles, quick-change guitar clamps, maple electric guitars, classic violins, and DIY guitar sets. 

Colorful ukulele

For consumers who are just starting out with stringed instruments, the ukulele is the perfect option and is often referred to as a “gateway” instrument. Many guitarists start off by playing the ukulele because it’s much easier to use, with many chords only needing a maximum of two fingers to play. It also has four strings instead of six, which are often made of a soft material such as nylon, making it ideal for children

The ukulele can take on a classic look, mimicking the style of an acoustic guitar, but one of the biggest trends right now among stringed instruments is the colorful ukulele. This has always been a fun instrument to play, and with the addition of bright and cheery colors, it makes playing it an even more enjoyable experience. Consumers who are really into playing the ukulele will also invest in getting the body personalized to really make it stand out among other players.

Row of colorful ukuleles with different patterns on them

Quick-change guitar clamp

Guitar clamps are one of the most sought-after guitar accessories on the market, with new versions being produced regularly to keep up with modern consumer demands. The purpose of the guitar clamp is to hold the strings down in order to shorten the playing area of the strings, which will raise the overall pitch. Some are harder than others to attach though, which is why the production of the quick-change guitar clamp is proving to be so popular.

This type of guitar clamp is designed with soft rubber pads for firm string tension and can easily be used with only one hand. In the past, guitar clamps weren’t a focal point of a guitar, but with the introduction of bright colors, they’re gaining more attention.

Seven colors of guitar clamps lined up in a row

Maple electric guitar

The most popular type of stringed instrument is the guitar. The guitar can take on many different forms, but the two most popular are acoustic and electric. And with so many types of guitars on the market, there are a lot of options when it comes to the type of wood to use. Although rosewood is a very popular choice, it’s the maple electric guitar that’s quickly becoming one of the most sought after in today’s market.

Maple is a sturdy type of wood, which makes it a good option when building a guitar. Due to its density, maple is the preferred choice for heavy strumming as it creates a unique tone when played. It is an expensive wood to use though, so many people will choose to have only part of the guitar, such as the neck, made of maple. However, there can be no doubt that maple electric guitars are a big trend at the moment.

Black and white electric guitar with maple neck

Classic violin

The violin is an elegant stringed instrument that first gained popularity during the Renaissance and hasn’t slowed down since. Not only is it used for classical music but it’s utilized with folk and country music too. Compared to other musical instruments, the violin is fairly budget friendly and the upkeep is minimal. There’s no need to purchase additional accessories such as amplifiers when playing the violin — its sound is pure enough.

Despite new stringed instruments trends leaning towards modern pieces of equipment, the violin has endured and is still growing in popularity. One of the biggest reasons for the rise in sales is the incorporation of the violin within schools as they are easier to maintain than guitars. In a world that’s full of digital upgrades, the classic violin is still standing firm as one of the most popular musical instruments.

Classic violin with dark wood neck sitting on its side

DIY guitar set

The ultimate goal of the consumer who purchases a musical instrument is to play it. However, with parents and schools wanting to educate children further in regard to stringed instruments, there’s been a sudden increase in demand for DIY guitars and ukuleles. These guitars are very easy to put together and act as a learning tool for children who are able to see and understand how a stringed instrument is made and why it makes the sound it does.

DIY guitars are not only educational but they’re fun too. Once the guitar or ukulele is put together, the consumer is able to paint it however they want. This will make them more interested in playing it as it will have a personal touch added to it. This is a great addition for schools so that they can incorporate art and music into a single class and hopefully spark more of an interest in stringed instruments.  

Five small acoustic guitars painted in different styles

The future of stringed instruments

The top stringed instruments trends cover a variety of instruments as well as some accessories, and it’s worth noting that even the more classical versions of instruments are still very popular with today’s consumer. These trends include the colorful ukulele, easy-to-use guitar clamps, the maple electric guitar, the classic violin, and DIY guitar sets. 

The popularity of stringed instruments won’t be slowing down anytime soon. As demand increases, the varieties available will also increase, and more modern pieces of technology will be added to them.

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