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Ultimate Style Guide for Men’s Surfing Adventure Autumn/Winter 2022-23


With the increasing awareness about UV protection and safety, consumers are looking for safe and reliable outdoor products. Brands are responding by introducing high-quality fabrics that perform well in water and provide adequate protection from radiation. Learn about the essential properties of surfwear and the latest trends influencing the outdoor apparel market.

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The booming surfing apparel market
Aqua-friendly apparel for men
Keep warm and safe

The booming surfing apparel market

The athletic garment industry is booming, with several brands actively investing in aqua-friendly apparel. The global surfing apparel market was valued at $1.23 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% between 2021 to 2028. The leading manufacturers are enhancing the quality of these garments through technological innovations, propelling the industry forward. 

Some of the most popular clothes in this space are the hybrid three-in-one swim shorts, rash guards, wetsuits, and beach hoodies. All the best-selling items have antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and UV protection properties, promoting safety and hygiene. Further, colors inspired by nature, such as green, aqua blue, and coral red, are redefining the aesthetic.

Aqua-friendly apparel for men

Core shorts

A man wearing red color shorts

The athleisure market is lucrative, thanks to the growing popularity of outdoor activities among many individuals. Customers want lightweight and versatile garments that are both flattering and comfortable. Fabrics with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties are known to keep unwanted scents at bay and are best suited for swimwear. Millennials also favor products made from recycled materials and assembled in environmentally friendly packaging.

For consumers who want to venture into the waters, shorts made of quick-drying fabrics are most appropriate. The current trend is toward a more streamlined design that reduces bulkiness, resulting in a chic and functional garment. In terms of aesthetics, incorporate natural elements into the designs by considering florals, earthy greens, light blues reminiscent of the ocean, and pops of coral, emerald green, and metallics to attract customers.

Rash top

A man wearing a black rash guard
A man wearing a black rash top and swim trunks

Traditionally, rash guards were worn by avid surfers, but now they appear unanointed in summer closets. They are worn to the beach, pool, and other places because of their multipurpose performance. Most rash tops have long sleeves and are made from moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics for optimal comfort. They also provide warmth and protection from the sun. In addition, most of the tops have flatlock stitching, which reduces chafing.

When shopping for rash tops, there are three crucial factors to consider. The first is moisture-wicking properties, which refer to a fabric’s ability to draw moisture away from the body, allowing users to dry quickly when out in the elements. The second is antimicrobial properties, which help in preventing the growth of bacteria and keeping odors at bay. And lastly, UV protection is required to safeguard against harmful radiation. The best rash tops have a UPF50 rating, indicating that the fabric can block out 98 percent of the sun’s rays.

Explore rash tops that are ideal for both avid swimmers and casual beachgoers. Stretchy apparel constructed using high-performance fabrics like spandex, polyester, and nylon provides optimal comfort. For shoppers looking for contemporary designs, garments with contrast color paneling and color blocking features are excellent choices. Bold graphics, such as geometry in eye-catching tones, are also popular.

Land and sea shorts

A man wearing multi-colored shorts
A man wearing orange color shorts

Swimming trunks are a balancing act. Even though they are practical and comfortable for the water, they may not double as regular shorts. As a result, a new three-in-one short was created that is ideal for both land and aquatic adventures. These shorts have two layers that can be worn together or separately, allowing users to transition from the sea to land and leisure. They also look great on all body types and can be worn all day.

The three-in-one shorts are ideal for minimalists and travelers looking to save space. Aside from appearance, they are also functional, as they have a spandex layer at the base that makes them perfect for swimmers. The outer layer is made of quick-drying and antimicrobial fabrics that are ideal for everyday use. They are lightweight, act as a wetsuit for the seas, and provide sun protection when paired with a rash top. 

Explore products made from recycled fibers and dive into different florals and metallic sheens for a refreshing collection. Garments with side adjusters are great because they allow users to achieve the best fit possible. The shorts should be versatile enough to be worn in casual settings, with the only difference being having a nylon construction for a water-repellent finish. Self-draining pockets are another feature to look for to increase functionality.

Winter beach hoodie

A man wearing a gray color hoodie
A man in a hoodie looking out into the sea

A beach hoodie is a must-have item for every outdoor enthusiast. With the growing interest in outdoor activities such as hiking, there is a demand for active sportswear. Hoodies are great for chilly days as they provide warmth and come in different styles. For added warmth, explore bio fleece and recycled or ethically sourced wool to create multiple layers of insulation. Further, moisture-wicking fabrics are excellent choices for immediate post-swim warmth and comfort.

Whether a winter jacket or a hoodie, ensure they are stylish, made of high-quality fabrics, and comfortable. Some of the most popular colors for hoodies include black, brown, white, blue, orange, and red. Reversible windcheaters in neutral colors are another popular item in this category. They are light, soft, provide adequate insulation, and have a streamlined appearance.

Hoodies are wardrobe essentials, so they should be stylish, trendy, and go well with jeans. The design aspect should not be overlooked either. Lightweight jackets with multiple pockets for storage and fleece hoods for warmth are excellent winter choices. Cotton and polyester blends are popular because they are soft, breathable, and have good moisture-wicking properties.


A man wearing a black wetsuit carrying a surfboard
A man wearing a gray wetsuit holding a surfboard

Wetsuits are essential garments for anyone looking to surf. Even in the summers, the water can get chilly; thus, a decent suit can provide warmth and comfort in the water for longer periods. Wetsuits have risen in popularity as manufacturing and technology have advanced. The best products today are made from eco-friendly or recycled fabrics, with a strong emphasis on insulation, allowing users to stay in the water for extended periods with ease.

To keep up with the demand for sustainability, explore products made using bio fabrics for insulation. Due to their quick-drying properties, moisture-wicking properties and microfibre lining are essential qualities for swimwear. Wetsuits with a thickness of 5/4 mm are ideal for customers in colder climates, while 3/2 mm is ideal for those in warmer temperatures. Also, ensure that the wetsuits come in several sizes and shapes to accommodate all body types.

The thickness determines not only the warmth but also the flexibility, which is critical.

Finally, shoppers will consider whether the garment is easy to put on, so ensure it has zippers for maximum comfort. It is also wise to provide matching rubber gloves that complete the ensemble.

Keep warm and safe

Explore high-quality performance wear that is both fashionable and functional. For maximum safety and comfort, fabrics with moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and UV protective elements are great choices. Shorts with activewear features like a spandex base layer for quick drying, bonding, and self-draining pockets are perfect for the beach.

Look beyond traditional swim trunks and wetsuits to hybrid garments that can double as casual wear, such as three-in-one shorts. Many shoppers who enjoy traveling or camping prefer multipurpose clothing. To meet the demands for sustainability, choose products made from recycled fabrics and bio-wool.

The post-swim beach hoodie with a layer of fleece for insulation is a must-have in any surf wardrobe. To liven up the atmosphere, choose colors that resemble nature, such as aqua blue and green, among others.

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