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Customers Are Falling in Love With These Throw Blanket Trends

A stack of knitted throws and blankets

The throw blanket market offers a huge variety of designs, colors, sizes, textures, and materials. Below, we’ll dig into the latest throw blanket trends that customers are looking for in 2024.

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Growth of the throw blanket market
5 top throw blanket trends
Future of the throw blanket industry

Growth of the throw blanket market

The global throw blanket market is expected to be worth USD 3.2 billion by 2030 and expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% between 2022 and 2030.

Growth in the market can be attributed to increasing demand for interior decor products, and throw blankets, as well as providing warmth, are a favorite, versatile, and inexpensive way to customize living spaces.

In addition, throw blankets are an especially popular gift item during cooler seasons, with a growing trend of gifting them on holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

5 top throw blanket trends

Plush blankets

Woman holding coffee mug on gray sherpa blanket
Puppy sleeping in light blue fleece throw

Plush throw blankets, often made from sherpa, fleece, velvet, or faux fur, are popular for their comfort and warmth.

For added durability, plush blankets usually feature a base fabric to hold the fibers together in the washing machine, while some even have two one on each side for a reversible design. A quilted construction or an inner polyester layer can also help the blanket trap more heat.

According to Google Ads, the term “plush blanket” accumulated a search volume of 8,100 in July 2023 and 22,200 in December 2023, representing a 1.7x increase in the lead up to the winter season.

Oversized throw

Bedroom with oversized gray fur bedspread throw
Woman sitting under a large brown faux fur throw

Throw blankets are generally smaller in size compared to standard blankets, giving them the flexibility to also be decorative accessories. However, oversized throw blankets can cover at least two people and are also gaining popularity in the market. 

Large sofa throws are ideal for snuggling on a couch or chair or as a bed blanket for growing kids and teenagers. As a year-round accessory, many oversized throws come in a lightweight, 100% cotton material to provide comfort without excessive warmth or weight. Customers may also be interested in oversized blankets that are machine-wash safe for easy maintenance.  

The term “large sofa throw” saw a more than 1.7x increase from 4,400 in July 2023 to 12,100 in December 2023.

Cashmere blankets

Cat on orange cashmere throw blanket
Woman reading under pink cashmere fringe throw blanket

As a luxe option, cashmere throw blankets offer a high-end, ultra-soft look and feel. Cashmere requires extra care to maintain its quality feel and often comes at a higher price point. As a result, some cashmere throws may be blended with another fiber or come as a mixture of two grades of cashmere for a more affordable product.

Cashmere blankets are commonly produced in soft pastels or neutral colors for an elegant appearance. In addition, a fringed edge can add interest to this timeless design. 

The term “cashmere blanket” saw a staggering 2.3x increase in search volume, going from 5,400 in July 2023 to 18,100 in December 2023.

Patterned throw blankets

Gray and white chevron print throw on a couch
Woman under striped sofa throw blanket

Patterned throw blankets are a great alternative to solid color blankets when decorating a home. As more and more customers look to personalize their spaces, a wide selection of patterns will be key to offering them designs that align with their individual tastes.

Striped, checkered, or plaid throw blankets make for timeless additions to any room, while geometric, abstract motifs, or mural designs help to transform them into pieces of art. Floral or monogram blankets are also trending right now. 

The Google search volume for the term “patterned throw blanket” saw a nearly 82% increase over the five months between July 2023 and December 2023, going from 880 to 1,600 searches.

Electric throw blankets

Woman sleeping in bed with quilted throw
Woman sleeping under a gray throw blanket

Electric heated blankets are a great way to stay warm during the winter months without the need for expensive and inefficient space heaters. Heated throw blankets are made from natural or synthetic fabric with a layer of conductive wires sewn into them. The wires are connected to an electrical source that heats up when turned on, providing uniform heat distribution across the entire blanket. 

Some electric throw blankets have a single temperature setting, while others have up to 10 heat levels and the flexibility to program different temperatures on each side of the blanket. Most electric blankets also have a built-in automatic shutoff feature or mechanisms to prevent overheating.

“Heated throw blankets” attracted a search volume of 14,800 in July 2023 and 110,000 in December 2023, which equates to a staggering 6.4x increase prior to the winter season. 

Future of the throw blanket industry

Staying up to date with the latest blanket trends helps businesses to maximize their potential earnings over the following year. The wide selection of trendy throw blankets means that there’s something out there for every customer’s needs and personal style. Plush blankets, oversized throws, and electric throw blankets put comfort first, while cashmere throws and patterned blankets balance both function and style. 

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact that products made from harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes have, so it’s best to opt for blankets that are produced sustainably. Businesses are therefore advised to include eco-friendly throw blankets in their long-term product portfolio strategy.

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