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5 Dining Table Styles That Are Still Impressing Guests


Are you in the business of selling home furniture and wondering which table designs will be profitable in 2022? This article provides you with dining table trends that are sure to sell. The article highlight why these designs are hot with households and why stocking them is a wise move. These living room ideas and trends are likely to continue beyond 2022.

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Dining tables trend market predictions in the coming years
Round tables are here to stay
Extendable tables
Benches will be back with a bang
Modern multifunctional dining table
Wood and organic dining tables are going nowhere

Dining table market projections for the coming years

With people spending more time at home than ever before, the desire for stability and comfort has dictated the decoration and design of living room ideas. These themes and trends will likely continue beyond 2022, with the focus shifting to dining tables.

The market for living room furniture is projected to grow from $35.22 billion to $50.28 billion over the 2021-2028 period, representing a CAGR of 5.2%. These statistics indicate that both established and new furniture industry businesses should see profits in the years to come. 

Round tables are here to stay

classic wooden dining table with four white wooden chairs

The choice between round or rectangular tables is a choice that many families have to make. Edgeless round tables allow homeowners to arrange their guests in a more free and equal manner. Many are beginning to consider the value of round tables in their dining rooms, as they can help create the illusion of more space.

Round dining tables appear smaller and more lightweight when installed in smaller living rooms. Since they lack sharp corners, all edges can be fully utilized. 2022 is a year of bonding, and round tables allow direct eye contact and intimate conversations. Round dining tables help create an atmosphere of completeness and coziness while providing households with greater ease of seating and versatility.

As 2022 begins, people are optimistic about the future despite the pandemic. Families are taking their relationships more seriously, and round dining tables offer them a perfect avenue to converse where everybody is heard and seen freely. Dining rooms can be transformed with a striking centerpiece coupled with stylish chairs for a cozy dinner. 

Extendable tables

black round extendable dining table with seven black chairs

Extendable tables are gaining popularity with many people working from home. These tables can be round or square in design. Depending on the model, extendable tables can be transformed to provide double the seating space provided by their initial size. 

Extendable dining room tables can be made from wood, plastic, crystal, metal, glass, or mixed materials. Households continue to seek exotic extended table designs that combine plastic and glass, metal and crystal, cellulose, and polyvinyl fibers. This provides business owners with a ripe market for these versatile tables.

Extended tables prove popular as they can be closed during normal family dinners and expanded during celebrations, parties, and holiday dinners. With the growing rates of vaccination across the world, people are optimistic that get-togethers and family reunions will return in 2022. These extended designs ensure that relatives and friends aren’t left out from the party. 

Stockpile your showroom or store with unique and versatile extendable tables. Customers will be coming for these models in the coming years, so you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity.  

Benches will return with a bang

rectangular wooden dining table with four chairs

Many people are embracing benches as an addition to the dining table, which is becoming one of the most popular trends today. Having benches in the dining room creates a minimalist and traditional feel while adding to the utility of any living room. 

Benches offer an ideal solution to minimal space, which is always welcome in households looking for ways to save space in the dining room. Space-conscious households will look to combine benches, chairs, and a dining table to accommodate more people in limited space. 

Benches can easily be stored under the table, giving room for foot traffic within the house. Combined with their minimalist aesthetic, these factors show that benches will make a comeback. 

Benches help accommodate more guests and family members than ordinary diner table chairs. For families looking for a blend of modern/country French farmhouse aesthetics to give their home a lovely look, a dining table with a bench will provide that vibe. Businesses do not want to miss out on these selling points to gain an upper hand. 

Modern multifunctional dining table

Over the last few years, minimalism has spread across the world at an unprecedented scale, and 2022 will be no different. The modern multifunctional table will be a go-to dinner table for many. This table is versatile, which is likely to be a game changer in the industry for a long time. Some multifunctional table designs can function as a desk by day and dining table by night. 

With more people working from home, space is becoming a valuable commodity, making the multifunctional dining table a welcome option.

Fast-paced lifestyles coupled with daunting schedules have driven many to switch to smaller houses that are easy to clean and manage. These homeowners prefer multifunctional furniture designs that occupy minimal space and still perform their intended purpose. 

Wood and organic dining tables are going nowhere

a classic wooden dining table with four wooden chairs

Wood dining tables are ageless, defying changing trends and continuing to rule many dining room spaces globally. Regardless of the existing interior décor; there will always be a suitable wooden and organic dining table. Interior designer Joshua Smith predicts that 2022 will see a resurgence of warmer wooden dining tables with colors varying from subtle creams to nudes and blacks. We will also see earthier and richer shades, such as camel, taupe, and rust for an inviting atmosphere. 

The world is becoming increasingly aware of its carbon footprint, and many are starting to make environmentally conscious decisions. Wooden and organic dining tables are believed to have a lower carbon impact, which should see them continue to flourish in 2022 and beyond. Wooden designs are still a favorite of many who treasure traditional and minimalist styles. Business owners should stock different shapes from round to rectangular or square to meet the diverse preferences of customers. 

Final thoughts

The demand for stylish dining tables will continue to rise, meaning that businesses that sell what is relevant for 2022 are the ones that will flourish. Dining table trends in 2022 will be about versatility and sustainability, and we will see designs that are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and multifunctional.

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