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3 Important Tips for Choosing the Ideal Dining Room Set


A dining room set is a must for any dining space, be it for an individual household or commercial operation. The standard dining room set normally includes a dining table matched with a few chairs and/or benches — although it may come in a variety of sizes, materials, styles, and designs. The possibilities for dining sets are truly endless, as consumers are becoming more discerning as to what they want. The great variety of these dining room necessities has led to tremendous commercial openings, especially when a business knows how to pick the right dining room set to tap into this great business opportunity.

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Overview of dining room furniture market development
3 Tips on how to choose an ideal dining room set
A quick review

Overview of dining room furniture market development

While many still perceive dining room sets as “household needs,” it is in fact a very versatile furniture set with various commercial demands. These range from offices, business centers, restaurants, and more. In terms of household usage, meanwhile, according to the data of the online interior design platform- Modsy, there was an enormous boost in dining room design interest from 2018 through 2019, hitting its largest year-over-year (YoY) growth at a 156% increment.

These findings are echoed by the living and dining room furniture market research conducted by Mordor Intelligence, which pointed out that the dining room space now also doubles as a kids’ recreation area or a “homework spot.” This wide usage can mean big sales, and within that, the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to hit the highest regional growth. Both Southern Living and The Washington Post Magazine strengthened the notion that the dining room area has since been reoriented in the past two years. It has emerged as a great alternative space to suit the new work from home or remote education wave and created greater interest in large dining tables. 

In essence, the dining room set has evolved from a simple dining area fixture to occupying a more all-rounded role since 2020— an obvious growth that denotes high earning potential.

3 Tips on how to choose an ideal dining room set 

Similarly to any other business, to make a dining room furniture business successful, attentive product selection is one of the key aspects to focus on. Below are some of the hottest dining room furniture set trends buyers should be focusing on right now.

Long-lasting style

There are several dining room furniture styles available on the market now, including traditional, modern, contemporary, transitional, vintage, and rustic style — to name a few. Generally, most people stick with a traditional or modern style when it comes to dining room decoration, as these two styles are the most widely known and well-received. 

The traditional dining room style often disperses a sense of formality and is normally made of wood. From a design perspective, the traditional furniture style is widely reckoned by furniture industry experts, such as this home design media and an award-winning interior design company, as a timeless style. This means both elegance and comfort, on top of dark, warm colors, curvy design, and a welcoming relaxed feel. In other words, traditional dining room sets are a mix of classic and homely components that create a flexible option for a variety of occasions. These multipurpose traits make them an ideal wholesale dining set furniture option for stock selection.

Simple traditional dining room set

A modern design dining room set, on the other hand, is usually furnished with a marble or glass dining table, supported by an iron or stainless steel base, which all the while exudes formality. Modern dining room sets commonly highlight minimalism with a uniform color scheme — usually with brighter colors, such as white or light colors. They also emphasize cleaner, simpler lines and fewer items, thereby maintaining a clean, unfussy approach. Simple attributes such as these do wonders in today’s metropolitan and compact living conditions, making them a great option for couples or small families.

The below image shows a transitional style dining room table and chairs, which is essentially a combination of both traditional and modern designs, combining a wooden top and an iron base. Such transitional style offers a good alternative to both traditional and modern style, extracting the best of both styles to provide a well-mixed, all-embracing balance between formality and simplicity.

Transitional style dining room set

In terms of shapes and sizes, a round table takes up less space than a rectangular table, since it has no corners. This structure also allows for greater ease of movement and more seating capacity if needed, as it is not limited to a typical 4-6 seating size.


Household dining space today is used for many purposes, not just dining. The unspoken reason behind this is the inevitable space-deprived urban living style. Thankfully, however, smart, extendable dinner table solutions do exist.

Extendable dining table

In the picture above, the darker component at the table’s center is an extension leaf. A modern extendable dining table set like this typically works through a simple mechanism which easily allows the host to pull out the extension leaf in the middle section of the dining tabletop, thereby increasing the overhang at each end of the dining table — and thus increasing table length.

There are other creative options besides this extension design, such as butterfly leaf extensions and drop leaf extensions. The butterfly leaf extension is named after its concealed and folded extension leaf, which also pulls out from the middle part of a dining table. Dining tables with a drop leaf, on the other hand, feature attached leaves that can be folded down or extended fully, making it possible to be placed against a wall for more space.

Another way to create more room in a small space is by using a dining table that comes with matching chairs that are concealable underneath it. Alternatively, one can also opt for a more adaptable dining table set that can pair with both chairs and benches, thereby allowing more space.

Space-saving dining table set


With the constant advancements in e-commerce, people are now paying fewer visits to brick and mortar furniture stores. However, this is not without exceptions, especially when it comes to testing how comfortable the furniture is. People.com embarked on a quest to pinpoint what makes a dining chair comfortable, concluding that for people to feel snug enough in their dining space, the dining chairs should be upholstered, ideally on both backrest and seat, and have an ergonomic design. With these points in mind, a leather cushioned dining chair or a velvet padded dining chair may well fit the cozy goal.

Comfortable velvet cushioned dining chair

Put simply, both materials and ergonomic design play an important role in ensuring a comfortable experience for the sitter. Material-wise, cotton, silk, leather, and wool are some of the most highly regarded and sought after natural upholstery fabrics for comfort. 

Concerning the ergonomic design of the dining chair, meanwhile, it should be optimized to support the human body, keeping in mind posture and comfort. For example, a comfortable ergonomic chair may incorporate ergonomic elements such as a slightly scooped seat, cushion, armrest, and a curved top rail to provide good support to the shoulders and back.

A quick review

In a nutshell, when considering dining room set options, there are three main points not to be missed: long-lasting style, space efficiency, and dining chair comfort. The evolution of the dining room area to become a more all-encompassing space beside its conventional role, opens up many more commercial opportunities. Having a well-thought-out dining room stock collection is therefore critical for any far-sighted wholesale dining room furniture venture, as it is poised to become one of the major growth drivers of the overall furniture business. For more tips on the furniture business, read the complete guide on how to get started in the wholesale furniture industry.

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