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5 Recliner Chair Trends Shaping the Global Market in 2022


For people who love comfort, recliner chairs have been a long-time favorite. Now with enhanced features, a greater range of styles, and even more ergonomic technology for added comfort, recliner lovers have a plethora of options to choose from. 

In this article, we’ll look at the global recliner market at large, analyzing its recent performance and future prospects. We’ll then use key report data to highlight key trends and thus give retailers more insight into what consumers are looking for. 

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Overview of the global recliner chair market
Recliner chair trends to look out for in 2022

Overview of the global recliner chair market

The global recliner chair market saw moderate growth over the 2015–2020 period as reported by Business Wire. IMARC Group report data shows that during the 2022–2027 forecast period, the market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5%. The global recliner chair market was valued at US $3.7 billion in 2021, and by 2027, it is expected to reach US $5.1 billion

These figures show a market with positive prospects. A number of reasons can be attributed to the rising demand seen for recliner chairs, both on the demand and supply sides. On the demand side, there has been growing consumer demand for high-end luxury and comfort furniture globally (this has been most prominent among urban, millennial populations). 

Pandemic-driven lockdown mandates have led to a significant proportion of the population working and learning from home, and in turn, growing demand for products that can help to minimize back and neck pain when seated. 

Another factor driving the increased demand is the supply-side technological innovation that has seen recliner chairs being upgraded from mere seats to full-on tech units equipped with features such as USB charging, Bluetooth speakers, heating systems, massage motors, bar fridges, and many others.

Other factors such as the advent of customized recliner chairs, the high adaptability of modern designs, growing geriatric populations across many markets, and the wide availability of recliner chairs both online and offline, will also be fueling the growth of the global recliner market in the near future. 

Recliner chair trends to look out for in 2022

With a full appreciation of the key drivers fueling the direction and growth of the global recliner chair market, we can now delve into the key trends popular among consumers that retailers should be looking out for in 2022 and beyond.

Mixing and matching

Dual-color recliner chair

Gone are the days when recliner chairs were standalone pieces that did not blend in with the rest of the decor in homes. Now, users have become pickier about the pieces they incorporate as they would like them to match effortlessly with the rest of the furniture.

As a result, consumers will be looking for recliner pieces that complement their other living room pieces, meaning that there needs to be a varied range of recliner designs that accommodate different styles, from single-color minimalist styles to multi-color statement pieces. If the consumer already has brown sofas, they will be looking for recliners that are a complementary shade of brown.

Beyond this, some consumers are also looking for recliners that play around with design elements and incorporate unique styles such as mixed and matched fabrics on one furniture piece. The color mixes can be in the style of neutral colors that complement each other, or even contrast colors such as black and pink that stand out and bring out the consumers’ unique style. 

You can either have recliners with neutral-color mixing and matching or recliners with contrast-color mixing and matching.

Contrast-color recliner chair
Neutral-color recliner chair

Keeping it simple

Minimalist recliner chair design

Minimalism has grown in popularity over the past few years as consumers exhibit a greater inclination for either consuming less or producing less waste as part of sustainable lifestyles. This has driven up demand for products that represent this ethos in terms of the design sense as well as the materials used to produce the chairs. 

In line with this trend, recliners that are minimalist and subtly elegant will be popular with consumers looking for pieces that give off an effortless elegance. Subdued colors such as teal, pink, and gray will grow in demand as these offer subtle additions to the consumer’s living room furniture.

Simply put, “less is more,” so pared down designs, colors, and materials will provide the touch of simplicity that a growing segment of consumers are looking for.

Using natural elements

Recliner chair made with natural fabric

The pursuit of either simplicity or sustainability are key driving factors for this trend as well, but the differentiating factor is that this trend emphasizes the need for the materials used in the design of the recliner to be natural. 

A growing segment of consumers are looking to add a touch of nature to their interiors and will be looking for recliners that are made out of natural materials such as leather, cotton, linen, wool, timber, among many others. 

The advantage of natural materials is that they offer a timelessness that some other modern materials do not. Recliner chairs made using these materials can be targeted toward consumers who want to achieve classic looks in their decor that will not go out of fashion in a few seasons. 

These classic recliners can be made from soft, natural fabrics, and to add on the appeal of this type of design, working with neutral color palettes for the upholstery will be great as it will incorporate color tones that remind users of the natural world outside. 

Adding smart tech

Recliner chair with USB charging port

The world at large is becoming more digitized and connected. This means that regardless of where consumers are, they want to be able to remain connected or to utilize products that add the convenience and ease that have become synonymous with modern, digital life. 

This consumer buying preference has extended to their shopping habits related to recliner chairs. More and more users are seeking out recliners that offer more beyond sitting utility. There is a growing demand for recliners that are multifunctional and come equipped with added tech features such as USB charging ports, LED lights, built-in Bluetooth capabilities, and voice control systems.

But beyond this, users are also looking for recliners fitted with tech that helps with either relaxation or minimizing pain. This means that recliners that come with full-body massagers and heating systems will also be popular with this consumer segment. 

Enhancing comfort

Comfortable recliner chair with table and cup holder

When it’s all said and done, recliner chairs have always been about comfort and so, regardless of the season, style, or material, comfort will always be king. Ergonomic designs that prioritize user comfort will need to remain the primary focus of the different styles offered by retailers.

As more and more people work and learn from home offices and studies, there will be increasing demand for furniture that enhances comfort and allows people to relax outside of their working hours. And for other users, recliners will also double as workstations so demand for ones that offer comfort at multiple sitting positions will also grow.

Comfort also includes added design features that consider how convenient it is for users to perform certain activities while seated on the chairs. Recliner styles with side pouches, remote control systems, tables and cup holders, ensure that users are not only comfortable in the sense of ergonomic seating, but also in the sense of ease of use that comes from being able to conveniently access and use additional features.


Recliner chairs are one of those products that have seen a surge in demand as more and more consumers are seeking out comfort and convenience in their everyday lives. This has been reflected in the steady performance of the global recliner market over the 2015–2020 period. 

Industry projections show that this market is expected to see continued growth, so it is imperative for retailers to have insight into where the market is and where it’s going. 

As reported in this article, the following five key trends will shape the global recliner market in 2022 and beyond:

  • Mixing and matching
  • Keeping it simple
  • Using natural elements
  • Adding smart tech
  • Enhancing comfort

Keeping these trends in mind will help retailers update their product portfolios in line with shifts in consumer preferences and buying patterns, and enable them to be market-ready so as to stand to gain from the projected market growth.

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