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Durable Outdoor Fitness Equipment for All Seasons

Man holding a pull up on outdoor bar in park

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a year-long commitment, and even in the colder months many fitness enthusiasts enjoy working out outdoors rather than indoors in a gym setting. 

There’s a lot of outdoor fitness equipment available in today’s market but not all of the equipment is suitable for harsher weather conditions. As a result, the demand for equipment that is resilient to different weather patterns and that can aid people in their fitness journeys throughout the year is growing. 

Read on for a look at our round-up of durable outdoor training equipment that is set to be the most popular among consumers in the year ahead.

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Global market value of outdoor fitness equipment
Durable outdoor fitness equipment

Global market value of outdoor fitness equipment

Outdoor workout stations in park setting under cloudy sky

Not everyone has access to indoor gyms or can afford to pay for a membership on a regular basis, which is one of the biggest reasons why outdoor fitness areas have become so popular. By placing fitness equipment outdoors, people are able to workout on their own time and can enjoy meeting other people at the same fitness level as them as well, so they add a social element to the fitness regime as well. Fitness equipment used for outdoor purposes come in a wide range of styles that will work different parts of the body, the same way indoor fitness equipment will.

Blue kettlebell sitting next to blue mat on sandy beach

By 2023 the global market value of outdoor fitness equipment reached over USD 1.5 billion. The market value is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 4.3% until 2030, bringing the total value up to USD 1.8 billion by that time. 

Durable outdoor fitness equipment

Woman using piece of outdoor fitness equipment on padded ground

The most popular types of durable outdoor fitness equipment for all seasons are not only able to withstand different elements thrown at them but they also provide users with a variety of engaging workouts that focus on different parts of the body. The types of exercises that they assist with can range from cardio to strength and endurance training, making them very similar to those usually done in gyms.

Man using poles in outdoor gym for workout routine

According to Google Ads, “outdoor fitness equipment” has an average monthly search volume of 12100, with the most searches coming between April and June at 14800.

By looking more specifically at the different types of outdoor fitness equipment that are the most popular among consumers, Google Ads reveals that “outdoor barbell” comes out on top with 90500 monthly searches followed by “outdoor fitness gyms” with 49500 searches, “calisthenics equipment” with 22200 searches, and “outdoor elliptical” with 720 searches. Keep reading to learn more about each type of durable outdoor fitness equipment. 

Outdoor barbell

Man lifting outdoor barbell on rooftop during sunny day

One of the most popular pieces of outdoor fitness equipment among consumers is the outdoor barbell. Barbells are known for their longevity and durability, so it comes as no surprise that they are used equally as much both indoors and outdoors. This type of durable barbell is made from materials that are resistant to rust and weather damage, often made of stainless steel and coated in powder or chrome plating for added protection.

Since the outdoor barbell can be used in all weather conditions it’s important that it has a knurled grip which allows the user to maintain their hold on the barbell even in humid conditions – with or without weightlifting gloves. Some barbells will also include end caps to make sure no debris enters the barbell sleeve and affects the bearings. 

Google Ads shows that searches for “outdoor barbells” were highest in May and June, coming in at 165000.

Outdoor fitness gyms

Small outdoor fitness gym in the middle of grassy park

Outdoor fitness gyms are specifically designed for year-round use so it’s important that they are made of a weather-resistant material such as stainless steel. This will ensure that rain, snow, and humidity won’t cause corrosion or rust on the equipment. Outdoor fitness gyms are designed to be dynamic, and they feature a number of different pieces of workout equipment that will provide a full body workout all in one place.

The equipment needs to be user friendly so that a person of any fitness level can enjoy working out outdoors. Stations such as the leg press machine, outdoor elliptical trainers, pull up bars, and weight lifting stations can all be incorporated into the outdoor fitness gym but every piece of equipment needs to have comfortable seating or handles to reduce the risk of injury.

Google Ads shows that searches for “outdoor fitness gyms” were highest between June and October, coming in at 60500 monthly searches.

Calisthenics equipment

Man using red dip bar during outdoor fitness routine

Many outdoor gyms focus on cardio equipment and only feature a few pieces of equipment where people can do strength training or upper body workouts. What’s great about calisthenics equipment is that it allows users to do bodyweight exercises rather than relying on physical weights like those found at an indoor gym. This equipment needs to be incredibly stable so that it can hold the full weight of a person and be completely attached to the ground to prevent movement.

The powder-coated finish of calisthenics equipment helps the main weather resistant material of the bars to withstand different elements and prevent color fading over time. Pull up bars, horizontal bars, and parallel bars are all popular additions to any outdoor gym space.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between June and November 2023, searches for “calisthenics equipment” remained steady at 22200 searches per month, with the most searches coming between August and October at 27100.

Outdoor elliptical

Woman using green and black outdoor elliptical in park

The outdoor elliptical is one of the most popular types of durable outdoor fitness equipment available. It provides a low impact cardio workout that’s ideal for seniors who are unable to use a treadmill but unlike indoor ellipticals the outdoor version doesn’t usually come with resistance levels. Like all outdoor fitness equipment, the outdoor elliptical needs to be made of a weather resistant material and be checked regularly for maintenance. 

Google Ads shows that searches for the “outdoor elliptical” peaked in June and July, coming in at 880.


Two women speaking at an outdoor gym in autumn

As consumers become more aware of how important living a healthy lifestyle is, having outdoor fitness equipment that’s easily accessible in neighborhoods and cities is becoming increasingly more important. These outdoor gyms are popular with people of all fitness levels and are a unique way to work on individual health in an outdoor setting – something many consumers prefer over visiting a gym that can often be too busy and uncomfortable to workout in. It’s expected that outdoor gyms will continue to pop up in both urban and rural areas in the coming years, and as a result retailers can stock the items that are set to be in highest demand among outdoor fitness enthusiasts.

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