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E-commerce & AI News Flash Collection (May 30): TikTok Launches ‘Fan Spotlight’, Amazon’s Major Investment in Spain

Madrid, Spain


TikTok Introduces ‘Fan Spotlight’ Feature

TikTok has launched a new “Fan Spotlight” feature, focusing on artist-fan interactions. Billie Eilish inaugurated this feature with her #HIT ME HARD AND SOFT campaign, celebrating her new album. Artists can highlight up to 5 fan videos on their music tag pages for seven days, notifying the creators. Fans can also engage in playlist curation and challenges to unlock personalized profile artwork and participate in album-themed activities. The feature enhances fan discovery of exclusive content and animations related to the album.

Macy’s Q1 Financial Performance

Macy’s reported a 2.7% decline in sales for the first quarter of 2024, totaling $4.8 billion. Comparable sales fell by 1.2%, and adjusted EBITDA dropped to three hundred and sixty four million from four hundred and sixty eight million the previous year. Despite the downturn, CEO Tony Spring highlighted investments in products and customer experience aimed at long-term growth. Macy’s next steps include expanding its Bluemercury stores and refining existing locations. The company projects full-year net sales between $22.3 billion and $22.9 billion, down from $23.1 billion the previous fiscal year.

Ross Stores Q1 Financial Results

Ross Stores saw an 8% increase in sales in Q1 2024, reaching $4.9 billion. Net profit rose to $488 million, up from $371 million the previous year, with a 3% increase in same-store sales due to higher customer traffic. Operating profit margins improved to 12.2%, driven by lower distribution and freight costs. CEO Barbara Rentler emphasized inventory and expense management as key strategies amid economic uncertainty. The company plans to open 90 new stores this year, including 75 Ross stores and 15 DD’s Discounts locations.

Rothy’s Expands on Amazon

Shoe brand Rothy’s has begun selling its products on Amazon Fashion to broaden its reach. Amazon customers can now purchase popular items like The Point, The Flat, and The Driving Loafer, with Prime members enjoying fast, free shipping. Founded in 2012, Rothy’s emphasizes sustainability, using materials like single-use plastic bottles. The brand has repurposed over 179 million plastic bottles to date and received LEED Gold and TRUE Zero Waste Platinum certifications. Rothy’s continues to expand its presence through select wholesale partners and over 20 retail locations.

Kiehl’s Joins Amazon Beauty Center

Skincare brand Kiehl’s has launched a dedicated digital storefront on Amazon Beauty, featuring a variety of products including sunscreens, creams, and masks. Some Kiehl’s products are marked with Amazon’s “Climate Pledge Friendly” badge, indicating their sustainability. General Manager John Reid noted that this collaboration continues Kiehl’s tradition of high-performance skincare solutions while expanding their customer reach. The move aligns with parent company L’Oréal Group’s strategy to integrate AI into their growth plans. L’Oréal recently acquired Aesop for $2.5 billion and aims to leverage AI for future development.


Amazon Invests in Spain’s Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced plans to invest €15.7 billion in Spain to expand its cloud infrastructure. The investment will enhance data storage and processing capabilities across three data centers in Aragón, Huesca, and Zaragoza, supporting approximately 17,500 jobs annually. AWS projects the investment will contribute nearly €22 billion to Spain’s GDP by 2033. This is a significant increase from the initial €2.5 billion investment plan announced in 2021, aiming to meet Europe’s growing demand for cloud services.

German Government Ends Customs Exemption

The German government has announced the end of the customs exemption for small parcels coming from non-EU countries. This decision aims to level the playing field for European retailers who have been disadvantaged by the tax-free status of these imports. The new policy is expected to increase the transparency and fairness of the market, ensuring that all goods entering Germany are subject to the same VAT rules. This move also aligns with broader EU efforts to regulate cross-border e-commerce and enhance revenue collection. The change is anticipated to impact consumer behavior and the operational strategies of e-commerce businesses.

Turkey’s E-commerce Growth

Turkey’s e-commerce sector saw a significant surge in 2023, with transaction volumes more than doubling from the previous year. The total e-commerce transaction value reached 1.85 trillion Turkish lira ($57.5 billion), with orders increasing by 22.25% to 5.87 billion. November, driven by promotions and Teacher’s Day, was the peak month, with transaction volumes 50% higher than the monthly average. E-commerce now represents 20.3% of general trade and six point eight percent of GDP. The Turkish Ministry of Trade expects 2024’s e-commerce transaction value to hit 3.4 trillion lira ($105.7 billion).


Tech Giants Commit to AI Safety Measures

Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM have pledged to publish AI safety measures for their models as part of a broader initiative to promote responsible AI development. This commitment includes transparency in the design and deployment of AI systems, ensuring they are safe, fair, and reliable. The companies’ pledge aligns with growing calls for greater accountability in the AI industry, addressing concerns about the ethical implications and potential risks associated with AI technologies. By setting these standards, the tech giants aim to build public trust and foster a collaborative approach to AI governance. This initiative marks a significant step toward responsible AI innovation.

OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT with New Capabilities

OpenAI has introduced new features to its ChatGPT, enhancing its capabilities and user experience. The latest updates include improved contextual understanding and more sophisticated language processing, making the AI more adept at handling complex queries. These advancements reflect OpenAI’s ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of AI research and development. The enhancements are designed to make ChatGPT more versatile and useful across various applications, from customer service to educational tools. OpenAI’s focus on continuous improvement underscores the rapid evolution of AI technologies and their expanding role in everyday life.

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