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Electric Bike Kits: 5 Must-Have Accessories for 2024

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Forget cars and power bike prices. E-bikes are taking over the streets, offering a fun, eco-friendly, and budget-conscious way to commute daily. Many consumers love these vehicles because they make cycling exercise easier than regular bikes. One fun fact is that about 13.6 million potential buyers searched for them in February 2024 alone, clearly showing the profitability of the market.

But it doesn’t stop there—the increase in the demand for e-bikes has directly affected the growth of the market for e-bike accessories, which means that businesses can profit from this opportunity.

So if you’re interested in supplying to this rapidly growing market, then read on for our roundup of the top 5 e-bike accessories to stock for better sales in 2024.

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The state of the electric bike accessories market
5 popular electric bike kit accessories riders want in 2024
Rounding up

The state of the electric bike accessories market

Research says the electric bike accessories market will grow past US$ 33.52 billion by 2032 at a 6.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The market is showing a huge growth potential due to the rising popularity of cycling as a recreational activity/sport and an increased focus on health/fitness.

According to the report above, North America emerged as the dominant region, accounting for a significant portion of the elected bike accessories market. Europe is the second most prominent region, with Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France generating the most profits. Additionally, Asia Pacific will register the highest CAGR over the forecast period.

5 popular electric bike kit accessories riders want in 2024


Man wearing a black e-bike helmet

E-bikes may be a fantastic, eco-friendly way to get around, but they aren’t that different from regular bikes regarding safety—it’s still a big priority! That’s where bike helmets enter the spotlight. Electric assist motors can propel e-bikes faster than traditional bicycles, sometimes reaching 25-30 km/h (15-18 mph) or even higher—posing a higher risk of accidents due to speed.

Bikers will be willing to spend money on high-quality e-bike helmets, which leaves a window of opportunity for business buyers. And a regular bike helmet definitely won’t cut it. This is why manufacturers have created e-bike helmets to handle the higher impact forces associated with these speeds.

Many e-bike helmets also meet stricter safety certifications than standard bike helmets. They follow standard safety policies like NTA 8776 in Europe and ASTM F946 in North America.

According to Google data, E-bike helmets raked in 8,100 searches in January and February 2024. This stat proves many people want to upgrade their riding safety this year.

Phone holders

Woman checking her phone while it's attached to a phone holder

Some bikers may need to check their phones during rides, but pressing them while riding can be dangerous for them and other commuters. Taking frequent stops to check one’s phone is not a convenient solution either. That’s where phone holders come in—they are the perfect way to stay updated without endangering anyone because of distractions.

With phone holders, consumers can easily view maps and turn-by-turn directions, making it much safer to find their way around without mishaps. Beyond that, consumers can safely control their music playlists or listen to podcasts on their smartphones without fumbling in their pockets while on the go.

Don’t forget fitness tracking. Consumers can easily pair their phones with cycling apps and see their speed, distance, time, and calories burned while the smartphone is attached to the holder. In truth, this makes monitoring their progress and fitness goals easier. Phone holders are one of the most popular e-bike accessories. Google data shows they averaged 135,000 searches monthly in 2024 (from January to March).

Bike care products

Man maintaining e-bike with various care products

Regular care is essential to keep e-bikes running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Unlike regular bikes, e-bikes have electrical components that require specific cleaning products. While consumers still need the core bike cleaning essentials like bike wash (40,500 searches), degreaser (60,500 searches), and brushes (1,300 searches), business buyers must offer them e-bike-specific formulas. Why? They are gentler on electrical components and less likely to damage or corrode delicate wires.

Due to the motor’s assistance, the chain, cassette, and derailleurs work extra hard on an e-bike. That’s why many riders demand good-quality e-bike lubes (18,100 searches). These lubricants can easily withstand higher loads and stay put longer, reducing friction and wear for a smoother, more efficient ride. While some e-bike batteries are sealed units, some may have removable contacts.

If e-bikes have the latter, consumers need contact cleaners (40,500 searches) to keep their batteries clean and corrosion-free—a sure way to get optimal charging and battery performance. E-bikes often sport stylish finishes that may nick or lose beauty over time. However, consumers can use polishes (18,100) and protectants to help maintain that showroom shine and create a barrier against UV rays, dirt, and minor scratches.


Person using an e-bike with a bright light

Lights have become even more crucial for e-bikes because of their added safety. The primary function of these accessories is to improve visibility in low-light conditions. For instance, bright headlights illuminate the road ahead, allowing riders to see potential hazards and navigate safely.  On the other hand, taillights (especially a red blinking one) grab the attention of drivers and cyclists behind, making sure they know bikers are there during dusk, dawn, or night rides.

Since e-bikes can travel faster than traditional bicycles, consumers can use lights to increase their reaction time, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Usually, e-bikes come pre-wired for lights, allowing users to power them directly from the e-bike’s battery. Interestingly, this design eliminates the need for bulky external batteries while ensuring lights are always charged and ready to shine when consumers need them.

Some e-bike lights offer a daytime running light mode with low-powered settings to maintain visibility even during the day. Although it sounds unnecessary, this feature adds an extra layer of safety, especially in low-light conditions or when riding through tunnels or under shade.

More consumers with traditional bikes or older e-bikes are buying these lights because they have adopted environmental sustainability, contrary to the conventional lights that utilize carbon-emission fuels. So, it’s unsurprising that they are performing excellently in 2024. The Google data shows that the keyword drew 90,500 searches in February.


A black lock securing a white e-bike

A quality lock is the first defense against theft, deterring would-be thieves and giving bike owners the deserved peace of mind when leaving their e-bike parked outdoors. Since e-bikes often have thicker frames and stronger components, manufacturers make their bike locks thicker and with higher-security materials. The best part is that such design choices also give them greater resistance to cutting and tampering. Hence, traditional biker owners are also a target market for these locks due to their sturdiness.

E-bikes have multiple valuable components (like the frame, battery, and motor), so consumers may need to buy up to two different locks for even better security. For example, a U-lock can secure the frame to a rack, while a cable lock can secure the wheels or battery. E-bike locks are the second-most popular trend on this list, garnering 135,000 searches in February 2024.

Rounding up

Upgrading from a regular bike to an e-bike is a fantastic way for consumers to boost their cycling experience without stress and hassle. And the best way to optimize their rides is with accessories, meaning there’s a high demand for these helpful items.

Thankfully, business buyers can stay ahead of the curve by investing in helmets, lights, locks, GPS trackers, and bike care products. These are the top trending electric bike kit accessories to sell in 2024. And finally, if you’re interested in the sports industry, and want to receive essential updates on trending products, then remember to subscribe to Alibaba Reads.

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