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Everything You Need to Know About Sourcing Beach Towels

Two beach towels laying on sand

Beach vacations are the most preferred type of holiday. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EU) reports, approximately 60% of European tourists prefer beachside vacations, with roughly 29% desiring beach vacations. 

The statistics indicate that the beach towel industry is here to stay and will be more profitable. Small and medium-sized businesses must understand how these statistics affect their business moving forward and how they can adapt to maximize profits.

This article will elaborate on different market data, trends, types of beach towels, criteria for buying a beach towel, and famous beach towel brands to help sellers stock various products.

Table of Contents
Market situation
Types of beach towels
Criteria for selecting beach towels
Popular beach towels from quality brands

Market situation

Market data

The beach towel market has been growing steadily over the years. According to Future Market Insights, the industry anticipated expanding its valuations to US$ 27.92 million in 2023. Additionally, they estimate that the industry will grow at 3.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2023 – 2033 and reach an estimated value of US$ 39.42 million in 2033.

The beach towel business is rapidly growing in specific regions such as North America and Europe. This is because these regions are experiencing an increase in spending power, economic output, and urbanization. 

Fact.MR reports that Europe and North America may account for approximately 27.6% and 24.7% of the global market share of the beach towel industry in 2022, respectively.

Also, the industry in these regions expects the beach towel business to expand in the next decade because of the increase in popularity of beach tourism across Europe. 

Growth factors

The steady growth of the beach towel business is due to the growing number of travelers on beach excursions and the increasing number of couples visiting beach tourist locations worldwide. 

Another factor contributing to the growth of the beach towel business is the growing purchasing power that increases spending on these products for personal use. The overall effect of this increase in purchasing power is expanding the industry market in the Asia Pacific. 

According to a World Bank report, they suggested that there has been a modification of consumer disposable income to 7.9% in 2021, therefore increasing the growth of the beach towel industry.

A hat and can on a striped beach towel

Retailers and small to medium-sized businesses should consider stocking microfiber beach towels. These towels have various advantages, such as their ability to capture microorganisms effectively and avoid cross-contamination, and many consumers prefer them. 

The beach towel industry will expand due to the increased adoption of technological innovation and the e-commerce sector. Different companies are open to trying new fabric innovations to create better designs. 

For instance, manufacturers use recycled fabric to create towels with the following features: rapid drying, antimicrobial, eco-friendly, lightweight, and sand repellent.

Furthermore, manufacturers are looking to develop towels that hold their weight three times in water and are extra portable. A full-size towel can fold to the size of a large burrito, occupying less space during travels. 

The rise of fabric innovation will increase market growth in the future.

The e-commerce sector has a significant influence on the increase in revenue of the beach towel industry because of the shift from traditional shopping to online shopping. In the last few years, the online revenue of beach towels has doubled. 

Research suggests that for every US$ 5 spent on a beach towel, US$ 1 is an online purchase. Buyers prefer shopping for towels online because of the variety of options available from many brands. Also, the e-commerce space offers customers credit points and huge discounts, which drives online sales.

Key market players

The key market players in the beach towel industry include:

  • Dock & Bay
  • Laguna Beach Textile
  • Snappy Towels
  • Tofino Towel Co.
  • Round Towel Co.
  • Canningvale

Types of beach towels

Microfiber beach towel

Different color types of microfiber beach towel

Microfiber beach towels are made from synthetic fabric that contains ultra-fine fibers. Different sizes, colors, and shapes make them appealing to many people. The features of microfiber beach towels are they dry faster compared to other types, take up minimal space in travel bags, and are sand and odor-resistant. Apart from the beach, a microfiber towel applies to camping and sports.

The Terry beach towel

A colorful striped beach towel

Terry beach towels are made from pure cotton, are machine washable, and dry quickly. They are versatile, coming in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Terry towels are affordable but nondurable. Some of their uses include the beach and swimming pool.

Turkish cotton beach towel

A happy couple laying on Turkish beach towel

Turkish cotton beach towels are similar to standard Egyptian cotton towels. The difference is that Turkish towels have longer fibers, which make them extra soft and thinner. The features of Turkish cotton beach towels include easy packing and transporting due to their thin weight, being absorbent, and having various colors, sizes, and shapes. Some of the uses of Turkish cotton beach towels include being on the beach as a cover-up, decorative bath towel, and sofa throw.

Oversized beach towel

Oversized towel laying on sand

An oversized beach towel offers families an inclusive opportunity to sunbathe together. People use it to claim plot territory on the beach. Oversized beach towels have a large surface area and come in different types, such as Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, and Terry cloth. 

However, one downside of oversized beach towels is that they are large and cumbersome to pack in luggage. Additionally, they take more time to dry.

Hooded beach towel

a child wearing a hooded beach towel

The hooded beach towel is mainly for kids who have not mastered wrapping it around their shoulders. The towels are primarily available in small sizes, making them ideal for children. They help keep the kids dry after a long day of swimming. Some features of hooded beach towels include a hood that sits on the head and dries the hair while keeping the towel in place. They come in various patterns and colors. The hooded beach towel is suitable for the beach or for swimming pools.

Criteria for selecting beach towels


The size of the beach towel does matter; it should be comfortable in the bag. The typical size is 30 x 60 inches; however, for taller people who want more space, consider 35 x 70 inches. Retailers and small businesses should stock all sizes of beach towels to cater to different consumer needs.


A book on a pink beach towel

The type of material affects durability and absorbency. Cotton is the standard material because it is soft on the skin and dries quickly. Some other fabric options include Turkish cotton, which offers high absorbency and dries quickly; bamboo, which is eco-friendly, softer, and antimicrobial; or microfiber, which is super absorbent and less plush than cotton.


A sand–resistant towel prevents consumers from carrying sand back to their cars. Microfiber or quick-drying towels are examples of sand-resistant materials.

Price vs. quality

The quality of a beach towel affects its price. A less expensive beach towel is less absorbent, not sand-resistant, requires frequent replacement, and is not sturdy. Consequently, a costly beach towel uses high-quality sand-resistant and highly absorbent fabric. As a small business, you should stock beach towels in all price ranges to cater to different customers.

Popular beach towels from quality brands

Delilah organic cotton beach towel

An organic Turkish beach towel is versatile, durable, and eco-friendly. The manufacturer uses skin-friendly fabrics, which do not use harsh chemicals or carcinogens. The towel’s weight is high when compared to other Turkish beach towels, which explains its high durability.

Eccosophy microfiber beach towel

A woman on a blue beach towel

This is a lightweight, easy-to-pack, and affordable beach towel. It also has a matching cinch bag for storing the damp towel and keeping the other items dry. The fabric used is microfiber, which can absorb 3x its weight in moisture and dries 3x faster than other beach towels. The microfiber design makes it odor-resistant and sand-resistant.

Amazon Basics Cabana stripe beach towel

This classic beach towel has the same characteristics as a traditional beach or bath towel. The main features include a thick pile, being machine washable, and having high absorbency. These towels meet the essential criteria for being a dry, soft, and fluffy beach towel. The towel is small and measures 60 inches x 30 inches. Despite doing the primary job of a beach towel, this option is not sand resistant, it occupies ample space, and it does not dry fast.


For small and medium-sized businesses, it is important to understand the features of different types of beach towels and their benefits to your consumers in order to capitalize on the expected growth in the following years.

Incorporating the most popular types of towels into your inventory is crucial to increase revenue. Additionally, you can look to stock different colors, sizes, and patterns for various consumer preferences.

For all your beach towel inquiries, and to explore a range of great options online, visit Alibaba.com.

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