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Fashion Week Findings: 5 Avant-Garde Beauty Trends for Autumn/Winter 2023/24


The recent Fashion Week catwalks offered a glimpse into the experimental and creative beauty trends we can expect in the coming autumn/winter 2023/2024 season. From lazy, glowing skin to colorful graphic eyeliner shapes, there were plenty of exciting new looks. As an online retailer, being aware of these trends will allow you to curate products aligned with what will be popular over the next several months. This will keep your inventory fresh and appealing to customers looking for of-the-moment beauty inspiration. Read on for an overview of five key trends straight from the catwalks that you can start bringing into your product mix today.

Table of Contents:
1. LazyBeauty continues its reign
2. Graphic liners transform eyes
3. Hair sculptures defy gravity
4. Short nails make a comeback
5. Winter Brights add color
6. Final words

LazyBeauty continues its reign


The “no makeup” makeup trend shows no signs of slowing down, as fresh-faced, effortless beauty was once again a prominent aesthetic across the A/W 23/24 runways. Dubbed LazyBeauty, this look focuses on glowy, dewy skin with barely-there makeup that appears hastily applied. Models and designers seem to be saying goodbye to intricate routines and embracing the freedom of imperfect yet natural beauty.

This season’s LazyBeauty vibe centered on muted tones that subtly enhanced rather than drastically altered features. Cheeks were warmed ever so slightly with soft terracotta and skin was perfected not covered with light-diffusing tinted moisturizers and hydrating foundations. Eyes focused on fluttery mascaras, smudgy eyeliners, and shimmering champagne lids that catch the light. Lips took on organics hues with just-bitten stains and balmy glosses. Even hair reflected the low-maintenance attitude with undone textures, middle partings, and effortless waves.

To help your customers easily achieve LazyBeauty’s simplifed aesthetic for A/W 23/24, stock lightweight complexion enhancers, multi-use gel pot rouges, clear or tinted brow gels, creamy shadow crayons, and nourishing lip oils. Market these products with messaging around enhancing natural beauty and freeing up time previously spent on intricate beauty routines. Emphasize the trend’s focus on self-acceptance rather than chasing perfection. LazyBeauty’s fresh-faced radiance is about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Graphic liners transform eyes

graphic liner

While lazy, low-key makeup may have dominated the recent catwalks, graphic liner was also going strong for A/W 23/24. Dramatic feline flicks, bold abstract shapes, and unexpected pops of color around the eyes contrasted with pared back skin and lips to create major focal points. This playful trend transforms the eye area into a canvas for self-expression.

Many designers embellished models with rounded cloud-like loops, angled checkerboard prints, and geometric doll-like designs using liquid and pencil liners. Both monochromatic and multi-colored looks added artistic flair. Negative space was also utilized to make empty areas pop as much the graphic lines themselves. Uma Wang, Act N.1, and Priscavera were among the runways spotlighting these creative liner applications.

To help your customers experiment with graphic liner shapes for A/W 23/24, offer a curated selection of vivid liquid and retractable liners that glide smoothly onto lids and rims. Matte and metallic finishes in unexpected hues like seafoam green, candy pink, and cyber yellow are ideal. Market these graphic liners as quick, commitment-free ways to explore self-expression. Suggest layering colors and using stencils to achieve different patterns. Creative liner looks are all about having fun while making a personal style statement.

Hair sculptures defy gravity


Gravity-defying hair sculptures brought an avant-garde edge to the A/W 23/24 catwalks. Structured shapes that seemingly floated atop models’ heads added drama and a futuristic feel. From crimped mohawks at Junya Watanabe to teased crown-like spirals at Act N.1, hair was molded, twisted, and tucked into artistic forms.

Many of these sculptural styles seemed inspired by creations only possible with wigs or extensions. However, innovative styling products let fashion fans achieve similarly bold looks without commitment or damage. Over the past year, TikTok tutorials have spotlighted techniques for faking a short haircut or sculpting hair using clips, ribbons, and temporary coloring.

To help your customers recreate sculptural hair trends at home, provide all the necessary tools. Think thermal sprays for volume, boar bristle brushes for smooth styling, wide-tooth combs to set shapes, bobby pins to tuck in strands, and reusable velvet scrunchies to achieve an elegantly undone finish. Also offer clip-in hairpieces that instantly add lengths for dramatic silhouettes without cutting. Capture the creativity of the trend in your marketing messages and positioned sculptural hair as a way to take self-expression to new heights.

Short nails make a comeback

short nails

Though long, embellished nails still captivated at Fashion Week, one of the biggest nail trends was a return to short nails. Spotted on the runways of designers like Mark Fast, Naeem Khan, and Off-White, closely trimmed tips often sported black and brown polish for an edgy yet practical look.

For the past couple years, lengthy talons have been popular across social media and influenced many to embrace high-maintenance salon routines. However, short nails are currently surging on TikTok and Instagram as people praise their convenience and neat appearance. Some influencers even claim shorties help them better type, text, and go about daily activities.

To appeal to those embracing short nails for A/W23/24, curate polish shades that feel fresh and modern with this pared-back length. Go for darker, moodier tones like emerald, wine, and charcoal as well as eye-catching metallic rose gold and silvery lavender. Also stock nourishing base and top coats to keep short nails healthy and strong. Capture the benefits of this fuss-free trend in your product copy and suggest short nails as the perfect way to experiment with bold colors without the upkeep. Celebrate short nail looks as a symbol of confidence and practicality.

Winter Brights add color

winter brightness

Though fall and winter often inspire darker, moodier palettes, the A/W 23/24 runways demonstrated that vivid brightness never goes out of style. Pops of eye-catching color on eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails contrasted with black apparel and brought energy to cold weather ensembles. Standout hues included zingy orange at Kiko Kostadinov, seafoam green at Shuting Qiu, and bright fuchsia in multiples shows.

Color psychology suggests vibrant shades can lift spirits and inspire happiness even on the dreariest days. As many regions face shorter daylight hours and cooler temps, a swipe of vibrant shadow, a dab of cheerful blush, or a mani featuring fun tones reflects optimism. Plus, contrasting bright accents against neutral clothing and coat palettes makes a major style statement.

Offer your customers ways to incorporate uplifting winter brights with products in jewel tones, icy pastels, and punchy primaries. Suggest single bold lips or nails so color doesn’t overwhelm. Also, curate small shadow and blush palettes with bright pops so people can switch up looks. Capture the mood-boosting magic of winter brights in your marketing messages. Consumers will appreciate you helping them spark self-expression this coming chillier season.

Final words

The recent Fashion Week runways revealed an array of exciting and innovative beauty trends for the upcoming A/W 23/24 season. By keeping these top five trends on your radar and stocking aligned products, you’ll appeal to customers looking for cutting edge inspiration. Focus on multi-use makeup hybrids that simplify routines as well as vivid colors that enliven neutral winter palettes. Most importantly, encourage playful experimentation – the overarching vibe from the catwalks celebrated creativity, self-expression and embracing the unexpected. Let your product mix and messaging reflect that adventurous spirit.

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