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6 Eye & Cheek Finishes That Will Boost Sales in 2023


Eye and cheek finishes are staples in the makeup world, with customers always looking out for new styles and trends that can enhance their natural beauty and take their makeup game up the chart. 

However, the makeup industry constantly evolves, and keeping up with the latest trends can become difficult for cosmetics companies in a fast-paced society. 

This article will explore seven trendy eye and cheek finishes that businesses can exploit to increase their sales potential and profit maximization.

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Overview of the beauty and personal care products market
6 stock-worthy eye and cheek finish trends
Invest in these trends

Overview of the beauty and personal care products market

Market size

According to research, the global and personal care products market was worth US $482.8 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% per annum from 2022–2030. 

Factors influencing the market

One of the significant factors fueling the market growth is the growing awareness of consumers about their appearances. 

Men and women prioritize skin care and personal hygiene, especially among millennials, leading to increased purchases of cosmetic products. In addition, the introduction of organic skincare products and high investment in their research and development is also boosting the market growth. 

The pandemic had a significant impact on market growth. Due to the lockdown and movement restrictions, there was a disruption in the production and distribution of beauty and personal cosmetic products. It also impeded the sales of commodities by online and offline stores.

Market segments

The market is grouped into conventional and organic beauty and personal care segments based on type segmentation. In addition, the traditional beauty and personal care segment held the largest share of 84.9% in 2021.

Organic segment

On the other hand, the organic segment is expected to snowball due to rising awareness of the benefits of organic products among buyers. These cosmetics are made with organic ingredients, so they’re safer for the skin and better for the environment than conventional cosmetic products.

Skincare segment

Skincare accounted for 33.8% of the global beauty market in 2021. These stats result from the rising popularity of organic cosmetics containing natural ingredients such as herbs, plants, and fruit extracts. 

Haircare segment

Furthermore, the hair care segment is predicted to increase by 7% over the forecast period as the availability of hair products, such as shampoo, hair serum, conditioner, oils, wax, and hair colorants, is expected to boost sales in the segment.

Offline segment

The offline segment leads the distribution channel segments as cosmetic specialty stores contributed the largest income share of 35.7% in 2021. Nevertheless, the e-commerce distribution channel is set to register rapid annual growth from 2022–2030 as targeted digital marketing and heavily discounted prices are anticipated to boost sales in this segment.

Market regions

Asia-Pacific held the highest share of 38.9% of the global market in 2021 and is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period. The primary market driver is the increased number of working women in countries such as India and China and their willingness to spend on beauty and personal care products. 

Also, the growing young population with internet access offers exposure to beauty and makeup trends on social media, which is expected to fuel market growth in the region.

The North American cosmetic market is driven by the higher purchasing power of customers, especially in the U.S. and Canada. On the other hand, Europe’s beauty and personal care products market is propelled by promoting vegan and organic cosmetics, especially in countries like France, Germany, and the U.K.

6 stock-worthy eye and cheek finish trends

1. Glowing and political pinks

Woman wearing a leather jacket with pink eye makeup

This trend is all about making a bold statement with makeup. Its key features are bright, bold, and eye-catching shades of pink with shimmery or glossy textures that usually add radiance and glamor to the overall look. Pink is a color associated with feminists and social justice movements, and buyers often rock this makeup look for campaigns and social revolutions.

Different shades of pink complement different skin tones, and brands can incorporate varieties to accommodate a diversified customer base. For fair skin, soft and light pink pallets work well, while shoppers with medium skin tones can pull off bright hot pink. Deep skin tones go well with bold magenta or fuchsia shades.

Businesses can offer shimmery or glossy pink eyeshadows in different shades and pink blush for a healthy glow. For customers wanting a matte finish, a powder blush works well and should be added to the catalog.

2. Dark and romantic tones

Smoky eye makeup with wet red lipstick

Dark and romantic tones are characterized by deep, moody hues that create a sense of drama and romance. 

Dark and romantic tones feature metallics and wet-look finishes, usually involving plum, deep red, and burgundy shades. Also, consumers can blend them into the eye crease to achieve a smoky, sultry look on the eyes. Regarding textures, both matte and shimmery work well by adding a touch of glamor to the face.

For the cheeks, deep blush shades like mauve add depth and warmth to the face by complementing the dark and romantic eye makeup. This type of makeup is perfect for date nights and evening events, and customers who rock these finishes prefer mysterious and captivating looks.

3. Bold, expressive tones mixed with matte finishes

Woman in bold, colorful eye makeup and red lipstick

As the name implies, this trend incorporates bold and bright colors with understated finishes, creating a striking, eye-catching, and wearable contrast. The finished look is usually in a matte texture, neither shimmery nor glossy. 

Bold eyeshadow statement colors such as bright blues, pinks, and greens are best offered by brands to shoppers who wear this everyday look. These colors can be worn alone or blended for a more dramatic effect. Regarding blush, bold colors with a matte finish create a natural, healthy glow that complements bold eye makeup.

This trend is significant for consumers who want to make a statement with their makeup while keeping the general look natural. This sophisticated eye and cheek finish trend will boost sales for retail brands and businesses.

4. Duochromatic finishes

Woman wearing orange duochromatic eye makeup

Duochromatic eye and cheek finishes involve using products with two different shades or finishes to create a unique and eye-catching look. Usually, the makeup combines two or more colors that make a gradient effect.

The eyeshadow palettes and blushes should contain several colors and shades of the same color to offer more variety to customers. Likewise, brands can offer these eyeshadows and blooms in a shimmery and metallic finish, creating a multidimensional effect on the eyes and cheeks.

5. Shimmering red tones

Woman wearing red eyeshadow makeup

Shimmering red tones are a bold and glamorous makeup trend that employs shades of red, often with shiny or glistening finishes, to create a stunning look. This trend incorporates shades of red, from bright and bold to deep, rich tones. 

Red eyeshadows and blushes are often mixed and matched with varying shades for a more complex look. 

For the eyes, the eyeshadows can be applied alone or blended for more sophistication. In addition, the glowing finish of the red color usually reflects light, highlighting the different shades of red and creating a dazzling effect

Blushes are typically applied to the apples of the cheek outward towards the temples for a more natural look.

6. Soothing neutrals

Woman wearing glamorous neutral makeup

These timeless and classic makeup trends are distinguished by their soft, muted shades, often subtly making it seem like the wearer is without makeup. The standard color palette consists of beige, brown, and taupe that usually complement all skin tones with a calming effect.

Neutral eyeshadows with matte or satin finish are often used for eye makeup, while beige blush with a matte finish is applied to the apples of the cheek and blended outwards for a soft and delicate effect. In addition, both finishes are frequently paired with neutral lip colors.

Soothing neutrals are also round-the-clock makeup trends that are cohesive, sophisticated, and perfect for an everyday look. Businesses can cash in on these trends by adding neutral-based products to their inventory.

Invest in these trends

Investing in trendy makeup products is key to staying relevant and attracting a wider audience as a business. By offering one or more of these seven profitable trends, enterprises can keep their customers engaged and satisfied by catering to the demands of the industry. 

In addition, businesses must stay updated and constantly research the needs and preferences of their target audience to stay ahead of the curve. Finally, sellers should offer high-quality, innovative, affordable products, differentiating themselves from competitors once established.

Since the makeup industry is ever-evolving and highly competitive, brands should invest in these trendy eye and cheek finishes to stand out in the saturated sector.

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