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The Best Tennis Racket Bags for Carrying Gear

female tennis player walking with red tennis racket bag

When looking at the best tennis racket bags that not only offer comfort but also plenty of storage space for all of the consumer’s tennis gear, there are many options now available in the tennis market. 

Whether the consumer is a seasoned pro or simply likes to hit recreationally, having the right tennis racket bag can make a huge difference when carrying all of their essential gear and keeping it safe. 

Some bags will be more focused on style and the impact the physical appearance has on consumers but others are designed with functionality in mind. Keep reading to learn more about the best tennis racket bags for carrying gear.

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Global market value of tennis gear
Top types of tennis racket bags

Global market value of tennis gear

tennis racket and bag on bench inside locker room

In the past decade the popularity of tennis has grown substantially. This is down to a number of reasons but one of the biggest is that tennis has become more accessible to consumers from a lower income bracket so the demand for tennis gear such as tennis training equipment and tennis balls, as well as racket bags, has begun to increase. More consumers are also taking an interest in ways to maintain their physical health in a social environment which is what a lot of local tennis clubs offer their members. 

pink bag used to hold various pieces of tennis equipment

By 2023 the global market value of tennis equipment reached USD 9.24 billion. Between 2023 and 2033 there is expected to be a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.6% which will bring the market value to over USD 10 billion. Tennis racket bags are an important component of tennis equipment and can help consumers keep all of their tennis apparel, rackets, and training gear all in one convenient place.

Top types of tennis racket bags

man holding racket next to all black tennis racket bag

Tennis racket bags are an essential piece of tennis gear for consumers to own if they want a safe and convenient way to store their tennis equipment and want to be able to carry their gear without needing multiple bags. The top types of tennis racket bags in today’s market are a mixture of functional bags and design-oriented bags that not only look stylish while they’re being carried but also serve their intended purpose.

woman walking with black tennis racket bag on shoulder

According to Google Ads, “tennis racket bags” has an average monthly search volume of 9900 searches. Between March and September 2023 there was an 18% increase in searches and the most searches came between July and September at 12100 searches.

When looking in more detail at the various types of racket bags that consumers are most interested in purchasing, “tennis backpack” has the most searches per month at 14800 searches on average. This is followed by “tennis tote bag” at 2900 searches, “6 racket tennis bag” at 880 searches, “3 racket tennis bag” at 720 searches, “sling tennis bag” at 590 searches, and “wheeled tennis bag” at 170 searches. This shows that consumers are looking for racket bags that are convenient to carry but offer enough space to fit essential equipment inside. Keep reading to learn about each of these tennis racket bags in more detail.

Tennis backpack

woman wearing patterned tennis racket backpack on the court

The general idea of a tennis racket bag is a large bag that fits many rackets and is worn over the shoulder. However the tennis backpack is a very popular choice among consumers who want a lightweight and smaller option that can still accommodate essential gear. Tennis backpacks are designed with a separate racket compartment that’s padded to protect the rackets from damage. 

The main compartment is very spacious, like a regular backpack, so that clothing and tennis accessories can fit inside. Some tennis backpacks will also include a separate shoe compartment, adjustable straps, a water bottle holder, and ventilation along the back which is especially popular for consumers who are riding a bike to the courts. 

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 33% increase in searches for “tennis backpack”, with 12100 and 18100 searches respectively.

Tennis tote bag

two women walking on court with tennis tote bags

Tennis tote bags are a stylish alternative to traditional tennis bags and are a popular option for consumers who focus on fashion as well as functionality. The main compartment of the tennis tote bag is spacious enough to hold more than one tennis racket along with clothing, shoes, and tennis accessories. The bag also features both interior and exterior pockets that provide easy access to smaller accessories. Tennis tote bags can be worn over the shoulder or by the handles and have a zipper closure that ensures the items inside are kept safe. In terms of materials they’re mainly found made of canvas or nylon, with more expensive versions implementing leather into the design. 

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 19% increase in searches for “tennis tote bag”, with 2900 and 3600 searches respectively.

6 racket tennis bag

man walking with black 6 racket tennis bag on court

Consumers who spend a lot of time on the court or are tennis coaches will want to have a tennis racket bag that can hold several rackets without compromising on space. The 6 racket tennis bag offers a large racket compartment to hold up to 6 rackets without causing damage and some styles of bags will offer dividers inside that helps to keep them partially separated. 

The main compartment is designed to hold extra clothing, shoes, and tennis gear and smaller pockets will be included in the design to help consumers store smaller items. Since this is a large tennis racket bag it’s important that the straps are padded enough to be worn comfortably and that there is back ventilation to prevent excessive sweating.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 28% increase in searches for “6 racket tennis bag”, with 720 and 1000 searches respectively.

3 racket tennis bag

red and white 3 racket tennis bag sitting on court

3 racket tennis bags are similar in design to 6 racket tennis bags but on a smaller scale. They feature a separate racket compartment that can hold up to 3 rackets and some bags will incorporate a thermal layer into the design to protect the rackets from hot weather conditions. The compact size of the 3 racket tennis bag is a practical choice for consumers who don’t need to carry too much tennis gear with them but still want the option of changing rackets in a match or training session. 

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was an 18% increase in searches for “3 racket tennis bag”, with 590 and 720 searches respectively.

Sling tennis bag

red leather sling tennis bag with white racket inside

The sling tennis bag is a popular alternative to the tennis backpack and is designed to fit comfortably across the chest. The diagonal strap makes it easier for consumers to grab their gear without taking the bag off and the comfortable padded strap allows it to be worn like a messenger bag with a quick release buckle that may be incorporated into it. The sling tennis bag doesn’t offer as much storage space as the backpack or large racket bags but it’s ideal for consumers who don’t want to carry too much gear with them.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 0% increase in searches for “sling tennis bag” which remained at 590 searches. This type of bag was the most searched for in October at 880 searches. 

Wheeled tennis bag

red and black large tennis racket bag on wheels

One of the more unique types of tennis bags available to consumers is the wheeled tennis bag. These bags are predominantly used by consumers who need to transport a lot of gear to and from the court and are especially popular with tennis teams. The key features of the wheeled tennis bag are the retractable handle that allows the bag to be pulled, the durable wheels that can be used on tennis courts, and the large compartment that can hold ample numbers of tennis rackets, shoes, clothing, and other training gear.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 47% increase in searches for “wheeled tennis bag”, with 110 and 210 searches respectively.


tennis ball on bench sitting next to racket bag

Most tennis racket bags are designed to hold at least 2 tennis rackets as well as some additional accessories. Depending on the needs of the consumer some may want a large racket bag that holds multiple rackets as well as tennis gear whereas others will lean towards a more compact design that can be easily carried without much hindrance. The best tennis racket bags for carrying gear all serve the same purpose but differences in designs and physical appearance is what will attract consumers the most. 

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