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Five Must-Know Sports Wristband Trends for 2024

a man reaching into a basket wearing a sports wristband

Sports wristbands are multipurpose accessories that consumers can use to prevent injury, soak up sweat, and even match the aesthetics of an athletic outfit. And with so many sports wristbands available today, consumers can use them for a range of functions.

However, the wide variety also poses a challenge, as businesses may find it difficult to pinpoint the best sellers. Thankfully, this article will highlight the hottest sports wristband trends worth paying attention to in 2024.

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What’s the state of the wristband market in 2024?
Sports wristbands: five trends to stock up on in 2024
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What’s the state of the wristband market in 2024?

a female tennis player wearing a white sports wristband

The fitness industry is experiencing a boom as consumers are educated on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And with even more consumers showing interest in sports activities, wristbands are fast becoming the next big item in the market.

According to reports, the global sports wristband market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% from 2023 to 2029. North America is also ranked as the top region with the largest share in the sports wristband market. 

Sports wristbands: five trends to stock up on in 2024


two men wearing sports wristbands shaking hands

High-intensive sporting activities like basketball and tennis generate a lot of sweat—and sweat dripping down the arm may affect performance. But with sweatbands, consumers can focus on their sport as the accessory will absorb any moisture around the wrist.

Sweatbands are like little towels consumers can wear on their wrists. In addition to absorbing sweat from the arms, wearers can use them to wipe sweat from their faces conveniently. Plus, they’re performing excellently search-wise as Google Ads shows they’ve maintained a 40500 search interest in 2023.

athlete with a ball and racket wearing white sweatbands

Usually, manufacturers craft them with moisture-wicking materials like polyester and nylon. They may also have moisture-absorbing materials like cotton or a blend of both. Even better is the multiple personalization options available with sweatbands. Businesses can stock up on sweatbands in various colors, allowing consumers to choose based on their preferences.

One thing to note about sweatbands is that they come in grades, affecting their performance. The table below explores the available grades and why consumers may want them:

Sweatband gradeDescription
Low-grade sweatbandsThese sweatbands are usually crafted from budget-friendly materials, like cotton or polyester. They might not be the toughest and they may not soak up sweat like a pro, but they are the wallet-friendly choice.
Medium-grade sweatbandsHere, manufacturers step up their game by using better-quality materials like bamboo or merino wool. As a result, medium-grade sweatbands are built to last and soak up sweat better than low-grade variants.
High-grade sweatbandsThese sweatbands are at the top of the tier, using the best materials like DriFIT and Coolmax. Plus, these sweatbands are incredibly durable and absorbent.

Weighted wristbands

a man with his fist balled wearing a weighted wristband

Weighted wristbands had their heyday in the 80’s, but guess what? They’re back in the spotlight as must-have fitness accessories. The reason? Well, now they come in all sorts of stylish colors and designs consumers can’t resist.

Plus, they’re getting a lot of love, with an average of 3600 monthly searches—and even hitting a peak of 4400 in October 2023.

These wristbands help crank up the workout intensity by adding resistance to any training—which, in turn, amps up the calorie burn with each rep. What’s more, weighted wristbands apply the right pressure to bones, giving them a little workout and helping to increase their density.

a man in a white tank top posing with a weighted wristband

Weighted wristbands are most sought after by consumers who want to increase muscle strength and endurance in their arms, wrists, and shoulders. They’re also perfect for users looking to improve their balance and coordination, reduce their risk of injury, and improve athletic performance.

Cold compression wristbands

injured male wearing a black cold compression wristband

If consumers want cold therapy while engaging in sports activities, then businesses can offer them cold compression wristbands. These accessories have removable gel packs that consumers can cool in a fridge and wrap around their hands to soothe their wrists.

a man showcasing his cold compression wristband

Cold compression wristbands are the best options to help consumers reduce pain and soothe strains after a workout. Even if consumers don’t have health concerns, they’ll still help improve their overall wrist health.

Speaking of health concerns, cold compression wristbands are consumer favorites for treating various wrist conditions, including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and sprains. Although their performance is not the best, they grew from 30 to 90 searches in October 2023.

Weightlifting wrist wraps

a young woman putting on a red weightlifting wrist wrap

Weightlifting wrist wraps are all the rage this season because they bring solid stability and support to the user’s wrists while pumping iron. More importantly, they’re a hit because they ensure the wrist and forearm stay aligned perfectly, reducing the risk of strain and other pesky wrist injuries.

Another impressive feature of these wrist wraps is their varying lengths. Businesses can invest in 16 (standard size), 24, and 30 inches for men, while women’s variants max out 12 inches.

a middle-aged man adjusting his weightlifting wrist wrap

Even better, weightlifting wrist wraps can help consumers improve their weightlifting game. They help them focus on their lifts without worrying about their wrists, allowing consumers to use increased weights and perform more reps/sets.

And when consumers have wrist injuries, weightlifting wrist wraps can quicken the recovery process by providing wrist compression and support. 

However, wrist wraps are the go-to for joint stability when weightlifting, not compensation for poor lifting techniques. Nevertheless, they’ve drawn in 9900 searches in October 2023.

Customized wristbands

a muscular man wearing a white customized wristband

What if consumers want something more aesthetic? Then customized wristbands will be the best offer. They’re like regular sweatbands—they’ll help absorb sweat, provide support, improve grip, and reduce injury risk. But these wristbands will do it in style. 

In most sports activities, athletes need motivation to keep going. Customized wristbands do just that by giving wearers a sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when they sport the team logo or a personal message.

multiple sports wristbands with different customizations

Customized wristbands are also the best way to foster team spirit and unity. Athletes wearing the same wristbands create a sense of camaraderie and belonging, helping to improve communication and cooperation. This means they offer more than just aesthetics in the field of play.

Based on Google data, the keyword “customized wristbands” records a monthly search average of 14800 among buying consumers. It also maintained a steady search interest in October 2023.

Final words

Sports wristbands aren’t anything new but are gaining more recognition as a gym bag essential. Sweatbands are reviving as the go-to for sweat-dripping sports, while customized wristbands offer a more stylish way to protect the wrist.

Weightlifting wrist wraps help consumers lift without worries, while weighted wristbands add resistance to any workout. Lastly, cold compression is the perfect accessory to help with swelling, inflammation, and other wrist problems. 

Leverage these sports wristband trends to avoid missing out on sales in 2024.

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