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Food Packaging Trends: Innovative Ideas That Boost Sales


Moving into 2022, brands will consider their food packaging to be part of a wider marketing strategy. As Gen Z consumers are set to take over, the focus is shifting towards sustainable packaging, but consumers still expect originality and reliability. Some countries, such as France, have already banned the use of plastic in their fruit and veg packaging. Eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable packaging, and recycled food products packaging will likely flourish in this market.

As online shopping continues to thrive, the visible increase in paper boxes and bags for e-commerce packaging is set to do the same. From smart food packaging to green packaging and transparent packaging for food products, new trends will dominate the industry in 2022.

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Sustainable packaging for consumers to reuse
Simple minimalist food packaging
Protective packaging that safeguards fragile deliveries
Packaging that reveals the food products inside
Smart packing features for customers to engage with

Plastic packaging fresh oranges

Sustainable packaging for consumers to reuse

Consumers are concerned with climate change and expect to see branded food products demonstrating green credentials. A recent study shows that 85% of consumers change their minds about purchases based on climate change inaction. One way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the environment is through the use of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Consumers can simply compost these food packaging supplies at home and feel confident in doing their bit for the environment.

A shift away from single-use plastics for food products means that recycled cardboard food packaging supplies will become popular. Companies may choose to continue with plastic food packaging, but they will encourage their customers to reuse the packaging or utilize recycled plastics, avoiding single-use plastics. This will create a trend for more durable packaging that is simple to clean, repair, and store.

Simple minimalist food packaging supplies

Numerous high-end brands have chosen to de-clutter their packaging and in doing so allowed the product to take center stage. This concept is likely to be celebrated in the new year, as minimalist food packaging supplies signal to consumers that the food products have a premium feel. Brands will also rely on restrained packaging to communicate a sense of honesty and confidence in their items.

From simple designs to a monotone color pallet, 2022 will herald a move away from brash, bold food packaging supplies. Instead, food packaging supplies will combine a high degree of functionality with easily identifiable branding. The minimalist trend will also impact packaging volume. Companies are set to identify food packagings that are not required for the safe transportation of their products and remove them. This will create a demand for innovative food packaging supplies which cut back on bulk and as a result, can reduce cycle time.

Orange green blue fondant packaging

Protective packaging that safeguards fragile deliveries

As the growth in online shopping continues, more than ever packaging is relied upon to safeguard products during the delivery process to ensure food products arrive free from harm. When people buy fragile goods or food products, it is the item’s protective packaging that reassures them it has arrived intact. Protective packaging can also protect food products from oxidation and outside contamination, preserving their freshness.

Consumers expect high standards and tampering or water damage will often result in a return. Therefore, businesses will look for food packaging supplies that will keep their items fully covered and in great condition. For general deliveries, food packaging supplies such as corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap will lead the way, while thermal liners and temperature-controlled packaging will emerge as a popular solution for transporting heat-sensitive food products.

Many boxes of fresh strawberries

Packaging that reveals the food products inside

When a company uses transparent packaging, consumers can see exactly what food products are being offered before purchasing. This type of food packaging has long been thought to provide a clean and fresh look, a quality that is ever more important to consumers. Although it is mainly about perception, buyers are tending to purchase food products that appear natural and wholesome.

Food packaging with transparent windows allows them to see both the texture and color of food products, thereby showcasing the attributes of its ingredients. In the coming year, packaging with a clear lid or entirely transparent food packaging supplies will become as important for consumers as accurate food products labeling.

canned honey

Smart packaging features for customers to engage with

Most consumers have a smart device with them at all times, so brands will be keen to maximize the potential of smart packaging. Technology such as QR codes, authentication codes, and linked websites can easily be integrated with food packaging supplies. They allow a business to reveal more of their story, as well as entertain their customers or inform them of new food products.

The use of smart labels is expected to increase three-fold by 2030 so it’s a good idea for businesses to get ahead of the curve. Within seconds, the packaging can provide information on how the food products were made, what ingredients were used, and the nutritional content. Packaging will begin to link the digital world with the consumer’s world in ever more advanced ways.

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone

Food packaging in 2022

As we head into the third year of the pandemic, customers will start paying more attention to sustainably sourced materials, through to minimalist designs and protective packaging. Transparency will be key, in both maintaining and establishing customer satisfaction and future relationships to design. Businesses will have to think about their recycling solutions to meet customer expectations. In some ways, companies will be expected to go back to basics in terms of design, giving customers free and easy access to the data they need while allowing the premium products to speak for themselves.

The trend toward smart packaging will gather momentum through 2022 and into the future. Find minimalist food packaging supplies, packaging with smart tech incorporated, and advanced protective packaging to reduce your carbon footprint and appeal to Gen Z audiences. By creating eco-friendly, attractive, and sustainable packaging designs, brands are set to appeal to the masses, while showcasing the ethics and morals of their brand.

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