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Ford Performance Cobra Jet EV Demonstrator Sets Second Drag Racing World Record

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The Ford Performance Cobra Jet EV demonstrator broke the world record for the fastest quarter-mile pass with a full bodied-drag car with a blistering time of 7.759 seconds at 180.14 miles per hour at the National Hot Rod Association Winter Nationals.

Ford Performance Cobra Jet EV

It’s the second time the Cobra Jet EV Demonstrator has made history with NHRA, following its original record of 8.128 seconds at 171.97 miles per hour set back in 2021.

The achievement was the result of numerous innovations, from slashing the battery system’s weight by more than 40% to fine-tuning the suspension geometry.


The Super Cobra Jet 1800’s journey from concept to record-breaker involved significant upgrades over the previous 1400-horsepower version. Among these were a custom control strategy and a cutting-edge lightweight battery system, born from the collaboration between Ford Performance and MLe Racecars.

The Super Cobra Jet 1800 utilizes the same four PN-250-DZR inverters coupled to two double-stacked DS-250-115 motor pairings as before, but now attached to a new transmission from Liberty and powered by an entirely redone, lighter weight battery system designed by Ford Performance and MLe Racecars.

The power is sent to an MLe Racecars-revised rear end featuring improved suspension geometry from PMR and larger Mickey Thompson drag radials to optimize launches.

The dedication to innovation extended to a blank page redesign of the battery system, achieving a 30% power increase.

Everything is managed by Ford Performance proprietary control software running on AEM-EV hardware, with a new data acquisition system, dash and power distribution system all designed in-house.

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