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Foxconn Invests in Smart EV Company Indigo; SmartWheels

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Indigo Technologies, a robotics-focused Smart EV OEM with road-sensing SmartWheels invented by team out of MIT, received a strategic investment from Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn). Indigo develops light utility EVs designed for sustainable ride hail, delivery and autonomous transportation services.

Foxconn’s Chief Strategy Officer for Electric Vehicles Jun Seki, who was former CEO of Nidec and COO of Nissan, joins Indigo’s Board of Directors.

According to Foxconn, this will support the vision to turn an MIT invention into a global innovation with commercial adoption. Partnered with the largest TNCs, DNCs and FMCs, Indigo’s EV software and hardware solutions with TaaS Transport-as-a-Service package will include fleet transport operations and manage autonomous fleet mobility on public roads.

Road-sensing SmartWheels robotics hardware and software fully integrates drivetrain and suspension as a tech package to enable a new vehicle architecture, making lighter, more efficient EVs.



Indigo’s first SmartWheels-powered EV, the FLOW, will have more usable cabin space, a lower flat floor, a smoother ride experience and better unit economics than any vehicle of its class, the company claims. The FLOW will have 180 cubic feet of space, approximately 200 miles of range, be priced near $37,000 and is expected to hit US roads in late 2026.

Indigo will also deliver a smaller Smart EV called the DASH with the latest telematics and sensors connected to its cloud software to help fleets lower risks and total-cost-of-ownership while improving service experiences. The DASH will have 90 cubic feet of space, 140 miles of range, be priced near $27,000 and will be in trial 2H 2024, with volume delivery early 2025.

Source from Green Car Congress

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