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The Future of Lashes and Brows: 4 Trends in 2023


Eyelash and eyebrow trends in 2023 are favoring a more natural appearance. This increased interest in natural lashes and brows is creating new opportunities for products that support and stimulate hair health and growth, especially for those seeking alternatives to invasive and expensive treatments such as extensions and microblading. 

Let’s take a deeper look into what consumers are looking for when it comes to lash and brow products this coming year. 

Table of Contents
The market for lashes and brows
The importance of product proof
Ophthalmologists are the new derms
Alternatives treatments and cosmetic hybrids
Ethical lash evolutions
The future of brows and lashes

The market for lashes and brows

Interest in lashes and brow products has increased in recent years due to shifting beauty ideals and the impact of the pandemic. Additionally, the cost-of-living crisis has created a demand for affordable alternatives to pro-treatments and extensions, while a move toward less augmented looks has accelerated interest in products that boost natural brows and lashes. 

The global eyelash serum market was valued at US $752 million in 2020 and is projected to reach US $1.3 billion in early 2023, with products including growth-enhancing serums and make-up hybrids experiencing high demand. 

Lash- and brow-related content is a top beauty category on TikTok, with #LashSerum amassing 641 million views, #LashSerumResults 92.8 million, and #BrowGrowth 40.8 million. 

People with full done coloured eyebrows

The importance of product proof

Proof has become beauty’s most powerful purchase incentive and a compelling part of product appeal. Successful brands will invest in potent high-performance ingredients and evidence their claims with data and science. 

According to Euromonitor’s International Beauty Survey, 40% of consumers said they look for proven efficacy over natural or organic ingredient claims. As the appetite for more potent formulations grows, people are leaning into science-backed brands and products. The medicalization of beauty, especially skincare, has increased the appeal of ingredient-led options. 

The desire for science-backed products is just as crucial in lash and brow products, especially regarding growth support claims.

Few lash and brow serums are medically proven to alter hair’s anagen-growing phase. Still, new innovative formulations are closing the gap between potency and performance, offering clean, safe and technically advanced options. Serums charged with potent skincare botanicals and nutrients such as peptides, biotins, and keratin can effectively stimulate lash growth and keep them strong, hydrated and nourished.

Ophthalmologist checking vision of patient

Ophthalmologists are the new derms

Beauty consumers prize professional expertise over other metrics. When it comes to products for the eyes, ophthalmologists are the stars. According to Statista, 55% of people in the UK agree there is a relationship between eye health and other illnesses. 

As eyes are subjected to increasing levels of blue light and pollution, interest in opto-cosmetics is growing. Physician-first brands and products offer an antidote to often dangerous TikTok trends and celebrity-fronted brands and are perceived as superior and trustworthy.

As in skincare, medically led brands with safe products formulated for sensitive eye areas will gain traction. COVID-19 and stress-related hair loss are affecting brows and lashes. With proven medical links between stress and trichotillomania, there is an opportunity for brands to support customers with sensitive strategies and restorative products.

Woman getting eyebrows done professionally

Alternatives treatments and cosmetic hybrids

Provide an alternative to invasive and expensive lash and brow procedures by focusing on restorative products. Restorative products that aid recovery and create natural length and fullness are booming. 

Put added benefits front and center in lash and brow products. Cost-conscious shoppers seek affordable indulgences that offer extra functionality, especially regarding health and well-being, which will be a crucial factor in a purchase decision.

The demand for hybrid formats is rising as people become more cautious about consumption. Cost, streamlined routines, and superior functionality have become priorities as consumers expect more from traditional items.

Look to existing cosmetic eye products that could be imbued with properties beneficial to lashes. Invest in cross-category developments that blur the boundaries between make-up, skincare, science and haircare. Liquid eyeliners and mascaras are a good example, evolving into transformative lash boosters.

Woman holding mascara brush close to her eye

Ethical lash evolutions

To resonate with eco-minded consumers, brands must balance performance and the planet. Globally, 47% of consumers are more likely to choose brands that have both, while one in three stated they were unlikely to buy a sustainable brand if the quality is reduced. Invest in certification and be fully transparent and traceable throughout the supply chain to combat greenwashing and to build trust. 

NielsenIQ reports 77% of consumers reject brands guilty of greenwashing, so what you say must match what you do. Organizations such as Provenance protect shoppers by connecting claims to evidence from the supply chain or third-party verification.

The future of brows and lashes

Beauty consumers want more for their money, especially from niche items like lash or brow products. Products that go beyond instant cosmetic improvement and offer long-term brow and lash health will land better with smart consumers. 

Science-led brow and lash brands with products backed by clinical testing or third-party verification will resonate with people. Support growth and improved health claims with evidence, including scientific data and before and after imagery. 

Finally, the cost-of-living crisis and concerns about eye health are shifting people away from invasive, expensive and time-consuming treatments and extensions. Position lash and brow care products as a wise long-term investment that help consumers save time and money and are better for the planet.

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