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Unlocking the Benefits of Mesotherapy Devices in 2024

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At one point in time, most cosmetic interventions required surgery. This meant people had to go under the needle to achieve their desired lift or to handle certain skin conditions.

However, the era of non-surgical cosmetic procedures ushered in fantastic solutions that offer similar results, but without the uncomfortable process and its hefty price tag. And one notable non-surgical procedure is mesotherapy.

But, before diving into the different mesotherapy devices to sell in 2024, businesses must first understand the concept of this beauty procedure and what it can do. 

This article will explore everything sellers need to know before entering this market in 2024.

Table of Contents
Mesotherapy: What is this beauty procedure?
What are the benefits of mesotherapy?
Top mesotherapy devices to stock in 2024
Does the aesthetic treatment have any side effects?
Wrapping up

Mesotherapy: What is this beauty procedure?

Introduced by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952, mesotherapy is an effective rejuvenating technique that injects a cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and plant extracts through microneedles. This technique works on the middle layer of the skin, making it similar to acupuncture.

Depending on the injection technique, one can choose between three types of mesotherapy: point-by-point, upper skin, and comprehensive mesotherapy. Some technicians also classify mesotherapy based on application area—which means that one can get hair mesotherapy, body mesotherapy, and mesolifting.

Mesolipo is another form of mesotherapy that targets body fat. Although less potent than surgical liposuction, mesolipo uses natural, active fat-reduction ingredients to stimulate fat metabolism.  

What is needle-free mesotherapy?

While mesotherapy procedures typically involve needles, not everyone can handle the little punctures. For this reason, needle-free mesotherapy became a huge hit, as technicians use ultrasonic machines to inject drug mixtures into the middle skin layer without microneedles.

But how does this happen? The ultrasonic machine pushes the cell membrane from a semi-permeable state into a fully permeable one for a short time, allowing the skin to absorb the liquid treatment.

Although needle-free mesotherapy has less successful results than their needle variants, it’s still an amazing alternative for people sensitive to needles.

What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy offers various benefits. For starters, the beauty procedure instantly improves dull, tired-looking skin and straightens superficial wrinkles. It can also help boost blood circulation and help the body remove aging toxins.

But that’s only the start. Mesotherapy can also help consumers treat hyperpigmentation, acne, and “lit-from-within” skin glow. The vitamin cocktail popular with mesotherapy can also stimulate the skin to produce more collagen—making it an effective way to combat various aging signs.

Here’s an interesting fact: typically, mesotherapy cocktails can contain over 50 active ingredients, all helping to nourish, rejuvenate, and repair the skin.

Top mesotherapy devices to stock in 2024

Mesotherapy gun

Anonymous hand holding mesotherapy gun

Mesotherapy guns are handheld devices that deliver vitamin cocktails to the skin through multiple fine needles, allowing for precise and even distribution. Manufacturers design these devices to minimize discomfort and maximize efficiency during the procedure.

Typically, mesotherapy guns feature adjustable needle depths and injection rates, allowing practitioners to customize the treatment to each patient’s needs. These guns also use controlled pressure systems to ensure accurate and consistent injected substance delivery.

But, if consumers want something less invasive, they’ll love needle-free mesotherapy guns. These non-invasive devices use electrical pulses to temporarily create tiny pores in the skin, allowing them to deliver the active ingredients deeper into the skin.

Mesotherapy guns are the go-to devices for reducing cellulite, improving skin texture/elasticity, promoting hair growth, and reducing localized fat deposits. Although meso gun therapies are generally safe and well-tolerated, sellers should only offer the devices to trained/experienced professionals.

Mesotherapy needles

Mesotherapy needles on a white background

Mesotherapy needles offer the most basic way to apply mesotherapy procedures. Usually, they look like regular syringes with thin, short needles (typically ranging from 4mm to 13mm in length). However, some variants ditch the traditional design and use a pack of microneedles to inject various substances.

These needles typically come from stainless steel, with their size depending on the area to be treated and the client’s desired results. Mesotherapy needles are also very thin, meaning they cause minimal discomfort during procedures.

But unlike meso guns, using mesotherapy needles involves multiple injections in the affected area.   

Dermal rollers

Four pink dermal rollers on a white background

Dermal rollers offer a different way to dish out mesotherapy cocktails. These handheld tools offer tiny needles that create controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, triggering the body’s natural healing response and promoting collagen/elastin production.

While dermal rollers are not technically the same as mesotherapy, they can help achieve similar results. For this reason, many practitioners consider them effective ways to infuse serums into the skin deeply.

More importantly, despite micro-needling treatments being famous for targeting the skin’s first layer, modern advancements have made it possible to target the middle layers (more common with mesotherapy) with dermal rollers.

Unlike meso guns and needles, dermal rollers are consumer-friendly, meaning they don’t need expert hands to use them effectively. So, businesses can offer them to at-home consumers to improve the appearance of the face, neck, and body.

Does the aesthetic treatment have any side effects?

Like any other cosmetic injection procedure, mesotherapy may have the following side effects (albeit in rare cases):

  • Bruising: a more common side effect that may last up to a week. However, there is no need for concern as bruising is caused by injections puncturing the skin’s blood vessels. 
  • Swelling: If consumers encounter swelling, it’s only part of the skin’s inflammatory response, so it’ll last only a few days. It’s an expected and normal outcome for needle mesotherapy treatments.
  • Tenderness: The treatment area may also become tender to pressure and touch. It’s a sign the mesotherapy is still in action, and practitioners should not repeat the treatment until the tenderness resolves (usually in 1-2 weeks).

Wrapping up

Gone are the days when consumers had to visit surgeons for all cosmetic procedures. While the deeper cosmetic treatments (like liposuction and plastic surgery) still require surgical procedures, they’re not the only way to achieve desired looks in this era.

Consumers can now turn to treatments like mesotherapy to rejuvenate their skin, target excess fat, combat hair loss, and fix aging signs without breaking the bank for surgeries. Businesses can offer mesotherapy guns and needles to professionals qualified to handle this beauty procedure and dermal rollers for at-home use.

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