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What Are the Highlights of Each New Product for Laser Companies Competing on the Same Stage at the China International Industrial Fair

the fiber laser cutting machine cut the metal plate

On September 19, 2023, the 23rd China International Industrial Fair was opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC Shanghai). Companies from various fields gathered on site, and many new products gathered together. OFweek Laser takes you to learn about some of the exhibits for laser companies to buy.

Raycus Laser

At NECC Shanghai, Raycus Laser held a new product autumn press conference on-site, launching several heavyweight new products: the first 120 kW ultra-high power fiber laser in China and the HP series 20 kW laser. Meanwhile, it collaborated with multiple integrator companies to launch the “Ares Level Cutting Equipment” and conducted a light demonstration on-site at the exhibition booth. The first 120 kW laser in China, equipped with a new generation of high-power combiner, has achieved comprehensive breakthroughs in pump efficiency, signal insertion loss, and beam quality and improved product reliability significantly. The HP high-performance series fiber laser has a power of 6 kW/12 kW/20 kW, mainly for precise upgrades based on customer needs in fields such as metal processing, new energy, automobile, and photovoltaic.

the first 120 kW ultra-high power fiber laser in China

HAN’S Laser/HAN’S Photonics

HAN’S Laser showcased over 50 pieces of mechanical equipment and numerous exquisite samples, including a high-speed tin ball dual station welding machine, three-chuck heavy-duty pipe cutting machine, direct-drive-motor comprehensive exhibition stand, high-power series components, etc., promoting the collaborative transformation and development of digital and green manufacturing industry. HAN’S Photonics has brought innovative achievements in multiple fiber lasers.

HAN'S Laser showcased over 50 pieces of mechanical equipment and numerous exquisite samples
HAN'S Photonics: multiple fiber lasers

Maxphotonics Laser

Maxphotonics Laser and Penta Laser jointly launched the world’s first 85 kW laser cutting machine, again breaking the maximum power record in the cutting field. The world’s first 85 kW fiber laser by Maxphotonics Laser marks a qualitative leap in domestic components and laser products, and it also shows that Maxphotonics Laser has possessed leading global technological strength in the ultra-high power field. Meanwhile, the Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society (COS) has conducted research and certified that the 85 kW Maxphotonics Laser is currently the highest power record for fiber lasers in the global industrial cutting field.

Maxphotonics Laser and Penta Laser jointly launched the world's first 85 kW laser cutting machine


HGTECH Laser brings multiple latest technological products and a series of laser+intelligent manufacturing solutions, demonstrating the processing capabilities of intelligent equipment on site and the comprehensive display of laser manufacturing capabilities. The products include high-power and large-format laser groove-cutting machines and smart devices for online laser cleaning of tire molds. The high-power large-format laser groove cutting machine has advantages such as ultra-high-power, super large format, direct groove cutting, and one-time forming.



TRUMPF launched the slogan “YOUWIN”, demonstrating the value that TRUMPF’s products can bring to users. At the exhibition, TRUMPF displayed TruDisk series products. TruDisk is a high-power solid-state laser that performs welding, cutting, and surface treatment on metals, particularly favored in applications that urgently require high power and optimal beam quality.

TRUMPF displayed TruDisk series products

Swiss Bystronic

Bystronic has launched multiple products, including laser cutting machines, bending machines, and automation solutions. At the exhibition, Bystronic DNE and Raycus Laser jointly launched a high-end manufacturing equipment called a 60 kW ultra-high power high-speed laser cutting machine, with Bystronic DNE’s self-developed By-Power cutting head and Raycus Laser’s high-performance HP series laser, suitable for thick plate processing and medium and thin plate cutting.

60 kW ultra-high power high-speed laser cutting machine


The “Thunder” series of lasers at the BWT booth were eye-catching, including Thunder 12 kW fiber laser and Thunder high brightness 20 kW fiber laser. The Thunder series fiber laser has three main characteristics, such as CTC integrated design for high integration, Thunder series optical platform achieving high power, and power combining technology achieving high brightness.

ChiptoChassis (CTC), also known as chip integration technology, integrates the design of chips, heat sink structures, pump modules, and lasers, eliminating the need for assembly from the chip to the pump module and subsequent stages, effectively reducing the volume and weight of the pump source, and achieving high integration.

The "Thunder" series of lasers


JPT integrates research and development, production, and sales of lasers, laser/optical intelligent equipment, and fiber optic devices. At this exhibition, it brought a series of fiber lasers.

JPT fiber lasers

DK Laser

DK Laser participated in the exhibition with numerous products, including brands such as Sirius, Leo, and Orion. The Sirius high brightness continuous fiber laser adopts unique mode purification technology, and the beam quality is close to the diffraction limit. By matching output optical fibers with different core diameters, it can meet the application needs of various fields such as 3D printing, deep penetration welding, power battery laser welding, scientific research customization, etc. For welding specific materials (thermal conductive materials, refractory metal materials), such as aluminum alloys, copper, etc., they can achieve a better welding quality and a better aspect ratio.

The “Leo” ultra-high-speed cladding continuous fiber laser. DK Laser has developed a unique anti-high reflection solution tailored to the characteristics of additive manufacturing, with a built-in power negative feedback mechanism. The SRS suppression of the product is better than 40 dB, and the output core diameter can reach 1,000 μm. The homogenization degree is greater than 90%, providing product support for achieving stable and high-speed cladding processing. Meanwhile, DK Laser continues to develop and improve laser cladding processes, providing strong technical support for customers.

The Sirius high brightness continuous fiber laser
The "Leo" ultra-high-speed cladding continuous fiber laser

Penta Laser

Penta Laser brought Lightning BOLT60kW intelligent laser cutting machine, three-chuck groove pipe cutting machine, laser hand-held welding machine/cleaning machine, and other products. Meanwhile, Penta Laser and Maxphotonics Laser jointly launched the world’s first 85 kW laser cutting machine.

HSG Laser

HSG Laser participated in NECC Shanghai and brought products such as the TL730S piloted “4+1” fully-free heavy-duty groove pipe cutting machine, TP65SD flagship drilling and attack integrated laser composite pipe cutting machine, and G4020V pilot model 6G complete direct drive laser cutting machine.

The pilot model of “4+1” fully free heavy-duty groove pipe cutting machine at the booth has attracted the attention of many viewers. This product has an innovative 4+1 chuck structure – C3&C4 combined in one; Four-chuck full-travel movement, heavy-duty intelligent wireless digital chuck; Heavy-pipe multi-point support technology; X9800 multi-chuck bus cutting system; Heavy-pipe-and-profile groove cutting technology; Automatic loading and unloading of standard weight pipes.

The TL730S piloted "4+1" fully-free heavy-duty groove pipe cutting machine

LD Laser

LD Laser held the world’s first 80 kW ultra-high power laser cutting machine at the exhibition site. After leading the first 40 kW and first 50 kW laser cutting machine to land and be put into production in China, LD Laser once again pushed the peak power of laser cutting applications to 80 kW.

This equipment uses a brand new Bochu system paired with a BOCI 80 kW intelligent laser head, which can achieve real-time monitoring and feedback of environmental data such as air pressure, protection mirror/focusing mirror pollution, core cavity temperature, and others during the cutting process. It also has intelligent functions such as monitoring the cutting process (if not penetrated during the cutting process, it will automatically cut back), intelligent perforation and intelligent cutting, which are sufficient to achieve long-term full-power stable cutting.

LD Laser

Bodor Laser

Bodor Laser has brought a new category of laser scanning and cutting machines to the industry, as well as the flagship laser pipe cutting machine that represents the pinnacle of industry technology and leads the era of four chucks. Bodor Laser has issued a resounding slogan: The era of four chucks has arrived, and M series are the real zero tailings.

Bodor Laser

EC+Ophit Laser

EC+Ophit Laser is committed to Making Laser Heads Not Damaged. At this exhibition, EC+Ophit Laser brought products such as 60 kW Laser One Button Intelligent Cutting Head and 30 kW Composite Welding Head. The 60 kW cutting head can be connected to mobile phones, computers, and laser heads through cloud computing, making it easy for after-sales maintenance and achieving one-button cutting. Meanwhile, it comes with focus compensation, gas outage shutdown, and AI real-time closed-loop monitoring functions, which also have a dual anti-collision mechanism of intelligent anti-collision and mechanical anti-collision. 30 kW composite welding head, equipped with AI intelligent shutdown function, is a “tough” head that can continuously process for over a hundred hours without stopping.

60 kW Laser One Button Intelligent Cutting Head


G·WEIKE Laser is a high-tech company integrating research and development, production, sales, and service. Since its establishment in 2004, it has always been committed to leading the innovation and upgrading of laser equipment, providing high-quality full-scene laser intelligent solutions to global customers.

At this exhibition, G·WEIKE Laser brought products such as the 3D five-axis laser cutting machine PRO and the 60 kW ultra high power laser cutting machine. G·WEIKE Laser 60 kW ultra high power laser cutting machine will showcase its extraordinary strength in the thick plate cutting field with higher efficiency and stronger kinetic energy on-site. Its air-cutting efficiency of a 50 mm stainless steel plate is 15 times that of 30 kW and 4 times that of 40 kW.

3D five-axis laser cutting machine PRO
60 kW ultra high power laser cutting machine

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