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5 Astounding Tips on Choosing Profitable Wood-saw Machines


Almost every woodworking workshop has a wood-saw machine due to its importance. But most woodworkers replace the device often because of a few issues.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Businesses can make better buying decisions to build trust and boost their sales. All they need to do is check the five outstanding factors below before making a buying decision.

Before jumping into that, here’s the market size of the wood-saw machine industry in 2022.

Table of Contents
How big is the wood-saw machine market currently?
Factors to consider before choosing a wood-saw machine
What are the different types of wood-saw machines?

Who are the targeted consumers of the wood-saw machines?

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How big is the wood-saw machine market currently?

Woman with protective glasses posing with a wood-saw machine

The woodworking machinery industry, including the wood-saw machines, was worth USD 4.53 billion in 2020. In 2028, there’s an expected growth of USD 6.05 billion—which means a CAGR of 3.9 percent in eight years.

The report above shows that the following factors will continue driving the market:  

  • Massive adoption of advanced-technology woodworking machines
  • The flexibility of these machines in most woodworking processes
  • Rising demand for prefabricated wooden homes

Factors to consider before choosing a wood-saw machine

A stationary or hand-held wood-saw machine

Depending on the woodworking technique a consumer decides to adopt, there are different wood saws for different wood projects. The hand-held machines are ideal for hobbyists or woodworking enthusiasts who do many outdoor projects. Examples of such wood saws include crosscut saws, back saws, etc.

But consumers who are professionals prefer indoor workstations, so they go for stationary machines. These heavy-duty wood cutting gadgets include power saws like table saws, wood sawmill machines, etc.

It’s pertinent for consumers to identify their experience level before choosing a wood-saw.

What is the budget?

Having a defined budget can help consumers easily know the ideal wood-saw machines to select.

So, a consumer with a tight budget can opt for affordable and portable wood-cutting gadgets. But with a more flexible budget, standalone and heavy-duty wood cutting gadgets can come into play.

Power capacity

It’s wise for consumers to check the power capacity of wood-saw machines before choosing one. Professionals that deal mostly with dense textures should go for machines with high-power settings. On the other hand, consumers working with lighter textures can opt for wood saws with basic power settings.


Aside from the wood saw’s power, RPM (revolutions per minute) is another factor determining the tool’s performance or control. The RPM determines the wood saw’s accuracy and cuts evenness. It’s vital to avoid tools with high RPM as they damage blades quickly. A good RPM for circular saws should be about 6000.

In short, when selecting a tool by speed, it’s ideal to pick one with an adjustable mechanism for easy customization.

Blade cut depth and size

A wood saw’s blade determines its cutting depth. Hence, a larger diameter can produce deeper cuts. Most table saws have a 254mm (10-inch) diameter with a maximum cut depth of 88.9mm (3.5-inch). A few table saws come with a 304.8mm (12-inch) blade diameter and a maximum cut depth of 101.6mm (4-inch).

The rule of thumb here is to stock up wood saws with regular blade sizes and adjustable cut depths to reach more consumers. 

What are the different types of wood-saw machines?

Table saw

Man in red using table saw to cut wood

The table saw, or bench saw, is a tool that features a circular saw blade on an arbor. An electric motor usually drives the tool via a belt or gear. Also, the tool’s blade protrudes to support lumber cutting.

Table saws come in 10-inch sizes, perfect for woodworking tasks and carpentry. They also come in 12-inch (for making deeper on dense materials) and 8-inch (for small work) sizes.

Other key features of the tool include:

  • Blade guards that protect users’ fingers from getting close to the blade
  • A miter gauge that simplifies the process of making crosscuts
  • Push sticks that allow users to feed materials safely
  • A blade-height crank that helps to adjust the blade accordingly
  • A rip fence parallel to the saw blade that acts as a guide bar

This versatile power tool is ideal for DIYers or professional woodworkers who want smoother and straighter cuts on longboards.


Man using a chain saw to cut wood

A chainsaw is a handy tool with a set of teeth on a rotating chain that drives along a guide bar. The tool is usually powered by electricity, a battery, or gasoline.

Other crucial features of this tool are:

  • A throttle lock that helps to prevent throttle advance
  • A chain catcher that catches the chain when it derails or breaks
  • Safety features like chain break and kickback guard that protect users from accidents
  • A top control that halts the tool’s engine quickly in a critical situation

Chainsaws are the perfect go-to for consumers that perform activities like pruning, limbing, felling, etc.

Miter saw

Miter saw placed on wooden table in a garden

A miter saw is useful for making clean and accurate crosscuts at different angles. The tool’s blade is usually on the swing arm that moves left and right.

The miter saw comes in three major sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch. The tool has three variants: basic, compound, and sliding compound miter saw.

Other key features of the miter saw comprise:

  • A blade guard that covers the blade’s teeth and protects users
  • Safety clamps that lock a workpiece in position
  • A power switch and handle that help users control the tool and blade, respectively
  • A table that acts as a work area and base
  • A fence that stabilizes workpieces

The miter saws are excellent for consumers who do many wood trimmings and moldings.

Circular saw

Circular saw not yet working

Circular saws are handheld designed tools with rounded blades. Their motors come with a belt that helps the blade rotate. These tools use either batteries or electricity and are the way to go for effortless, super deep, and strong cuts.

Other awesome features of this tool are:

  • An electric cord that powers the saw
  • A cutting depth adjustment knob for controlled cuts
  • A lever that retracts the lower blade guard
  • A safety switch that boosts user’s safety during operation
  • A trigger switch for starting the machine
  • A shoe or base plate that distributes the weight of the tool’s blade

Interestingly, the tool is perfect for consumers that use lumber to make straight-line cuts.


Woman in gloves using a jigsaw to make curves

Jigsaws are tools that feature narrow blades for cutting curves and shapes.

Other features of this tool are:

  • A variable and adjustable speed that offers users flexibility
  • A cut depth of 1.5-inch on metal and 2-inch on wood
  • A motor rating of six or seven amps

The jigsaw is an excellent choice for consumers that need to cut irregular curves.

Who are the targeted consumers of the wood-saw machines?

The wood saw market is experiencing a huge DIY trend in the USA, India, Europe, and China. Also, a recent report showed that more consumers in these regions are investing in wooden infrastructure due to the demand for innovative wooden designs.

But that’s not all. The report also reveals that the consumer market in the Asia Pacific is projected to have the highest CAGR. Aside from the growing population in this region, more

households adopt wooden artifacts and finishing.

In conclusion

As a seller, it’s crucial to know how to choose a wood-saw machine for consumers if you want to get more sales and repeat customers. This article has highlighted all the things to consider before making a choice.

No matter the option, whether a heavy-duty table saw, DIY table saw, or handheld saw, businesses should consider all the factors listed in this article.

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