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Hot-selling Alibaba Guaranteed Auto Body Systems Products in February 2024: From Modified Grills to Side Mirror Lamps

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In the dynamic world of e-commerce, sourcing the right auto body systems becomes crucial for retailers aiming to meet consumer demand efficiently. This February 2024, our list highlights the most sought-after auto body systems products available through Alibaba.com, all under the “Alibaba Guaranteed” program. This program promises direct ordering from popular international vendors without the hassle of negotiation, along with the perks of fixed pricing, guaranteed delivery dates, and a robust money-back policy for any product or delivery issues. These selections not only reflect current market trends but also offer the reliability and assurance online retailers seek.

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Raptor-Inspired Grill for Ford Ranger

Modified Grill for the Ford Ranger models 2019 to 2022
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The Modified Grill for the Ford Ranger models 2019 to 2022 emerges as a standout option in the auto body systems category, offering a striking upgrade for the Ranger T8 PX3 MK3 XL, XLS, XLT, Lariat, FX4, and Limited models. Sourced from Guangdong, China, this accessory by RIDAUTO is meticulously crafted to align perfectly with the vehicle’s original dimensions, promising a custom-fit that enhances the truck’s front profile. With its design inspired by the aggressive styling of the Raptor, this grille modification is not just an aesthetic enhancement but a statement of rugged individuality and performance readiness.

Constructed from durable ABS material, the grille is built to endure the elements and maintain its sophisticated appearance through all driving conditions. It features customizable lettering in various colors including Black, White, Red, Orange, and Blue, as well as mixed color options, providing a personalized touch that allows vehicle owners to express their unique style. The combination of robust material and customizable features makes this grille not only a visual upgrade but also a reflection of the owner’s personal taste and dedication to maintaining their vehicle’s standout appearance.

The ease of installation is another key attribute of this modified grille, requiring only screws for a secure fit, ensuring that vehicle owners can effortlessly enhance their truck’s appearance without the need for professional assistance. Packaged in a sturdy carton to safeguard against damage during transportation, each grille is delivered ready for installation, complete with a single package size of 114x34x14 cm and a gross weight of 2.800 kg. This product stands as a prime example of how targeted enhancements can significantly uplift the visual dynamics of a vehicle, making it a preferred choice for those looking to upgrade their Ford Ranger’s aesthetic appeal.

Carbon Mirror Cover for Infiniti Q50

Q50 Carbon Mirror Cover
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Originating from Guangdong, China, the Q50 Carbon Mirror Cover represents a premium aftermarket accessory designed for an array of Infiniti models, including the Q50, Q50L, Q60, Q70, and QX30 from the year 2017. This OEM Fitment Side Mirror Cover is engineered to offer a seamless replacement for the vehicle’s original mirror covers, incorporating a blend of high-quality carbon fiber and ABS materials. The product embodies a meticulous M style design, aiming to deliver a sleek, modern aesthetic to the vehicle’s exterior without compromising on durability or fitment accuracy. Its manufacturing roots in Guangdong underscore a commitment to quality and precision in auto accessory production.

The design of the mirror cover focuses on enhancing the vehicle’s exterior with a sophisticated, sporty appeal, while also serving the practical function of protecting the side mirrors. The use of carbon fiber not only contributes to the lightweight nature of the covers but also provides a high-strength barrier against the elements and road debris. With the addition of ABS for structural support, the covers promise longevity and resilience, making them an ideal choice for Infiniti owners looking to invest in both style and substance. The 1:1 Replacement Type ensures a perfect match with the original mirror dimensions, facilitating a straightforward installation process.

Packaged with utmost care, each pair of mirror covers is encased in foam and sponge within a box, guaranteeing the product’s integrity during shipping. The packaging dimensions are set at 32x22x21 cm with a modest single gross weight of 0.700 kg, reflecting the lightweight yet durable nature of the product. This meticulous approach to packaging and delivery ensures that each set of mirror covers arrives in pristine condition, ready to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the vehicle. The Q50 Carbon Mirror Cover thus stands as a testament to the fusion of innovative materials and design precision, offering Infiniti owners a distinctive upgrade for their vehicles.

Aqua Mirror Cover for Prius C

Aqua Side Mirror Cover
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Sourced from Guangdong, China, the Aqua Side Mirror Cover is specifically designed to cater to the Toyota Prius C Aqua, covering the model years from 2012 to 2018. Manufactured by Ancars, this product stands out for its direct OEM specifications, with part numbers 87915-52170 and 87945-52170, ensuring an impeccable fit and flawless integration with the vehicle’s existing components. The focus on providing a perfect replacement for damaged or worn side mirror covers reflects a commitment to maintaining the vehicle’s aesthetic integrity and functionality. This product underscores the importance of precise manufacturing and the role of specialized accessories in vehicle maintenance and customization.

Crafted with the intent for repair and replacement, this new condition side mirror cover is not just about restoring the car’s appearance but also about ensuring durability and reliability over time. The 100% tested quality assurance means each cover undergoes rigorous checks before it reaches the customer, guaranteeing satisfaction and fitment. With a minimum order quantity of just two pieces, Ancars makes it accessible for individual owners and small auto repair businesses alike to obtain high-quality, reliable parts without the need for large, bulk orders. This accessibility is further enhanced by the option for neutral or branded packing, allowing for a degree of customization in delivery.

The logistics surrounding the Aqua Side Mirror Cover are as meticulous as its manufacturing, with a neutral packing strategy that emphasizes safety and integrity during transit. Each cover is packaged with dimensions of 25x15x10 cm and a single gross weight of 0.800 kg, ensuring that the product arrives in pristine condition, ready for installation. With delivery times ranging from 7-10 days and flexible payment terms that include a 30% advance with the balance due before shipping, Ancars facilitates a smooth transaction process. This attention to detail in both product and service delivery positions the Aqua Side Mirror Cover as a reliable and convenient solution for Prius C Aqua owners looking to replace or repair their side mirror covers.

Carbon Fiber BMW Mirror Covers

Dry Carbon Fiber Side View M Look Wing Mirror Covers
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The Dry Carbon Fiber Side View M Look Wing Mirror Covers by Dongsai emerge as an essential accessory for BMW models F20, F22, F30, F31, F35, F34, F32, F33, F36, and E84 spanning from 2012 to 2018. Originating from Guangdong, China, these covers are designed not just as replacements but as upgrades that fuse functionality with high-end aesthetics. Their construction from dry carbon fiber not only offers a sleek, carbon black finish that complements the BMW’s luxurious appearance but also ensures durability and protection against the elements. This blend of style and practicality is a testament to the meticulous design and manufacturing process, aimed at providing BMW owners with an option that matches the prestige of their vehicles.

Dongsai’s commitment to quality is evident in the triple quality inspection each mirror cover undergoes before shipping, guaranteeing that each piece meets the high standards expected by BMW owners. The covers’ excellent fitment is a result of precise engineering, ensuring that they align perfectly with the vehicle’s existing lines and curves, embodying the M look that is highly sought after by enthusiasts. This attention to detail in both design and quality control underscores the brand’s dedication to delivering products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Installation of these mirror covers is straightforward, designed to replace the existing units without the need for additional modifications. This hassle-free installation process is complemented by the covers’ polished surface, which adds a layer of sophistication to the vehicle’s overall appearance. Packaged securely with dimensions of 41x35x8 cm and a single gross weight of 2.000 kg, Dongsai ensures that the mirror covers arrive in impeccable condition, ready to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of a wide range of BMW models. This product stands as a reflection of Dongsai’s commitment to providing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing accessories that resonate with the elegance and performance of BMW vehicles.

Toyota Turn Signal Lamp

Side Mirror Lamp by Ancars
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From Guangdong, China, comes the Side Mirror Lamp by Ancars, a specialized component designed to enhance the safety and aesthetics of several Toyota models, including the Prius C, Corolla, Camry, and more. The part numbers 81740-52050, 81730-52050, 81730-52100, 81730-02140, and 81740-02140 specifically cater to a wide range of vehicles, ensuring compatibility and a perfect fit for replacements or upgrades. This new condition side mirror light/turn signal lamp represents a crucial safety feature, providing clear signaling to other drivers, thus contributing to road safety. Its purpose for replace or repair indicates its role in maintaining the vehicle’s integrity and functionality.

Ancars has developed this side mirror lamp with an OEM specification mindset, ensuring that each product matches the exact standards of the original equipment manufacturer. This commitment to quality and compatibility is further emphasized by the 100% testing each unit undergoes before shipment. Such meticulous quality assurance processes guarantee that the lamps are not only functional upon delivery but will also seamlessly integrate with the vehicle’s electrical and aesthetic design. With a minimum order quantity set at just two pieces, Ancars makes it accessible for individual vehicle owners and small workshops to obtain high-quality parts efficiently.

Packaging and delivery of these lamps are handled with the utmost care, packaged in neutral or brand-specific boxing to ensure the product’s protection during transit. Each lamp is compactly packaged with dimensions of 12x8x5 cm and a remarkably lightweight at 0.080 kg, making shipping both economical and efficient. Ancars’ flexible payment terms, along with a swift delivery timeline of 7-10 days, demonstrate their dedication to customer satisfaction and service excellence. Through providing essential components like the side mirror lamp for a broad array of Toyota models, Ancars plays a vital role in the upkeep and safety enhancement of these vehicles.

Carbon Fiber Grill for BMW M5

Carbon Fiber Grill for the BMW F90 M5 LCI
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Emerging from Guangdong, China, the high-quality Carbon Fiber Grill for the BMW F90 M5 LCI is a testament to MINGCHI’s dedication to excellence and innovation in auto body customization. Designed specifically for the BMW F90 M5 LCI, this grill is not just a part; it’s a statement of style and performance. Crafted from premium carbon fiber (CF), this grill promises not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also to contribute to its aerodynamic efficiency. Its size, precisely 70X20X30cm, ensures a perfect fit, transforming the vehicle’s front-end into a visually striking masterpiece that echoes the prowess of the M5 LCI.

MINGCHI’s approach to this carbon fiber grill underscores a commitment to custom solutions tailored to the specific needs and preferences of BMW owners. The factory’s custom service highlights their ability to adapt and respond to individual requests, ensuring that each grill is a reflection of the owner’s style. Furthermore, MINGCHI’s confidence in their product is evident in their customer service promise: should the grill be impossible to install, they offer a full refund, showcasing their dedication to customer satisfaction and the reliability of their product.

The packaging of this carbon fiber grill is as meticulous as its design and manufacturing. Ensuring the grill’s integrity upon arrival, it is encased in anti-collision foam and secured within a wooden frame carton, reflecting the high standards MINGCHI sets for product safety during transit. With a packing size matching the product dimensions and a total weight of 3.000 kg, the grill is prepared to withstand the rigors of shipping, arriving ready for installation. This level of detail in packaging, combined with MINGCHI’s open invitation for OEM customization, positions the Carbon Fiber Grill for the BMW F90 M5 LCI as a pinnacle of auto body enhancement accessories.

Toyota Sienna Door Handle

High-Quality Car Door Handle
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From Zhejiang, China, comes the High-Quality Car Door Handle, designed specifically for the Toyota Sienna Van spanning the years 2004 to 2010. This product, with OEM numbers 69213-08020 and 69227-08040, represents an essential replacement part that marries durability with the OEM standards of fit and aesthetics. Manufactured by SUPER SJ, a brand known for its commitment to quality and compatibility, this door handle is not merely a part but a promise of restoration and reliability for vehicle owners. Ensuring a perfect match to the original specifications, it embodies the brand’s dedication to providing solutions that seamlessly integrate with the vehicle’s design.

Crafted for the specific purpose of replacement or repair, this door handle is testament to SUPER SJ’s understanding of the importance of maintaining the functionality and integrity of a vehicle’s components. With a warranty of 1 year, vehicle owners are assured of the product’s longevity and performance, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. The standard OEM size guarantees that the door handle will not only fit without issue but will also uphold the aesthetic and functional standards expected by Toyota Sienna owners.

SUPER SJ’s focus on efficiency extends to their delivery and packaging process. With a minimum order quantity set at 50 pieces, they cater to both individual needs and the demands of repair shops or dealerships, offering a swift delivery time of 2-5 days. Each door handle is packaged meticulously, ensuring its protection during transit, with dimensions of 20x6x5.4 cm and a light single gross weight of 0.100 kg. This careful consideration in packaging underscores SUPER SJ’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product integrity, ensuring that each car door handle arrives ready for installation, to restore the vehicle’s functionality and aesthetic seamlessly.


Our selection of auto body system components featured from February 2024 underscores a diverse range of high-quality, essential replacements tailored for popular vehicle models. From aesthetic enhancements like the modified grill for the Ford Ranger and carbon fiber mirror covers for BMW, to functional upgrades such as the robust door handles for the Toyota Sienna, each product represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship, durability, and design precision. Sourced from reputable manufacturers in Guangdong, China, and Zhejiang, China, these components not only promise to elevate the appearance and functionality of vehicles but also ensure compatibility and ease of installation, reflecting a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that resonates across the auto parts industry.

Please note that, as of now, the ‘Alibaba Guaranteed’ products featured in this list are only available for shipping to addresses within the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you are accessing this article from outside these countries, you may not be able to view or purchase the linked products.

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