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Hot-selling Alibaba Guaranteed Body Art Products in February 2024: From Face Gems to Microneedle Cartridges

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In February 2024, the Body Art category on Alibaba.com showcased an array of products that captivated both artists and enthusiasts alike, making it a vibrant hub for sourcing top-tier body art supplies. This curated list is derived from the highest-selling items of the month, each bearing the Alibaba Guaranteed seal, which promises fixed prices inclusive of shipping, assured delivery by the set dates, and a guaranteed refund for any product or delivery issues. Highlighting the diversity and quality that Alibaba.com offers, this selection serves as a comprehensive reference for retailers looking to stock up on in-demand body art essentials that meet the expectations of professionals and hobbyists worldwide. Through this exploration, readers will gain insights into the products that have dominated the market, ensuring they make informed decisions for their inventory.

Alibaba Guaranteed

Face Gems for Festival Makeup

Face Gems Eye Jewels Rhinestones Gems Crystals Pearls Stickers Festival Diamonds for Face Makeup
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In the realm of body art, temporary embellishments like face gems have seen a significant surge in popularity, especially for festival-goers and sports fans wanting to add a touch of glamour to their look. The “Face Gems Eye Jewels Rhinestones Gems Crystals Pearls Stickers Festival Diamonds for Face Makeup” from DTT stands out in this category.

Originating from China, these tattoo stickers are designed to be temporary yet impactful additions to any makeup look. The model number 20190814 refers to a set that includes a variety of designs, customizable in color, to suit different themes and preferences. The product name, “Eye Rhinestone Sticker,” highlights its primary application area, although its versatility allows for creative applications beyond the eyes.

These face gems are marketed as skin harmless, emphasizing safety and comfort for users. They find particular appeal among fans attending sports events or engaging in games, allowing for expressive and thematic makeup applications. The product is available with customized packaging options, including a blister card, facilitating easy retail display and sale. With a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just one, it presents a low-risk option for retailers to diversify their product offerings in the body art segment. Each unit is packaged thoughtfully, with dimensions of 19X13X0.5 cm and a light single gross weight of 0.025 kg, ensuring they are both easy to transport and cost-effective for shipping.

High-Quality Pigment Ring Cups

100 Pcs High Quality Private Label Pink Microblading Supplies Lash Glue Cups Permanent Makeup Pigment Ring Cups
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An essential tool in the precision-driven world of permanent makeup and microblading, the “100 Pcs High Quality Private Label Pink Microblading Supplies Lash Glue Cups Permanent Makeup Pigment Ring Cups” cater to professionals seeking efficiency and convenience. Offered by the brand QM, based in Guangdong, China, these pigment ring cups are a testament to the meticulous nature of body art practices.

These cups are designed with the user in mind, made from durable plastic and available in a striking pink color that not only adds a touch of style but also helps in easily distinguishing the pigment shades during procedures. The model C-007 comes with the flexibility of OEM, allowing businesses to customize according to their branding needs. This feature is particularly beneficial for studios that prioritize a cohesive and branded experience for their clients.

Packaged in sets of 100 pieces per bag, these ring cups are categorized under five types, accommodating various needs and tool sizes for different pigment and glue applications. With a modest MOQ of 10 bags, these supplies are accessible for studios of all sizes, ensuring that even smaller operations can offer professional-grade services. Each bag’s packaging dimensions are 18X10.5X3 cm, with a single gross weight of 0.120 kg, making them lightweight and easy to store or ship. Their primary use, holding pigment for easy access during tattooing and microblading sessions, underscores their role in streamlining the application process, ensuring that artists can focus on their craft with ease and precision.

Premium Scalp Micropigmentation Needles

POPU Premium 1RL 0.30mm CE Certified Scalp Micropigmentation PMU Cartridge Needle for Nano Strokes
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In the realm of permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation, the “POPU Premium 1RL 0.30mm CE Certified Scalp Micropigmentation PMU Cartridge Needle for Nano Strokes” represents a significant advancement in precision and safety. Originating from Zhejiang, China, and brought to the market by POPU, these premium cartridge needles are specifically engineered to meet the high standards of professionals in the field.

The construction of these needles prioritizes both performance and client safety. The needles are made from 316L surgical stainless steel, a material known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a clean, precise application. They are housed within tubes made from PVC plastic, further emphasizing the product’s commitment to quality and safety. Each needle is designed for single use, with individual blister packaging that guarantees sterility. This is complemented by the needles being 100% EO Gas Sterilized, a process that ensures they are free from any microbial contamination.

Furthermore, these needles feature a safety membrane V drive System, a technology that prevents backflow and maintains the integrity of the pigment or ink being used, thereby enhancing the overall safety of the micropigmentation process. The product comes with CE certification, affirming its compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). With a packing of 20pcs/box, each box is meticulously packaged to maintain sterility and integrity, with dimensions of 17X10X4 cm and a single gross weight of 0.280 kg, ensuring they are effectively protected during shipping and storage.

Sterilized Eyebrow Tattoo Needles for Microblading

Disposable Sterilized Stainless Steel 0.20mm Eyebrow Tattoo Needle For Permanent Makeup Microblading
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The fourth notable product in our February 2024 Body Art lineup is the “Disposable Sterilized Stainless Steel 0.20mm Eyebrow Tattoo Needle For Permanent Makeup Microblading,” provided by QM. This product is indispensable for professionals who prioritize precision and safety in permanent makeup applications, specifically in the art of microblading.

Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, these needles are designed to deliver a permanent makeup application with unparalleled accuracy. The 0.20mm thickness of the needles ensures fine, crisp strokes that mimic the natural appearance of eyebrow hairs, catering to a variety of styles and preferences with sizes ranging from 7 to 21 pins, including an 18U pin option. The versatility offered by the array of sizes enables artists to achieve a wide range of eyebrow shapes and densities, from subtle enhancements to more dramatic transformations.

Each needle undergoes strict sterilization with E.O. Gas, ensuring that they are free from any bacterial contamination and safe for use on the skin. The commitment to hygiene and safety is further underscored by the packaging; each needle is sealed within its own single package, minimizing the risk of contamination prior to use. With a minimum order quantity of 100pcs/size, this product is accessible for both small-scale beauty technicians and large salons alike. The packaging is compact, with each needle having dimensions of 6X2X0.2 cm and a negligible single gross weight of 0.001 kg, facilitating easy storage and minimal shipping costs.

Heart-shaped Tattoo Pigment and Glue Rings

Wholesale 100Pcsbag Various Colors Tattoo Pigment Ink Delay Holder Cup Stanley Lash Extensions Divided Heart Shape Glue Rings
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Fifth in our curated list for February 2024 within the Body Art category is the “Wholesale 100Pcs/bag Various Colors Tattoo Pigment Ink Delay Holder Cup Stanley Lash Extensions Divided Heart Shape Glue Rings” from QM, located in Guangdong, China. This innovative accessory serves multiple purposes in the realms of body art and beauty enhancements, making it a versatile addition to any professional’s toolkit.

Designed with practicality and efficiency in mind, these heart-shaped ring cups are made from plastics, ensuring durability and ease of use. Their unique heart shape is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally adept at holding different materials such as eyelash glue, tattoo pigment, or even embroidery colours. This design facilitates a smoother workflow for professionals, allowing for quick access and reduced spillage during intricate procedures.

The glue ring cups are available in a variety of colors including pink, white, and blue, enabling personalization and easy organization for different applications. Each bag contains 100 pieces, with a minimum order quantity of 10 bags, making it a cost-effective choice for both small businesses and large operations. OEM services are available, offering businesses the opportunity to brand these essential accessories.

Suitable for a wide range of applications including eyelash perming, extensions, implants, and even in tattooing for holding pigment ink, these cups are a testament to the evolving needs of beauty and body art professionals. The packaging is thoughtfully designed with a single package size of 17.5X14.5X3 cm and a single gross weight of 0.080 kg per bag, ensuring that the product is compact and lightweight for shipping and storage.

Innovative Inkless Practice Skin for Microblading

Wholesale Blank Inkless Practice Skin For Eyebrow Microblading Permanent Makeup Tattoo Skin Practice Tattoo Fake Skin
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The sixth entry on our list for February 2024 is the “Wholesale Blank Inkless Practice Skin For Eyebrow Microblading Permanent Makeup Tattoo Skin Practice Tattoo Fake Skin” offered by QM from Guangdong, China. This product represents a pivotal tool for artists honing their craft in eyebrow microblading and permanent makeup applications. Made from rubber and mimicking the texture and feel of human skin, this practice skin is an invaluable resource for beginners and seasoned professionals alike seeking to perfect their technique without the need for actual ink.

Unlike traditional practice skins, this model, identified by the model number PL-039, boasts an inkless feature that allows for a clean and reusable option for practicing various techniques. This innovative approach not only reduces waste but also enables practitioners to repeatedly refine their strokes, patterns, and overall skillset in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner. The skin color rubber material provides a realistic backdrop for practicing, enhancing the visual accuracy of the simulated tattoos or makeup applied.

Each piece of practice skin is packaged individually in an opp bag, ensuring hygiene and convenience. With a size of 19.614.60.1cm and weighing just 60g, this practice material is easy to handle, store, and transport, making it an essential tool for training sessions, workshops, or personal skill development. The product comes with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, accommodating the needs of both individual artists and educational institutions. Furthermore, OEM services are available, allowing for customization and branding opportunities for businesses looking to offer personalized tools and accessories to their clientele.

Versatile Cartridge Eyebrow Tattoo Needles for Permanent Makeup

Wholesale Cartridge Eyebrow Tattoo Needles For Permanent Make Up
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The seventh product to highlight for February 2024 in the Body Art category is the “Wholesale Cartridge Eyebrow Tattoo Needles For Permanent Make Up” from QM. Originating from China, these tattoo needles are a cornerstone for professionals in the permanent makeup industry, offering a blend of precision, safety, and versatility. Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, these needles ensure a high standard of hygiene and durability, making them suitable for creating detailed and lasting eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip makeup.

These cartridge needles are designed to meet a wide range of application needs, available in sizes including 1R, 3R, 5R, 5F, and 7F. The diversity in sizes allows artists to select the appropriate needle for the specific technique they are performing, whether it’s fine hair strokes for eyebrows, precise lines for eyeliner, or filling in lips. Each needle is sterilized with E.O. Gas, ensuring they are safe and ready to use right out of the package. The diameter of 0.35mm strikes a balance between fine precision and effective pigment delivery, making these needles ideal for various permanent makeup applications.

With a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, these needles are accessible for both freelance makeup artists and larger studios. The option for OEM/ODM services, including customization and private labeling, provides businesses with an opportunity to brand their own line of high-quality tattoo needles. Each needle is packaged individually with dimensions of 5X1X1 cm and a single gross weight of 0.008 kg, ensuring they remain sterile and protected until the moment they are used. This product represents the combination of quality, safety, and versatility that professionals in the permanent makeup industry rely on.

Advanced Derma Pen Needle Cartridges for Microneedling

High-quality derma pen micro912243642pins nano needle cartridge
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The eighth standout product in our Body Art category for February 2024 is the “High-quality derma pen micro9/12/24/36/42pins nano needle cartridge” offered by QM, based in Guangdong, China. These needle cartridges are an essential tool for professionals in the beauty and skincare industry, especially those specializing in microneedling treatments. Designed to fit the Dr.Pen A6 machine, these cartridges enhance the versatility and efficacy of treatments across various target areas including the body, face, lips, neck/throat, head, and nose.

Available in an array of configurations — 9, 12, 24, 36, 42, nano square, and nano round needles — these cartridges allow for customized treatments tailored to the specific needs of each client. Whether it’s promoting skin rejuvenation, enhancing product absorption, or targeting fine lines and acne scars, the variety of needle counts offers a solution for a wide range of skin concerns. Each cartridge is made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and safety, with each needle being 100% E.O. GAS Sterilized to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Packaged 100 pieces per bag, these needle cartridges cater to the high-volume demands of busy clinics and salons. The acceptance of OEM orders allows for customization, giving businesses the opportunity to align these premium tools with their brand. The compact packaging size of 5X8X1 cm and a single gross weight of 0.008 kg per unit ensures that these cartridges are easy to store and manage, keeping operational logistics streamlined. This product underscores the blend of innovation and quality that professionals seek to provide advanced skincare treatments.


Our curated selection of hot-selling Body Art products for February 2024 presents a comprehensive range of tools and accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals in the beauty and permanent makeup industry. From the creative possibilities unlocked by face gems and premium scalp micropigmentation needles to the precision offered by microblading practice skins and versatile tattoo needles, each product highlights the industry’s focus on quality, safety, and innovation. Whether for enhancing permanent makeup techniques, facilitating intricate body art applications, or advancing skincare treatments through microneedling, this selection from Alibaba.com guarantees professionals access to the highest-selling and most reliable products in the market, ensuring both client satisfaction and business growth.

Please note that, as of now, the ‘Alibaba Guaranteed’ products featured in this list are only available for shipping to addresses within the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you are accessing this article from outside these countries, you may not be able to view or purchase the linked products.

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