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How To Choose the Best Entryway Decor Products for 2024

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Entryway decor serves as the initial touchpoint of a home, setting the tone for any space and significantly influencing first impressions. Given the importance of entryways, businesses and retailers can set themselves up for success by helping their customers find entry way touches that create a lasting impact. 

Read on to explore the top trending entryway decor for 2024 and discover how to choose the right items for your customers in the new year.

Table of Contents
The demand for entryway decor
What to look for when selecting entryway decor
8 trending entryway decor items

The demand for entryway decor

a grand entryway with marble floors and decor

The home decor market is projected to be valued at US$ 216,291.4 million in 2023 and is expected to reach a value of US$ 394,715.7 million by 2033. Over the course of the projected period, the global market is anticipated to increase at a 6.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The factors that have led to the rise in the demand for entryway decor are:

Increasing consumer interest in home decor

Growing consumer fascination with home decor fuels a rising demand for entryway decor items. Individuals seeking personalized and visually appealing spaces recognize the entryway as a crucial canvas for expressing style and making a lasting impression.

Social media influence

With the influence of social media, consumers are inspired by various decor trends, fueling the demand for visually appealing and Instagram-worthy entryway designs that can be showcased on their digital platforms.

Enhanced brand image

Businesses now recognize the pivotal role of entryway decor in reinforcing their brand identity and leaving a lasting first impression on customers.

Personalized aesthetics

End users continuously seek entryway decor that reflects their personal style and creates a welcoming atmosphere, fostering a sense of individuality and warmth in their living spaces.

What to look for when selecting entryway decor

It is imperative to stay ahead in the market by aligning your inventory with current trends in entryway decor. Offering products reflecting popular styles ensures your customers access the latest and most sought-after designs for their homes.


Choose entryway decor products that offer versatility and functionality, catering to diverse customer needs and allowing for easy integration into various interior design styles and spaces. For instance, the console table with storage combines aesthetic appeal and storage facilities, offering a stylish surface for decor accents while providing practical storage solutions for keys, mail, or other essentials.

Aesthetics and appeal

Opt for products that boast visually appealing designs, reflecting current interior design aesthetics and enticing potential customers with their attractive and eye-catching features.

Price competitiveness

Consider the pricing of the products to ensure they are competitive within the market, offering a balance between quality and affordability to attract a wide range of customers without compromising profitability. Also, consider stocking up on affordable items like the wall shelves and planters and then more pricey items like the chandelier so your store can cater to everyone.

Quality and durability

Prioritize products that offer exceptional quality and durability, ensuring customer satisfaction and longevity, thereby building a reliable and reputable brand image.

8 trending entryway decor items


The chandelier stands as the epitome of elegance and grandeur, making it the most sought-after entryway decor item according to Google Ads data, with an average monthly search count of 1,500.000. Its captivating presence not only illuminates the space but also adds a touch of sophistication, instantly transforming the entry into a statement of style and luxury.

Chandeliers are used in grand hotel lobbies and upscale restaurants, as well as private residences. These luminous focal points not only illuminate the surroundings but also infuse an air of luxury and timeless charm, making them a versatile and coveted choice for enhancing diverse environments.

Console tables

wooden console table in an entryway

The console table emerges as the quintessential entryway decor item, highly sought after with an average monthly search count of 450,000. The mirror is popular for its dual functionality and aesthetic allure. In commercial spaces, such as boutiques, hotels, or high-end offices, it elevates the entrance, creating an impression of spaciousness and sophistication.

In residential settings, it serves as a practical and stylish focal point, offering a last-minute reflection check and enhancing the overall ambiance with its reflective charm. Its versatility makes the console table a timeless choice for making a statement in diverse entryways.

Table lamps

table lamp and a planter on console table

The table lamp is a versatile entryway decor item that seamlessly blends functionality with style. The table lamp is highly sought-after, with an average of 450,000 monthly searches. In commercial spaces like restaurants and hotels, it adds a warm and welcoming ambiance to reception areas and office spaces.

While in residential settings, it serves as a chic accent, offering both practical lighting and a touch of aesthetic charm. Its adaptability makes the table lamp an essential choice for enhancing the visual appeal of entryways in various environments.

Bold planters

some planters in a foyer

The bold planter is a distinctive entryway decor item, capturing attention with its striking design. According to Google Ads data, it has an average monthly search count of 301,000. It can be used in both commercial and residential spaces.

In commercial spaces, such as corporate offices or upscale boutiques, it makes a statement of modernity and nature, enhancing the atmosphere. In residential settings, it becomes a stylish focal point, infusing greenery and contemporary flair into the entry, making it a versatile choice for elevating the aesthetics of diverse environments.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves, with an average monthly search count of 201,000, are a functional and decorative entryway decor item, offering a perfect blend of style and utility. In commercial spaces like trendy cafes or boutique shops, they provide a chic display for products, creating an organized yet aesthetically pleasing entrance. 

In residential settings, wall shelves become a versatile solution for showcasing decor items, optimizing storage, and adding a personalized touch to the entryway, making them a sought-after choice for enhancing both commercial and home environments.

Stools or benches

bench, shoe rack and other decor items in an entryway

The entryway stool or bench is a versatile decor item that seamlessly combines functionality with design appeal. In commercial spaces like contemporary offices or upscale boutiques, it offers a stylish seating solution for visitors. 

In residential settings, it becomes a practical addition, providing a convenient spot for putting on or taking off shoes, making it an adaptable choice for enhancing both commercial and home entryways.

Entryway rugs

The entryway rug, a key element in decor, serves as a stylish and functional accent in both commercial and residential spaces. In commercial settings like hotels or offices, it establishes a welcoming atmosphere and complements the overall design. In homes, it adds warmth, defines the entry space, and provides a chance to showcase personal style, making it an essential entryway decor item for various environments.

Console mirrors

black console mirror and table

The console mirror is a timeless entryway decor item, seamlessly blending form and function. In commercial spaces such as upscale lobbies or boutique stores, it enhances the ambiance and adds a touch of sophistication. 

In residences, it becomes a practical yet elegant focal point, offering a last-minute reflection check and contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the entryway. The console mirror’s versatility makes it a sought-after choice for elevating both commercial and residential entry spaces.


an entryway view from the staircase

Entryway decor plays a pivotal role in shaping first impressions, setting the ambiance, and defining a space’s character. A thoughtfully designed entrance fosters a welcoming atmosphere. By understanding the diverse uses and aesthetic preferences in these spaces, one can curate a welcoming atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact on visitors and residents alike.

Explore our collection now to elevate your customers’ spaces and provide them an avenue to make a statement with thoughtfully chosen entryway decor, and stock up on the top trending entryway decor products for 2024.

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