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How To Choose the Right Car Roof Storage


Running a business that relies on transportation requires extra storage space for the safety and protection of equipment and inventory. Installing storage boxes on the roof of your vehicle is a standard practice to free up interior space and transport extra products.

However, with so many storage box options, businesses may find it difficult to select the best car storage box. With that in mind, this guide will explain valuable tips on choosing the right car storage boxes. From compatibility, size, and shape to loading rate, it will guide you through so you can make an informed business decision.

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Why buy a car roof box?
How much do car roof boxes cost?
5 factors to consider when choosing car roof storage

Why buy a car roof box?

Car roof box attached to a car

Generally, installing a car roof box on the top of a vehicle provides extra cargo space. It is especially suitable for businesses that rely on transportation and need extra storage space to fit more products. 

Car roof boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can be fitted onto any type of car. Before selecting a roof car box for a car, you should consider some vital factors before purchasing. 

For instance, factory-fitted mounting points at the top of the automobile. Some cars have them while others do not. Fortunately, this feature only affects the installation method, where installing a car roof box on a vehicle with mounting points is easier. Vehicles without this feature require roof bars onto which the roof box will be mounted.

Most businesses consider car roof boxes a worthy investment since they enhance weight distribution and offer additional car storage space without pushing them to buy bigger cars. 

The downside to this extra compartment is increased fuel consumption due to decreased aerodynamic efficiency. Additionally, cars with roof boxes raise their overall height, making it difficult for drivers to fit them in certain parking spaces.

How much do car roof boxes cost?

Car roof boxes can go for as little as US $400, with the most expensive ones reaching US $2,000. If you buy on Alibaba.com in bulk, you can find car roof storage boxes for as little as US $200 per piece. Car roof boxes are usually expensive because of the materials used and their advanced aerodynamic design. 

Most of them are made from aluminum or steel, which are relatively expensive because of their high weight capacity and durability. Additionally, some models may incorporate steel bars to increase the box’s rigidity, ensuring they stay in place even when the vehicle moves at high speeds.

Companies that manufacture roof boxes use advanced technology to enhance their aerodynamic efficiency. These design modifications make car roof boxes expensive but save money in the long run as enhanced aerodynamics reduce fuel consumption.

5 factors to consider when choosing car roof storage

1. Compatibility

The first factor businesses consider when purchasing a car roof box is how compatible it is with their vehicle. Some may misinterpret this to mean the model of the roof box, which is not that important. 

Instead, companies must check the dimensions and shape of their roof bars to determine whether a specific roof box will be a good fit for their cars. Some manufacturers incorporate universal fittings on their roof boxes, while others require specific roof bars to attach comfortably.

2. Size and shape

A car with a roof box parked near a building

Car roof boxes come in various shapes and sizes, much like cars. To find the best model for your vehicle, compare your vehicle’s measurements to the different roof box sizes. 

Roof boxes of disproportionate shapes or sizes may interfere with other vehicle parts, such as the wagon opening. Others can be too high, making it difficult for drivers to reach when packing and unpacking cargo. 

3. Opening

Car roof box kept open using supports

Car roof boxes can open either from the driver or passenger’s sides, depending on the model. Most businesses prefer those open on both sides as they are more practical and flexible. Roof storage that only opens from the driver’s side can be dangerous if they cannot pull over.

4. Load rating

Most car manufacturers include a car’s maximum roof load rating in their owner’s manual and specification sheets. This information is important as it informs a business owner about how much weight their car roof can bear. 

To ensure they get the most out of their roof racks, companies may choose roof storage with a load rating similar to that of their cars. Getting a roof box with a lower load rating than the car limits the amount of storage it offers when the vehicle can carry more.

5. Loading

Companies need to consider how they load their roof boxes for maximum efficiency. Most business owners use the boot for bulkier items and the roof rack for lighter ones. 

This strategy lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, increasing its stability even at high speeds. It also makes it easier for motorists to load and unload their cargo.


Most companies often struggle with insufficient storage space, especially if they have smaller cars. Most opt to extend this space using car roof boxes. This article discussed factors businesses must consider when choosing car storage boxes that meet their business needs. 

For more information regarding car roof storage products, visit Alibaba.com.

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